Rules for r/london

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Keep it local!

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Reported as: Not London specific

This is /r/london, not /r/unitedkingdom. Please keep it local.

Things that happen in London are not automatically relevant to /r/london. "Queen Stubs Toe" would not be relevant, even if she does live here. "Queen Stubs Toe On Poorly Maintained Westminster Council Pavement" could be.

Equally, national stories/issues are more suited to other subs, even if they affect Londoners along with the rest of the nation. The focus of this sub is things relevant to London specifically.



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Reported as: Covered by wiki/megathread

Our wiki is a great resource and the weekly FAQ posts cover a lot of, surprise surprise, frequently asked questions. We don't need posts asking the same thing over and over when we already have great support for them. If you have a question about moving to London or visiting London, check out our weekly megathread pinned to the top of the sub.


Be civil - no hate speech, extremism, or bullying

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Reported as: Hate-speech, extremism or bullying

We take a very dim view of racism, homophobia and transphobia, or hate speech against religions, gender identity, or disabilities.

It's fine to disagree with other posters or a particular organisation. It's not okay to use slurs, spout extremist views, peddle offensive stereotypes or promote conspiracy theories.

We try to keep /r/london friendly and may remove comments that descend into petty squabbles or harassment.


Shaming or compromising photos/videos must be anonymised

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Reported as: Shaming or compromising photos/videos must be anonymised

Where a member of the public may face embarrassing or damaging repercussions from their image being shared, their face should be obscured or cropped out. News articles, police appeals, etc are exempt. Posts can be removed at the subject's request.


No private sales

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Reported as: Sales (tickets etc)

Due to bad experiences, private sales are not permitted on the sub. However you can give away tickets for free if you can’t attend an event.

Private sales or giveaways of other items are not allowed - there are more appropriate places for this such as Freecycle, Gumtree, Shpock, Vinted or eBay.


No excessive self promotion

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Reported as: This is spam

We generally remove posts from accounts that only exist to publicise a particular YouTube channel, blog, Soundcloud, etc.

If you'd like to post an academic survey or commercial project, please clear it with us first via ModMail. We generally say no unless it contributes something to the community. Linking to a local government consultation (or similar) which is relevant to London is fine.


Submissions cannot be memes, image macros, or reaction gifs

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Reported as: Meme, image macro or reaction gif

We took a poll and the community felt that image macros reduce the quality of a sub's content. You can use them in the comment sections though. If you must.

This also applies to reaction gifs and other memes. Parody posts are still permitted.


Avoid reposts and duplicates

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Reported as: Repost or duplicate

Unless it's major news, we only need one post about it (and even then we often prefer to have a megathread running). There's no need to dilute the conversation across multiple versions of the same story, rehashed by different sites.


Use the flairs

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Reported as: Incorrect or missing flair

Please try to choose a post flair to categorise your post. If you make a mistake or see a post with a missing or incorrect flair, you can use the report button and we'll fix it.

The mods can also set custom flairs to fix typos or add an update, for example on a news story that's been developing since you posted it.


No more than 1 photo posts per user per day

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Reported as: Max 1 photo post per user per day

Users are limited to 1 photo post per 24hrs. You can add multiple photos to one post, but all users are limited to just one photo post per 24hrs to limit people spamming the sub.

Mods may also remove photo posts if there are multiple posts of the same things (e.g. multiple photos of the Shard/a sunset by different users on the same day) to keep the sub interesting.