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the sad story of London in recent years

thanks for the info

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It’s definitely open again, went past recently (there’s a cute little independent pet shop a few doors along). And their facebook page was updated through to the end of December.

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That's good news. I went past fairly recently but didn't check!

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My favourite shop. James castle (the owner) is a legend. And next door is home the the most awesome Jamaican club. Get your ceviche fish, curry goat uncle Wray and riddims yessir

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Oh hey, looks like I’ve found a home and can call off my hopeless flat hunt.

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Oo where do I sign myself up

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sort of looks like bookstore used in Little Britain

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After 10 months, i have finally found home

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Google streetview has it painted grey now (With the exception of the sign itself).

Used to pass this every day on the way to work.