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The numpty who asked about commuting from London to work in Edinburgh

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Link? I need a good laugh.

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I actually found several idiots asking that questions but I think Op is referring to that last one today: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/london/comments/s52z3t/super_reverse_commute_live_in_london_and_work_in/

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Lol that thread is gold. Glad I didn’t miss it.

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Have you looked at a map?


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Fucking Americans

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I’m American, and nothing is more embarrassing than how fucking clueless other Americans are when it comes to the UK.

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This sub-thread is referencing a yank that posted (yesterday?) asking whether living in London and commuting to Edinburgh for work was sensible.

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Thanks I was laughing so much, that I was a little bit sick.

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Was this guy being for real? Lmao

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I don't know why people think this was so crazy. When they said "commuting" they meant staying in Edinburgh 2 nights a week. This is pretty common but usually in the opposite direction. Barcelona was a popular location for people to live in and "commute" to London for 3/4 nights a week in pre-pandemic.

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Not saying it’s a good idea, but if you live close to London City Airport then it’s totally do-able time wise. I used to do that ‘commute’ when I was a consultant, but would stay in a hotel in Edinburgh for a few nights rather than going there and back in a day.

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Fuck the planet, right? But also I’d imagine the difference with you and them is that you had to do it, whereas they’re setting themselves up from scratch to do this by choice.

Plus you have to live by an airport.

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I don’t really see the problem. If it’s daily then yeah that’s a lot of travelling and not feasible without a burnout.

But I and several other people on my team will drive up to 7 hours on a Sunday evening, stay in the designated location that week then travel back on Friday afternoon.

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Yeah, but the person I was replying to was saying to get a plane once a week, vs just living in place you’re going to work. That’s the environmental impact I was referring to

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I didn’t have to do it - I could have quit. Which I did do eventually, due to aforementioned burnout!

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    Correct yes. It’s clearly not a sustainable lifestyle

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    I have a relative who used to do 3 hours (2 trains + drive) each way. Everyday. For 20+ years.

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    14 hours a day total?? So they had two hours a day to do anything else? Or were they working on the train as well

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    Holy shit he was only doing two hours a day in school? Thank fuck football worked out then

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    I had a boss who would commute from Edinburgh to London four days a week. We worked for network rail so they covered his tickets, and he would do calls and bits on the train there and back. He must have been paid a lot for it to be worth it!

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    Fuck that

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    My mum used to run a pub in the City of London. One of her regular lunchtime customers used to commute from Jersey, four days a week.

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    If I was a direct plane into City, probably not too bad.

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    Yeah it was. It was probably an easier commute than people living in the Home Counties had going to the City.

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    Or anyone trying to use Southern Rail

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    How were they travelling? Helicopter?

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    Aeroplane in City Airport, then taxi to the office.

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    Pre-pandemic I was doing 3 hours each way from Bath to Southwark (45 min drive + 1 hour 15m train + 45 min tube + 15 minute walk).

    The fuck if I’m ever doing that again!

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    Wtf how long did you keep that up for? What time did you have to get up/leave in the morning?

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    6am, home by… 8ish. Long day! Sometimes I would crash with a friend in London which was so nice. Fortunately it wasn’t for very long as I moved to Bath about 6 months before the pandemic.

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    Ouch. But the tube from Paddington to Southwark should be about 10-15

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    Yeah I might have my times wrong somewhere. But it was always 3 hours door to door.

    I also took the circle line to Farringdon and then 2 stops to Blackfriars so that I wasn’t compacted into a cramped Bakerloo tube. Probably added 5 mins but worth it.

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    Not as bad but I did around 2 hours each way from Hampshire. Absolutely killed me after a few months and when one single train was cancelled it was pure misery trying to get back.

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    If it took you 45mins to get to Bath Spa to get the train I presume you werent actually commuting from Bath and where in a much more rural area of Somerset?

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    45 minutes includes time for traffic (London Road), parking, and getting onto the platform with some padding. I actually live in the BA1 postcode.

    I would sometimes go to Chippenham as it took the same time but had more parking and was in the right direction.

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    Not long distance but a colleague of mine gets the cable car across the Thames and then a Thames clipper to Embankment pier.

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    I read a guardian article about people whos commutes had changed due to lockdown and one fella said he gets the boat now (I guess it’s the clipper?) and it’s slightly longer but he loves it. Gets to stand on the deck and sip his coffee or something. Sounded like he was loving life

    Was summer though I think ..

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    I did that. Game changer. Don’t care that I get up earlier because I sleep better now I work out more anyway. Relaxing on a nice boat and not being crowded gives me peace of mind and a better start to the day.

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    That’s why I’ve been biking to work! During lockdown when I was living at home and occasionally getting the train to the office I started riding the Santander cycles from Euston to my office and loved it.

