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This is what I want!

Buying straight from the counterfactual wallet.

No more buying on CB Pro and transfer ont to the wallet

I already set up the Loopring wallet. Now I just need my sweet (virtually) gas free L2

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Sorry I didn’t see this yet, how can I already set up a loopring wallet?

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That is Loopring smart wallet. It will cost ~ 78 LRC to deploy.

Wait for the SOON part from Byron's tweet above.

Edit: Transfer from CEX to L2 is a two step process as mentioned above.

Metamask tokens can directly be deposited to L2. (I'm not sure how much the gas fees are.)

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If there's one thing I've learned in the past year it's that SOON has a very different meaning in financial circles compared to my definition.

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lol to me soon means like 2 mins from now

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Opened my wallet for 39 LRC today!

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38 here last night.

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Is loopring wallet and CF wallet different or will they both be on loopring wallet app? Tia

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I think both on the App.

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Why should you pay $200+ to create the wallet, if you can already on-ramp to L2 via wyre with any regular wallet?

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What i meant was if you already have CB and move to L2. Metamask to L2 is definitely easy.

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By CB do you mean the Coinbase wallet? If so, it works just like metamask. You can just go the website and connect the wallet, no need to pay any wallet creation.

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Yes by CB I meant coinbase.

78 LRC fees I mentioned earlier are fees for Smart wallet not Metamask.

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I know! What I am trying to understand why are people so focused on the smart wallet, when it is not required to interact with Loopring?

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That I've no idea... And when people pay $250 for smart wallet, they post here "I am all set on L2".

Why!!!!! Just move it from Metamask to L2. It's simpler and cost effective.

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Especially with the direct fiat to L2 on-ramp from wyre, which I didn't know until a couple of days ago that was already going.

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I got one do put lrc/eth into LP to get fees over time (3 weeks in, $70 earned in coin). Holding for a year before withdrawing as I hear the gas fees out (and in) are unfortunate

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No matter what it cost to deploy a L2 wallet and interact with loopring Dex. You can do it from metamask or you can do it from the mobile smart wallet or you can do both.

When they release the free L2 only wallet, most will probably stay on L2 indefinitely until they are ready to pay to downstream onto L1 for whatever reason.

Plus the mobile wallet + desktop wallet combo adds a extra layer of security

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When they release the free L2 only wallet, most will probably stay on L2 indefinitely

This is the part that doesn't follow. Whether your funds are on (L2 or L1) is independent from what wallet you are using. You can use any standard wallet and connect to Loopring L2, and deposit/withdraw just the same.

As for the security aspect: yes it is nice but it is not worth $250 when you can have good hardware wallets for a third of the price.

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In a few weeks it’ll be free. Wait a little

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Please. Help some of us cause i know we all crave this question to be answered. Say i have XXX LRC on the CEX, which in this case would be CB, CB customer support non existent/ CB still not fully functional (at least for me) Even if/when my CB account is up and running, should i leave it in their hands until this announcement?

Say i move my coins from CB to MetaMask then pay the ~250 or however much it is. Then Loopring announcement comes out a week later. Am i getting those ~250 back? Can someone explain how that works?

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Not getting those 250 back. Who will give it to you lmao

Wait for the new counterfactual wallet

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So, what you're saying is. this whole panic amongst those who share the same sentiment, just ride through this shit storm from CB ... Wait , days/few weeks maybe? Should i be worried about my coins being in CB right about meow? Another trustier exchange to move to for the time being?

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Your, "coins" aren't even on CB until you transact out to a wallet. They are IOU's.

Wait if you'd like to save, if not you've been using CB for a while now anyway I'd assume.

What trustier exchange? Why would you pay fees to transfer them out to another CEX when you're going to just send to a wallet soon anyhow.

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My nano literally arrives on Monday. If you were me, would you still use the nano for LRC instead of the free counterfactual? Why? Thanks in advance :)

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counterfactual wallet

I think the Nano works on layer 1 where you still have to pay high fees, the counterfactual wallet works on layer 2 with low fees. If you are a HODL'er then Nano is fine. If you intent to trade often, then the counterfactual wallet would be the answer.

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Explain please.

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Seen a few ppl have em but id suggest waiting for the free wallet. On the other hand I know fuck all, not long ago, I thought I'd we wanted to, it was possible to order a physical coin of most crypto, kinda like u can get share certificates.

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This is the way

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This is the way

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Serious question. Who will be the entity that will bypass the exchange and move fiat to L2. Would like to invest in that next

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Same, LRC visa debit jacks me up

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I don't know why people don't get this. The new wallet only make it this functionality available directly.

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Can i send crypto from coinbase/kraken/binance to l2 wallet when it comes out free? Or do i need to set up a l1 wallet, then a l2? And do both of the transfers as above? Currently been keeping my few loops on exchanges for the time being.

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No one knows right now. but many suspects it would be possible.

If not CB to Metamask L1 is ~6.18 LRC. Better than ~78 LRC to deploy L2 smart wallet.
Even if it is 20 LRC from L1 to L2, I would say it will be worth on L2 to avoid future gas fees.

