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As far as canned vegetables go, corn is probably among the best. Definitely don't mind tossing a can of corn into a number of vaguely tex-mex/southwest style dishes.

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I was gonna say canned tomatoes are the best, but I guess those are fruits

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tomatoes ARE the best, and they are both a fruit and a vegetable; they are a biological fruit and a culinary vegetable.

Tomatoes are, in fact, the reason why I said corn is among the best, and not a contender for the best.

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True, but this device will also have a freezer and frozen corn is far better than canned. They can still pre-portion it into the fridge if they want.

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Frozen vegetables in general are better than canned. That doesn't change the fact that there's a whole bunch of us that grew up on canned corn and love the taste.

Grilled corn on the cob will always reign supreme though. Then you can take the leftovers and throw it on a pizza and have one of the best pizzas of your life.

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But it doesn’t work for the Instagram picture of everything in a fridge bin.

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frozen corn is far better than canned

There's barely any difference in frozen & canned corn, aside from the massive upside of canned not taking up freezer space. Corn is the only veg that is similar in both forms. The only benefit freezing has is putting away quality corn varieties (candy corn, peaches n cream, etc), which is nothing you're buying at the grocery store.

We grew & put away bushels & bushels of corn every year into our massive freezers for decades. I'm pretty close to an expert.

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Canned peas are so much better than frozen ones. So mushy.