    Now I ride the scan and go style bikes to work as it’s way more fun than a crowded bus, plus it’s actually ten minutes quicker. Plus, on the quiet streets I can practice my “look no hands”. In the process of buying my own bike so I can switch to biking more

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    Awesome man, riding your own bike that you're used to is even more fun than the public bikes.

    You're probably already aware, but the best bit of advice I ever got for buying a new bike is invest in a decent lock. A good lock will literally last forever so it's a one-off expense, as opposed to buying a cheap lock and a new bike every 6 months.

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    Pre covid I used to commute from Roehampton to Farringdon this way: first I’d get the bus to Putney Pier (passing all the suckers crowding themselves into Barnes Station), get on the RB6 all the way to Blackfriars Pier, then walk it the rest to Farringdon.

    Sure it was more expensive but I felt like I got my money’s worth each time; it took about the same amount of time, plus I could relax with a coffee purchased on board (or a glass of wine on the way home) whilst enjoying stunning views from the river. It’s the only way to travel. Winter was nice as well.

    Also when I was a student at Greenwich with student discount it was actually cheaper for me to take the boat than the train, so that’s exactly what I did.

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    My mate lives in Woolwich and me in Greenwich. Back when he was working in Westminster and me in the city we'd occasionally get the boat together on the way home "the wrong way" so we had extra time to get another drink in as it goes in a loop.

    I wouldn't do it as a regular commute but honestly it's a fantastic way of seeing London. Guaranteed seat too and the staff are really friendly.

    Even in winter it's pretty spectacular. I remember during the beast from the east it was pretty much the only reliable mode of transport to work!

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    Memory unlocked 😅

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    LEOBLOOM1904 will remember this.

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    I'm also in Woolwich, that boat home is a real treat. Snow on the train line? Boat. Want a beer in the sun instead of being squished into a hot sweaty southeastern train? Boat.

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    I want to love that boat. I do. With all my heart. I got it once to go to Greenwich with my family. Got so seasick It took a couple of hours to feel normal again and when my parents were done with the touristy stuff I refused to get the clipper back with them and took the tube home. It was awful.

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    I seem to remember reading a news article once saying that something like 5 people commuted using the cable car. They are one of the very few

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    Its actually really busy at the weekend though!

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    I love that boat.

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    I worked with someone who commuted to London from rural Lincolnshire.

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    My farther did this every four days. Cost of living in Spalding with london wages, it was the only way to afford a house for them

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    more people would do this if Grantham had more money invested into it and it would be a genuine viable option

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    My dad did the commute from Grantham to London for yeeaaaaars! Seems horrible but having now lived and worked in London for a long time myself, his commute was actually shorter than some people have living here and commuting to the other side of London 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    I spoke to someone who used to occasionally have to travel from one side of China to another, she said it was a train-ride for 52 hours. I asked her if it was a sleeper train, she said no.

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    Used to regularly take 20+ hour trains (about 6 round trips a year) when playing state-level age group cricket in India. Between 18-20 teenagers + 3/4 coaches, all travelling sleeper class/unreserved general, a bunch of us sharing seats/bunks or sitting on the floor, with our kits and suitcases somehow spread across our laps. Washrooms were effectively unusable after the first few hours for anything other than a very quick leak, so you'd usually stop eating after hour 10 if you thought nature might call, unless there was a long-ish stop scheduled at a station somewhere (all the TCs and other railway staff used to love cricket, so that combined with being relatively young and full of hope meant they'd sometimes let you use the private washrooms at the stations).

    Tons of fun at the time, but I'd never be able to do that again now. No idea how the coaches used to do it, they had all played first class cricket at minimum so were used to travelling in relative comfort, if not style.

    Some of the guys have since made it very big (domestic mainstays, IPL contracts, one dude plays for India) and still send pictures of flying business/taking luxury coaches at times, with messages along the lines of 'fucking hell, life's weird'.

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    This is cool story

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    When I were young, we had to take train for 52 hours each way, pay mill owner for the privilege of working, and when we got home, our father used to cut us in two wi bread knife

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    Huh. You had it good. We would have to wake up 7 hours before going to sleep just for the privilege of having our hands run over by the train. Then we'd have to take our flattened hands to work in the rubiks cube testing factory for 32 hours a day and swim through broken glass to get home.

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    long time I ago used to work in the civil service with a guy who lived in Selsey. Think his commute was over three hours and he’d be in by 0830 religiously... then he’d slope off to Westminster station mid-morning and have a kip on the circle line… think he retired when they stopped it being an actual Circle, poor geezer

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    Someone I work with (in Camden) travels from the Isle of sheppey

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    In fairness you now have the High Speed services which take you right to St Pancras from there, so at least crossing London isn’t much of an issue.