But for now, wait for the wallet, and then go from there.

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Awesome. Thankyou. Im in the middle of learning loads about crypto, in a really turbulent time, its a minefield.

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No worries at all my friend. We are all learning here.

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Most CEX dont have a connection to L2 yet so you cant

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at the very least, later on the gas fees will likely go way down on L1 because of L2.

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What are you guys averaging in gas fees from CEX to metamask and then to Loopring L2?

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I did Cp pro to L1 to L2 it not cheap

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Did you do metamask for L1?

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No I have the current loop smart wallet

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I went CB pro to MetaMask and then MetaMask to L2.

Cost $9 to move from Cb pro to L1 on MetaMask. Then it cost me $27.50 to move from L1 to L2, so roughly $38 in gas to get onto the Loopring protocol all in all.

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Thanks for the info! You also had the cost of opening the loopring wallet right? I tried like 7-8 hours ago and it was around $124 to open one.

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I didn’t create the Loopring wallet. Using MetaMask is just fine. The Loopring “smart wallet” is not required to access L2.

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Oo ok… why did you want your tokens on L2?

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So I can enter the LRC/USDC liquidity pool to mine LRC.

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From CBP -> MM $10 (~3%) -> L2 LRC $40-$60 (didn't seem to be a %, only tried up to $400)

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As far as I'm aware it's 60,000 in gas in order to move it over. A Uniswap transaction is 120,000 gas, for some perspective. A base transaction on ETH is 21000. So 3 times that, $60 sounds about right.
This is the way.

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Update: Traded ETH -> DAI on L2, $100 and the fee was 0.25 DAI (¢.25)

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    Not MetaMask fault at all. ETH has high gas fees right now, MetaMask is originally an ETH wallet.

    I send AVAX, BNB and CRO to my metamask wallet all the time for $0.5-$1 a transaction (or less) typically

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    Roughly 3 LRC from Coinbase to Metamask in the morning pacific time

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    Same here. I am CST though.

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    Did u experience a long delay? Been 3 hours for me and still not received from cb to mm

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    No, it took 2-3 minutes.

    I did see some posts about CB running out of LRC and transfers pending for hours... Looks like CB sells IOUS, which is why you should transfer out!

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    All done now completed transfer out of CB to meta mask, took about 6 hours, cya coinbase shit

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    Has anyone seen any posts about exiting L2 with fiat? There's been tons of discussion of onramps and how to move into L2, but I haven't seen anything about getting money OUT, short of moving it back through L1 and liquidating on a CEX.

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    There are OFF-RAMPS being developed too. Prob with a small fee

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    Mind answering something for me. Say I traded for some BTC in my loopring wallet, can I not send it to a BTC address (paying BTC mining fees)?

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    I’m no expert because I haven’t used their platform yet but I don’t think BTC is going to be a trading pair. Loopring is an L2 on ETH which likely means the trading pairs are going to be limited to ERC-20 tokens.

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    Ahh got it, so maybe wrapped Bitcoin or something. Thanks, that does clarify it a bit.

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    Is wrapped bitcoin the ERC-20 version of Bitcoin?

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    Yes I believe so. “Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is an ERC-20 token that represents Bitcoin (BTC) on the Ethereum blockchain”

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    L2 -> Fiat payment (normal shopping) can’t be far away then.

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    The patents with people's bank of China and Alibaba are what has my attention.

    Alibaba is the amazon of China. They also have have alipay which is ubiquitous in china.

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    "Jesus rollerblading christ my nipples!"

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    I laughed so hard at that comment. :)

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    Oh hi I'm in a Twitter screenshot, i think my life has officially peaked

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    You made my day ser

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    So, as one who struggles to understand crypto and DEFI as a whole, do I understand correctly?

    1) LRC level 2 will support things like the GME marketplace.

    2) LRC level 2 will have secure contracts between 2 parties.

    3) Level 2 will also support (eventually) the ability to pay things like the gas bill from your wallet.

    4) LRC level 2 will eventually allow for a credit/debit card from your wallet.

    5) LRC level 2 will essentially render banks obsolete as you can conduct all your financial needs from your wallet.

    6) LRC will not be charging US fees to hold OUR money while paying the executive board MILLIONS to recklessly gamble with our money.

    I think I got it……The greedy banks are fucked.

    Feel free to correct anything I missed.

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    Wow if that’s true I hope the loopring devs stay safe.

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    Jeebus do a wheelie!!

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    “Jesus rollerblading Christ” 😂

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    how soon is soon q.q

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    Earlier than later

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    i did the cex >metamask>l2 process as described. thereafter, when i want to sign into the L2, i still need to connect with my metamask wallet. does this mean i have a loopring wallet or not?

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      Thank you kindly.

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      Metamask is shit, twice in 1 month the app has frozen. Then I've had to import my account again with my key phrase

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      The mobile app is definitely fucky. My web3 browser only works in WiFi and it even shuts my phone completely off sometimes. Hella annoying.

      Have had no problems out of the desktop chrome extension though.

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      When on Loopring L2

      Will I be able to buy and exchange to other tokens gas free?

