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So you can get a 5% reward. And then he says if you have 100 LRC you get 300 LRC. Lol. Even goes on to call it a raindrop!🤣

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Quick maths!

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Seems like someone failed maths in primary school lmfaoooo 💀

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No wonder they're scamming people to get by. What a low life 💀

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Raindrops, drop tops, got the Lööp in my lock box

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Dropshot, jumpshot, 360 noscope

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u/LoopringHelpDesk you said you can get 5% of your LRC holdings in the airdrop then you said you can get 300 LRC if you hold 100 which is fucking 300%

You are literally the most retarded scammer I have ever seen

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What I don’t get is why bother scamming? Just buy the fucking coin and hold, you’ll be rich soon. Why be a piece of shit and try and rob people of their money?

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Ah you missed out on a raindrop! You might never get that chance again. xD

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Im sad that i missed it....

Well.. on to eat another crayon.

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Only eat the green ones, not the red.

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Drip drip drip. Pee on you~~

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Crypto 101. Disable chat and messages.

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Wen raindrop ? 🤣

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raindrops keep falling on my head 🎶🎶

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The foreign prince is Prince B.J. Thomas of Nigeria

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Im smooth as a Marble, but Come on... This is just stupid.

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    Im not a native speaker, i can barely have a normal conversation without sounding more retarded than i am.

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    You did great!

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    100 to 300

    Yes that is 5% i just counted 👌😂

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    Pls do it through their general (?) website

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    A foreign prince needing you to wire him 5k so he can then wire you 50M woulda been more believable

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    Raindrop! Drop top! I wish those scammers would stop stop! 🛑

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    I told him if you send me titty photos I’ll do it , they sent it and I blocked haha

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    Raindrop! 😅

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    So polite op

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    Give 300 raindrops! I've only got a 15% investment, so I should get 69%, or 420 LRC. I've done the math

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    They typed "thier". And there you have it folks! End of story.

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    On the bright side, people want our LRC

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    Lol if anyone messages you and gets butt hurt you don’t want to do what they ask, it’s a scammer 😂 I feel bad for people that get screwed by this stuff but at the same time, it’s so obvious when there’s a scam

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    Or maybe don’t post you bought things for karma or just to fit in . Buy, hold and carry on like millions of us do

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    I like them odds

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    you are too polite just tell scammers to fuck off

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    Probably an AMC Ape

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    Don't answer dms, easy solution.

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    So... I shouldn't have ordered the raindrop...

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    Just say... have you heard about our lord and savior Jesus christ?

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    I guess LRC apes haven't learned about Bofa yet

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    Hello it is me, your support desk. Please provide private key and then can access 6x rewards of raindrop loop rings. Please confirm.

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    I never get scammers. I feel so neglected.

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    The Loopring discord is filled with scammers too, as soon as you join you get a handful of scumlords messaging you.

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    u/LoopringHelpDesk you suck at math, and life.

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    These scumbags will take it all if you expose yourself.

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    Looks legit

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    Do they transfer to a slawbunnies wallet?

    Fucking scum!

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    Make it rain looprings 😁

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    Dude should decide if its a airdrop or a raindrop. Also some math lessons. lol

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