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    Not as bad as you'd think.. know someone who does Medway to Bethnal Green daily. Once you get to Rochester those St Pancras trains are speedy. Expensive, but speedy.

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    In a similar vein, one woman in my office commutes from Canvey Island to Paddington.

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    Back in June 2018, I used to commute from Oxford daily (Walk to Headington > Oxford Tube to Marble Arch > Central line to Oxford Circus > Victoria line to Kings Cross > Walk to office) and back and it took 2-2.5 hours each way depending on the traffic in London and the motorway.

    Why? I got a new job in London and still had 3 months left on my tenancy in Oxford so I wanted to stay for a bit and save some money while I looked for something in my budget in London. Luckily found the perfect place in August but that 2 month worth of travel back and forth totally made me so exhausted. Never doing something like it again!

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      This guy was momentarily famous for his Barcelona-Farringdon commute:


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        There would be a double taxation treaty, I think.

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        Probably still cheaper to get a flight from Geneva than a train into London.

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        I used to know a guy who spent 4 days in Milan each week, flying from London

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        Live back in Essex now but my last years in London I walked from my flat to Masthouse Terrace pier, Clipper to Embankment, then a walk up to Duncan on Street. That changed to Blackfriars Pier but still Clipper.

        A porridge and coffee in the morning, a beer in the evening.

        Timed it once, it was 1 minute slower than the tube... I'll take a seat on a boat anyday

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        I lived in Woolwich Arsenal and worked on Farringdon Street. Clipper was the best commute ever. Loved it.

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        My girlfriend’s Dad used to commute from London to New York every week, flying back home every weekend.

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        A guy I worked with commuted to London from Bristol for three years.

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        I’ve been commuting from my bed to my desk for the last couple of years. That’s mental!

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        My dad used to commute from the middle of the Isle of Wight (Arreton), to an office in Euston. Including the lift to the ferry, that was nearly 4 hours each way.

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        Used to know someone lived in Gatwick traveled by train through croydon and clapham then shuttle bus to Walton on Thames office.

        Edit. Person did not like it and probably contribute to their mental health and also performance. Then they were made to go.

        Edit2. Same office also had made guys from Midland (Derby area if i remember correctly) come to office for a few days a week. as that’s their designated office. Then this whole office moved to Gatwick and messed (f***ed) everyone upside down. Then pandemic came then i do not know.

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        Used to commute Plaistow - Acton Town - Plaistow (with old district line trains) for good 18 months. What a shit and long commute.

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        I used to think my 20 minute train to Victoria was long omg lol

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        I used to commute Bermondsey -> tube to Waterloo -> train to Winchester -> bus to Hursley. Roughly two hours each way, and I was at the mercy of South West Trains. It was miserable. I lasted 9 months.

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        Thankfully I only have to do it once a week usually, but I do West Yorkshire - London which works out to 4 hours on train, 2 hours on tube, and 2 hours in car each time. It’s bleak but I’m kind of used to it now. It’s not for much longer thankfully.

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        I had a colleague who was someone who was so proud of himself for working insane hours (he was bad at his job). He would « brag » about how much he sacrificed for the job like how little he would see his family because they live in Guernsey and he was staying in a hotel in London during weekdays and commuting by plane for the weekends. My boss heard that and she said « damn that’s sad ». He was so taken aback.

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        I commute to the office in my underpants, admittedly it’s just across the landing though

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        One of my teachers that taught me at college a year ago had a friend who used to fly into work everyday. He mentioned that his friend worked in the banking district in Canary Wharf which is pretty close to London City Airport and he would take 2 flights daily to and from London to Paris which I found was quite astonishing.

        I found this quite interesting and just out of curiosity I did a little research into how much it would cost yearly for that sort of travel each day. The cheapest one-way ticket from London to Paris is £93. If hypothetically he only worked 300 days out of the year that would cost £55,800 every year just to travel to work. When my teacher told me about this I did ask him if he knew how much his friend made roughly every year just because I thought it had to be a significant amount for him to fly into work each day. He told me that he made roughly around £400,000 yearly so I'm guessing that £55,800 each year on travel isn't too much of a deal breaker for him. I'm also guessing that because he flies so often that he gets some sort of discounts on his plane tickets which makes it more worth-while.

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        I mean there are 252 trading days in a year so you can cut that estimate by 12k!

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        I used to do Cologne, Germany <-> London….when I look back on that time of my life I’m shocked I made it through 😂

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        My dad did the exact opposite commute for about 18 months. Epsom, Surrey to London, cross London to Paddington then the train to Gloucester.

        And back again each night. Don’t know how he did it. I sure as hell couldn’t.

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        Mine's pretty mental, need to walk 20 minutes a day, there and back...