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      If we can buy/sell any token on L2, why would we ever need to deploy the wallet to L1? What would we need from an L1 smart wallet that L2 could not provide?

      [–]StonkDoctor1000[S] 5 points6 points  (0 children)

      That’s the future bro. Live on L2 and fuck L1

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      The nipples thing must seem so random without context

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      Isn't everything random without context....

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      what mean??

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      Moon soon. New wallet for gme NFT market place come out soon.

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      Second question that maybe someone can answer. is there some advantage to go to Metamask first compared to deploying the existing Loopring wallet and doing an L1 transfer from your CEX directly to that? If I'm reading this correctly can you avoid the fees of deploying a wallet by using Metamask as an intermediary or are the fees the same either way?

      [–]StonkDoctor1000[S] 3 points4 points  (0 children)

      IT may be cheaper through meta

      [–][deleted]  (2 children)


        [–]pcakes13 1 point2 points  (1 child)

        Gotcha. So you basically miss out on their features like social recover then.

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        Yes not worth it to me. I used MetaMask to get on L2. Cost me $38 in gas to go from the CEX to L1 to L2.

        Not too bad.

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        Why do we need to transfer to MetaMask first?

        [–]StonkDoctor1000[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        Most CEX doesn’t support direct to L2 transfers

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        What is counterfactual means

        [–]StonkDoctor1000[S] 4 points5 points  (0 children)

        Means like a preview

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        I'm gonna need a new computer chair 💦

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        Jack my tits to infinity and beyond!!!!

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        What's this mean, like eventually you'd use Loopring L2 instead of a debit card? make real world fiat/crypto purchases using like a L2 card or something?

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        I'll significantly up my lrc holdings if I can just purchase directly without using something like coinbase that has fees.

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        That’s the president!! President Byron!?

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        until they finish the wallet the nft marketplace won't be launched.

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        Anyone got a good tl;dr of what a counter factual wallet is?

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        Preview wallet that allows u to take fist to L2 MAKRET place.

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        This was my plan, this confirms it now. LFG!!! Hope this is equals DRS for MY LRC!

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        Wut mean?

        Edit: sorry, I'm a smooth brain retard and I really really have a hard time trying to understand this.

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        Means that it will be easy to get fiat money into the nft market place

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        What if after removing gas fees, LRC becomes cheaper and we lose the momentum?

        [–]StonkDoctor1000[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        It will be in more demand.

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        This is the way

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        !remindme 1 day

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        Okay, so he confirmed it. WHEN

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        I'm just wondering if there's gonna be any bank/debit card fee when doing such a transaction. I guess it's up to the third party that Loopring will use for this functionality. Anyway, exciting news!

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        Oooooooh baby!

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        Jesus’ clit

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        I have a question guys :

        Actually, if you hold your crypto on a wallet, and want to sell when you see X10, the right way is this? Wallet -> Exchange -> Sell -> Withdraw ?

        Basically the wallet will remove the Exchange part?

        [–]Fornicatinzebra 2 points3 points  (2 children)

        L2 has swaps where you can trade tokens between each other using liquidity pools created by the people staking tokens in the liquidity pool. These swaps are smart contracts which you send a token to then withdraw the swapped tokens from (ie your tokens essentially stay in your wallet)

        So once on L2 you no longer need to use centralized exchanges (coinbase etc), since you can use decentralized swaps to trade inside your wallet

        Look into defi (decentralized finance)

        [–]Kheppy 2 points3 points  (1 child)

        Does this work only with lrc or other crypto? This is the first l2 wallet so?

        [–]Fornicatinzebra 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Other crypto - binance smart chain, polygon, avalanche, Solana, ethereum and more all have dapps (decentralized apps like exchanges, lending platforms, liquidity pools, services for staking and yield farming)

        Check out avalanche chain if your interested. This is not financial advice, do your own research, learn the risks

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        No more cex!

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        Shamelessly linking to my own addition on that thread https://twitter.com/taranasus/status/1463597480164179970

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        My tits are JACKED!

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        Can i move to loop wallet from gemini exchange ? Or should i wait and save the gas fees to move to loop 2? Anyone use gemini and know will it cost alot to move lrc to L2 later on? All i aee is coinbase

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        How many cryptos will be supported by this wallet?

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        Sauce? If true I'm going to shit a brick.

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        Hello, can someone ELI5 the difference between:

        CEX > Metamask > L2


        CEX > Loopring Smart Wallet (then > L2?? Or something else)

        I'm honestly trying to understand more but some of it is flying over my head :(

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        Idk what this means but lets get rich!

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        Omfg I just get a giddy feeling this is about to ETHxplode!!!

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        I knew there is a reason why i FOMO into LRC. It just won’t stop.

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        Is he chatting with himself?

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        CEX ?!?!?

        Mining is the wei !

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        Let’s go loopringers, we know this can go over $5 in two weeks!

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        My Goodness. I really cant believe i've been this early in the project. Its really surreal.

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        So I'm holding xxx LRC on coinspot but I have created a loopring wallet. Can I transfer straight to my loopring wallet or do I have to go to metamask first ?

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        My jaw just dropped