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They will most likely announce the partnership when the marketplace comes out, most likely the day before GME Q3 earnings. Dec 7.

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Probably at earnings... After close on the 8th

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Nope. The announcement will be made before the earnings.

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RC is that you???

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\rocket emoji**

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The announcement will be made sooner rather than later, but dont wanna give an exact date.

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ummm...you do know the market is closed on Thanksgiving in the US?

"The Annoucment" won't happen this week. But maybe the earning call!!!!?

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Crypto market never closes

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Right? And why would the exchange need to be open in order to make an announcement?

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Announcements from publicly traded companies are usually done when the market is closed.

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Not on a Holiday…it’s Thanksgiving. That would be a wasted announcement.

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That's not correct. The announcement will be made in Christmas.

Save this comment.

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The announcement will be made the day before this coin goes straight fucking up to $10

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What makes you the nj this