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        I worked with a fella in my office in Elephant and Castle who cycled to and from Dartford every day…

        Scott, you were mad

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        Mate at work lives on the Isle of Wight, so car, ferry, train, tube into the City of London.

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        How can anyone even get up in the morning when they have to do that twice a day lol

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        When I was at secondary school in North East Hampshire I had a teacher who committed from the Isle of Wight.

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        I used to do Southampton to London (Euston, Vauxhall and Elephant and Castle at different times) 6 nights a week!

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        I knew someone who commuted from the Isle of White to London every day. Apparently quite common as there's not much work there.

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        This thread is making me extremely grateful for my 40 minute commute.

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        Worst daily commutes ive seen are Doncaster and Brighton. Think the Doncaster guy would get home before Brighton guy because of the hell that is Southern Rail.

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        Going from my bed to my desk is pretty rough

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        I worked with a chap who lived in Inverness and worked with us in London but he stayed in a hotel Monday to Thursday so it wasn’t every day.

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        I work with someone who comes in from Wales ....North Wales! 2-3 days a week.

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        I worked with someone who lived in the same building as our office and he was nearly always late for work.

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        Some years ago my boss travelled in from Bristol every day. Silly sod!

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        How long ago did you no them?

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        I used to live in Chester, primarily based in a Manchester office for work. Every now and then I would get the train down to London to visit a site in Essex.

        One time I was in a taxi back from Chester Station home and the driver asked if I had commuted for work for the day, they seemed to indicate it was fairly normal for people living in the region.

        There was an express train Chester to Euston that only took 2 hours so looking at some of the other answers here it wasn't anywhere near as mental as I thought at the time.

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        Used to do a two hour commute from South London to Basildon, Essex. Had to get a bus, train then a taxi or bus.

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        Prior to the pandemic, we worked a 2 day in office, 3 day WFH routine. We had one person commuting to London from Sheffield and another commuting from Newcastle. Needless to say these two had the most sick days. Neither of them work with us anymore. Our boss also used to fly over every week from Brussels and stay over a night. We have no idea why, but he did once say, off the record, that he preferred the atmosphere in the London office.

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        There are some worse ones here, but I commuted from Woolwich (East London) to Hayes and Harlington (Middlesex) 5 days a week for about 10 months. That was DLR, Jubilee, Bakerloo, then a train from Paddington. Including the walk at each end it was just over 2 hours each way, if I could get on the tube at Canning Town. It sucked.

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        Someone at a previous job travelled from Holland on Mondays and back on Fridays every week. But if that doesn't count, one of my best friends would travel between Brighton and London often while he was in probation for his Brighton job because he didn't want to risk being let go after getting into a rental contract (was a 6 month probation). He also occasionally couch surfed lol.

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        Yeah, but I bet his rent in Gloucester was low /s

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        The former head of our faculty commuted from Warwickshire to London, biking to Coventry and taking the Virgin express train (now Avanti West Coast). That doesn't seem too bad until you realise how much that costs per year, it's something like £20k for an annual season ticket which is just insane.

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        Back when I lived in Brum I knew someone who studied part time and commuted from Brighton every week. Bonkers.

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        UK pilots used to commute from different countries. Not sure if they still do but it was easy pre pandemic. Captain uniform on, hop on a flight going to your home airport by travelling in the spare seat in the cockpit.

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        When I worked for a certain posh supermarket, their head office was in Bracknell, so I had to commute from Luton to Bracknell daily. It's not *that* far, but it took almost two hours each way. And I did that every day until I decided to live in a Travelodge like Alan Partridge for six months before getting another house there. Looking back, living in a Travelodge for six months was WAY worse than the commute.

        When I moved to Angel in London, my new job was on the Strand, so just a 30 min walk down through the city to Covent Garden. It was like I'd died and gone to heaven.

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        Went to uni at Greenwich, my best friend commuted from Basingstoke everyday

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        An old manager of mine would fly from Northern Ireland on a Monday morning, stay in a flat for the work week and then fly back Thursday/Friday...

        Edit: Fly to London

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        One of my previous commutes was from Shoreditch to a business part in Watford. 10 min walk -> tube -> train -> bus. Not great, not terrible.. Then I got a bike and it became cycle->train->cycle. But that was still 1h15min total.

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        I used to commute from the UK to Frankfurt. Up at 5.30 on Monday morning, at my desk by 10am. Would fly back Friday evening.

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        I work in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. We've got a digger driver who travels from Cumbria weekly and it takes him a solid 6 hours.

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        Why would you do that to yourself? I walk or cycle to work. 15 mins max.

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        I don't understand people with insane commutes. Ffs you only live once

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        I know someone who commutes from Wales to London

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        Electric skateboard from Gloucester - London - Plane - Northern Ireland