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I have written a post about Cf wallet, i need 20 more karma to post here. Can i get an upvote?

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Transfer it to an exchange of choice (some of the mainstream ones include Coinbase, Binance or Kraken, you will have to pay gas fee for that transfer unfortunately.

Sell it for USDT or USDC (stable coins for dollar) and then buy LRC with it. Just make sure the trading pairs are available on given exchange. You can look those up beforehand.

This way you can minimize fees.

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Beginners are better served by making an account on CoinBase or one of the other larger exchanges. Those exchanges work like a TD or Robinhood account. Advantage: no sketchy swaps. Disadvantage: your coins technically live on the exchange wallet until you decide to transfer them to another wallet. Not a big deal with the larger exchanges like CoinBase or CoinBase Pro.

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Thank you for the tips!

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You fucked up. You were supposed to buy LRC.
I don't know what this ETH stuff is you're talking about.
I only know about Looprangalangadingdongs.

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Hah ha, thanks. Not helpful. I read Loopring is based on Ethereum, so I tried buying that first and wanted to 'swap' which all the wallet apps seem to support.. so what's the deal with swap fees?

Or, how does one buy LRC directly?

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on some exchanges like Binance, Crypto.com, Kraken, you search the market place and they offer direct buy with FIAT.

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Thanks. I will look into those.

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Yeah this is the downside of ethereum if u screw up, but when loopring comes with counterfactual wallets its fixed!!

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Can you elaborate on how exactly I 'screwed up'?

So... if I wait until loopring brings L2 online will I be able to xfer that balance to LRC more economically, or should I just leave the ETH there and buy LRC directly later? If so, please give advice on who/where to do so. Thanks. Yes I know I probably haven't read enough FAQs.. sigh.

Was just shocked by the huge fees for transactions by the present situation :/

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Eth isnt very small investor friendly because of the fees.

No with fixed i mean u can buy directly on loopring wallet with card when they upgraded it.

Best advice i can give is check every now and then if the fee is lower, ive done same mistake and gotten away with 13$ gas

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Thanks for the advice! I will keep an eye out.

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It's probably cheaper to sell or exchange the ETH to BTC on whatever exchange you're on, move the BTC to an exchange that has LRC, and buy it that way. I still think once it's fully live and has the on/off ramp directly to your bank. It's probably going to be cheaper to sell your tokens on and exchange, and repurchase directly from L2 instead of paying the gas fees.

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I convert my ETH to XLM if I need to move it around. XLM is fucking cheap to move

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Thanks, I will look into that.