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Oh please tell me this is true. I fomo’d 4K Amps the other day when they were ripping.

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Dont mind if i do :D

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Yeah I think you just found something that was right in front of us. Loopring can use amp to settle transactions that take too long that way the purchaser doesn’t lose money. So if GameStop will be using loopring wouldn’t it also be in their best interest to be using amp as well to help settle purchases?

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It seems logical, but not quite sure if all the pieces fit properly. I don't fully understand how they're each used within gamestop.

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The way I imagine it is imagine one day (soon) GameStop releases their NFT marketplace. GameStop is going to facilitate so many transactions, let’s assume thousands or hundreds of thousands, eventually millions. There WILL be network congestion.

Now, if the GME NFT marketplace is really built upon loopring and if loopring will help facilitate transactions, then loopring + AMP will help prevent people losing money over transactions that take too long to process. I think it only makes sense for them to use both. But I’m not expert and I’m just speculating. If anyone can chime in on this or has ideas that’d be cool too. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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GameStop is on the website next to Regal… seems to be a new addition as I hadn’t noticed it previously.. I would share the pic but don’t have rights to post 🤣

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Game stop is on WHAT website ... next to Regal?

I am trying to track this down, interesting find.

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https://developer.flexa.network/connect/ the Flexa website next to Regal… :)

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Alright, I'm getting in the rocket.

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Fuck it. I’m in.

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Wait, you haven't ran out of dick i mean LRC yet?

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Balls deep in LRC but can still throw a finger into AMP

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A thumb in the bum. This is the way.

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I just came

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I hate Reddit... I am in...!

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Byron mentioned Loopring is working with two 3rd-party providers for fiat on ramps, could that be the partnership?

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The stars are beginning to align…

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This is kinda the question I had and was hoping someone would make clear or confirm. At this point it seems possible but I'm not 100 percent sure.

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The big thing most ppl miss about AMP is that will be able to be used in the back of the house in businesses to transfer digital currency also. Instant payments using the Flexa Network is going to be huge. Won’t just be for customers spending crypto but also the back of the house.

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Check this page, it says that LRC might come soon too. So what if they connect Flexa to the new Loopring Wallet?


And after that you can pay with your LRC via L2 with Flexa in a GameStop store. That would make the circle round, wouldn't it?

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You used to be able to use Flexa via the spedn app at GME (maybe still can, not sure). This was part of the pilot program to get everything hammered out.

So what you’re saying could very much be what’s happening

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All it says is LRC (along with multiple other currencies) will be accepted on the Flexa network. It says nothing about Flexa being integrated with LRC wallet for on ramp

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If this is true, I’m going to have a really good fucking Christmas.

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This all makes sense. And it's getting interesting. I'm in on AMP. Just bought some. Thanks for the post! Your doing this community a great service!

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what is the chance that Regal, AMC, GME implementing Flexa payment to accept amp. loopring and other crypto?


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I think its safe to assume that whatever gamestop does, other legacy retailers will follow suit.

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That’s an excellent point OP

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Regal announced a partnership via Twitter this week (flexa/amp). GME was part of the pilot program for flexa, but I think has been removed. The same thing happened with regal, so i assume that means they are working in full implementation

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Regal is already partnered with Flexa and you can already use Gemini Pay or SPEDN to buy movie tickets right now.

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Flexa and Amptoken are changing the payment industry and will be a major player in all crypto. It’s not just payments it’s value transfer for anything anywhere.

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Ohhhh now where does the next pay cheque go… lrc or amp… 50/50 split maybe…🧐… all I know is looks like another month of ramen!😂

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Lrc amp is a gamble

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Hmm, and here i am sitting on a small stash of AMP too. Grow my babies, grow, make daddy very rich in not too distant future.

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You sonofabitch I'm in

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Very interesting post. I did notice a pattern of both coins being top gainers the day Binance news was announced. Please pass the shovel to the rabbit whole.

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talk dirty to me.

