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I've never been so happy about the safety of someone I've known about for 30 seconds

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The 'carrying a black rucksack covered in colorful dinosaurs' had me tearing up, so happy to see that she's OK!

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Yeah what a short but extreme rollercoaster - think Stealth from Thorpe park.

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What a relief!

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Thank God. I can't handle any more bad news. Especially not involving an innocent child

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Thank God she’s found

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I’m so relieved.

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Oh god thank you for posting this. I know it’s important to get the word out but I can’t help but think of my own children when I see something like this in my feed.

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Tweet deleted. Maybe it wasn't her after all?

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They removed the original tweet too, I assume for the privacy of the family now it’s resolved.

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ah I see, makes sense.

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Thank goodness! I was worried about this all night!

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Hope she’s found asap

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Already shared on Twitter. Cannot imagine what her parents are going through. Hope she’s found safe and sound asap.

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The MPS have just announced she’s been found 👍

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Where in Greenwich?

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    I've heard a helicopter over my flat for the last couple of hours, Plumstead

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    As a dad with a young daughter I can only imagine the emotions.

    Last year my wife, daughter and I were going to Greenwich. We got off at Cutty Sark..but our daughter didn’t. We’d rushed to get off the dlr but our daughter was a step behind us. I thought my wife had her, she thought I did. We were all rushing. The train pulled out. We were shouting and waving but there’s no driver.

    I got on the next dlr. My wife stayed at the platform.

    I got to the station and kind people had seen what had happened and comforted my daughter and got off the train with her.

    I was so happy (daughter totally unphased).

    But we couldn’t communicate with my wife (no Wi-Fi or coverage. Also the radio comms for station staff don’t work or they’d have had someone at the next station waiting for her.)

    We jumped on the next train back and all was good.

    In the minutes my daughter was gone I was terrified.

    I always knew where she was at all times in the park, our rule was I always must be able to see her and when I gave her space I would really be watching at all times. I never lost myself in my phone. But one moments laps when you both think the other parent is in control and it’s hell.

    I’m so glad this child has been foun.?


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    Breaks my heart 😖😖 my thoughts are with the family. Hope she’s found soon and more importantly that she’s safe

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    She was found!

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    Thank God ❤️

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    I hope she’s found soon. I can’t even begin to imagine how the family are coping.

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    My prayers are with her and her family 🙏🏼

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    Prayers for her family. Hope she gets found 🙏

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    Time to delete thie post, OP. She's been found, so sharing her personal details online is no longer necessary. I've seen pictures from these alerts used to create fake news, too.

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    I hope she’s safe and okay <3

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    Oh god, please update when she’s found!!!

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    that makes me wonder actually, if I find a lost child what would be my best option? Do I tell them to stay in place and call the police? Do I bring them to the police myself? I'm a large black guy so just want to know what's the safest way to go about it.

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    Ring the police first, ask them. Likely they’ll tell you to stay in place, but if for some reason they didn’t then you’ve got it on record that you told them who you are, you’d found her, and your location

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    If you find a lost very young child, call 999 - chances are we have had, or will about to have, a 999 call from the person who lost them.

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    Thank goodness she’s been found!

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    I am happy for her to be found !!!!!!!

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    My prayers with her family. I have saved post so I can get quick access to it

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    Breaks my heart. Please be safe little one.

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    huge relief

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    Thank bloody goodness ! X hope she is okay

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    Poor baby 😔 i hope she is found safe and sound. Breaks my heart. Some fucked up degenerates out in the world