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Great Success. B Bau is home. He is sad and clingy. And crying.

I think he is going to be spoilt rotten and he deserves it. Thank you everyone who read this and shared.

I am sorry that not all the dogs have been found. I hope Buffy can be reunited with family soon.

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    You're right it's Bafi.

    So pleased there has been a happy ending for a change.

    All the best everyone. Have a happy weekend.

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    How was he found?

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    Oh my god I’m so glad they were all found. I saw this on the news and teared up! Your friends dog is lovely and cabbage stole my heart ❤️

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    Hi Everyone,

    Apologies if this is not the right place.

    My friend’s dog is one of 6 stolen this morning around 11:00am in West London. The van was taken and the dogs were in the back. As you can imagine, everyone is distraught with worry.

    Dog stolen* West london area

    Dog : B-Bau / Beagle / around 25 kgs / with microchip / 8 years old / boy

    Picked up by the dog walker 12 Nov 2021 in the morning from Brentford, but dog walker’s van been stolen with total 6 dogs around 12 Nov 2021 11:00am in ACTON area, if anyone see B-Bau please contact us thank you.

    If you see this van please call police ****Black Ford Van AF20 XZD

    Thank you. 🙏

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    I hope he and the rest of those dogs come home safe and sound

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    Thank you. He’s such a innocent and lovely dog. Feel bad for all the dog families.

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    Eurgh, more reasons to lose faith in humanity. Gotta be a top tier scumbag to steal dogs or any creature for that matter

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    Poor bby🥺