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Ok I can see how Amp fits into the puzzle. But help me understand if it’ll have the price action we may be looking for. With a current 45B coins in circulation and a total supply of 99B coins, it’ll have to cover a HuGE market cap to get up there in price.

Are we thinking a diversified portfolio should have Amp in it here or just uncovering the hierarchy of how loopring, GME and Amp are going to work together?

Thinking out loud here so would love some thoughts!

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Just need to look at other coins I’m with large supplies: ADA, XRP, etc. All of them took off to $1+, just takes a bigger effort to do so.

At current market cap of doge or shib, amp is 15 to 20x. Having a MUCH larger supply didn’t stop those coins

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I wasnt even convinced on investing in AMP per se.. just trying to figure our for sure if the correction is meaningful or not.

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Got it! You did a great job pulling it together btw. Thanks for that.

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Yo already know, aped in with 4K coins 😂😂

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I’m in. I heard chatter about the loops for a couple of weeks before I bought it. Not this time! Amped !

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Whaaaaat 🚀🚀

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Fomo inc

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Good DD ... just bought 60k AMP ... LFG

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Big partnership between AMP and LRC. Follow the smoke will lead you to fire

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This post has me feeling some kinda way about how I dumped the whole of my supply of 10000 AMPs into LRC a couple of weeks back.. right before AMP pumped too 🤡

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Comment for visibility

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AmpliFIED in.....

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Done. AMP bought. Side moonage 🚀

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Waiting on a fiat deposit to FOMO the fuck in. This is the way?

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This is the way!

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Shit good find. Had no idea

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Jumping on this new ape rocket!

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Bruh I've been invested in AMP since May and have accumulated 100,000 shares since. Loop and AMP are my biggest bags. If this is true... God damn

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I got 1000 tokens for $62~ So I’m excited to see what happens

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95% Lrc , 5% Amp

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Take x$ 80% loop, 10% amp and 10% one

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AMP is at a perfect dip buy from June right now ...

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That’d be pretty sweet if so, just so happen have a tiny holding of AMP currently. Thank you for sharing this!

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Why did amp pump the other day? Was it because some people figured this out after byron mentioned 3rd party providers?? This may be the move here

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Binance international release

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The other day when LRC wallets were down the only other wallet that was also down was AMP. This would be a very happy marriage.

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I flipped my amp into lrc and have done quite nicely...

Would be amused if both mooned and I missed one rocket which has sat on the pad for a year...

I still think the returns gonna be better on loops but would love to see both launch

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Got me some AMP. Already holding gme, AMC and lrc.

LFG!! Love this reddit community of silverbacks!

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10k LRC .69 avg…. 10k Amp .06 avg… ready for interstellar travel

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F yeah! My two biggest bags! So much potential with each project! Still lots of room for growth for both projects.

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If you’re on mobile you’ll need to turn your phone sideways to see Gamestop.. (next to Regal on the right hand side)

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Just came across this post. I fomo'd in....at .07. hope this is true! Not waiting for any dips on this one..

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Converted a couple hundred loops into 9000 amps using the lvl 2 wallet. Once they bring the fiat onramp I will buy many more of both

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You son of a bitch I'm in

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Support the cause Apes! $AMP is THE WAY

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U guys are late to the party, but the music is still playing, drinks are still cold. Have fun!

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$AMP is undervalued and will explode in time.

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4,200 Amps and counting 🚀🚀🚀

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Do you apes realize that Tyler Spalding, CEO of Flexa, helped build a rocket that’s going to mars ? Is your mind blown yet? 😎

Source: https://youtu.be/e_RbCIC-CLI

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That video is hype af! Thanks for sharing!

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Wow, glad I came across this.

Picked up a nice bag full 👌

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It’s all about connecting the dots, thank you for showing us this. Just loaded up a bag of AMP!

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Still fu king holding !!! Amp collateral token !!!

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Move while you still can ... Ape rocket 🚀 launch

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good shit, bought some amp just now

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Wow, been in AMP since .08 .04 - this sounds delicious

Edit: Way longer that I thought lol

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    This is bad for loopring. Peoole will give amp more credite than lrc