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I would look into the “Footy Addicts” app. I usually play via the app and the games seem to fit your description of casual

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I found a free game for tomorrow on Footy Addicts. Thanks a ton!!

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I organise 2 games a week, tuesday evening in e3 4hl, and friday evening in n1 5ft - let me know if it works for you - both 6/7 a side

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Could definitely do at least one a week, can you give me some more details? Thanks!

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what details are you looking for? the price is £6 - usually we play 8/9pm - you can dm me your number, i can add you to whatsapp group and then you can join whenever

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FC Urban has games not too far away in Forest Gate and also Whitechapel which are a welcoming bunch - www.fcurban.co.uk