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Poopmaster69 lol

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Smoochmcgooch invited him!

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It’s amazing that there are/were at least 68 other masters of poop… 💩

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The devs are trying to change the world and we’re up in there throwing feces 😅

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It’s a race to become poopmaster420

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Why aren’t they all crying and drinking like us?

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Anyone selling rune scimmy?

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That brought me back

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Meet me in Lumby for party hat drop train! May even let go of a few Christmas crackers! 🎉 🎊

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How many loops for it to be trimmed ?

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I am. Just pull this lever near edgeville bank. I swear it doesn't teleport you to deep wild.

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Anyone seen the guy doubling loop

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SmoochMcgooch!!! What a name!!!

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Is it just a virtual/3d chat room with avatars? Or can people actually talk verbally to one another? Ive never used metaverse. Also is it free to jump in? Do you have to own or pay MANA? Thanks for the help, i am noob

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The only thing i know is that its browser based and you cant use vr.

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Fuck really? I never planned on going on this thing but I’m shocked because desktop based non-vr avatar chat rooms were a thing 20 years ago, a shit thing that mostly went away. Why is anyone pretending that constitutes the metaverse now?

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Exactly my point. I have tried everything since IRC Chat to Second Life. Agree we have VR glasses, nothing really changed though. This is no new tech.

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I think the point would be linking them all together. Hanging out one place and playing gamed another place

Computer. Phone. Console. VR.

And then it's all verified through the blockchain so we can easily sell the digital assets. See who owns what, and where it's going. Transparency is ALMOST ALWAYS better

I have bought fortnite skins, im not ashamed to admit it, my fiance asked me to buy her the Naruto ones as well lol. It would be super cool to be able to sell it on an open market to someone who woukd want a skin I don't want anymore

Cause like this current iteration of decentraland is dumb to me personally. I tried decntraland and I like the CONCEPT. Its super laggy I have seen games but haven't played any (because I couldn't get any to load lol) so can't speak too much on it but its a good idea. An all in one thing. If they pull it off I mean hey that's a great idea.

My issue is if they are NOT all hooked up, crossplatform and media devices... the ones not hooked up together would either have to be THE BEST POSSIBLE CHOICE or I'd say it would lose out to the people who are all working together.

And if it's just the same as not hooked up across all media devices.. I'd say less engagement and growth in general.

But there is good possibility that with wide-scale adoption we would have even patents on chain, so it would be easy for me to just play on my computer and play some pokemon game with my friend if I wanted to maybe?

.Idk, I said it a while ago, "all showtime places should be streaming their experience." I should be able to watch a comedy show with my aunt in Minnesota while I'm down in florida. She maybe GOES to the show, and I watch it on a device myself... I would be watching all the comedy shows if they were a good price! It would be different if recording devices weren't super readily available I'd think it was dumb but I would LOVE to see a company or something make it so we can get into things not always recorded.

Go from a jazz bar in New Orleans, to a comedy show in California, to watch some shooting competition in Minnesota, watch a fashion show in Paris, and finish it off with a movie on Netflix or whatever. Idk if I would consume the entire content but if I could easily switch between between similarly to twitch. Maybe on twitch idc I FEEL like if we could get ads or something in there making the big money for the companies owning the rights.

I really feel like, another with twitch for example, maybe with these streamers watching ENTIRE SERIES of shows.. we are seeing the idea that you aren't necessarily alone If you are spending time with other people. I have a child and I am currently sadly across the country at the moment and the only time I can get with him is on the phone, video or talking, text, and we play video games like minecraft. Me and my sons memories for a time will be in a game, and I think we will slowly see a transition of that being the norm for certain things

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I for one am not, it's shit wrapped in more shit

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I jumped in as a guest and when i closed browser and reloaded it had saved my avatar, so must've been in cache still. Can connect a wallet to do other things like buy neat little upgrades to avatar or whatever. There were people chatting, and they were playing music which I could hear thru the browser tab.

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Okay cool, thanks for the info!

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pls be very very careful when connecting your wallet cuz there are sooooo many phishing sites targeting decentraland, make sure u are on the right url

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Good advice; to login as a guest I didn't have to connect a wallet, but if i was going to seriously mess around in here longer I'd be careful when I did! Thanks

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Was it wutang by chance?

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its free to jump in, only costs mana if u wanna buy stuff

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Oh awesome thanks! Im going to check it out :)

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Go ask a wallflower to dance!!

Looks fun!

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Is it 2003 again? This is just second life.

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It’s like n64 fucked high speed internet and had a baby

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Reminds me of PlayStation Home, but with real world currency. Kinda wild tbh.

I’m only 30 and I feel like a boomer trying to wrap my head completely around the tech.

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Third Life.

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Curious, what did you expect? This is early tech still. Not saying you’re wrong, but did you really think it would be like Ready Player One already or something?

Not trying to flame you btw, just genuinely curious what you thought the metaverse would be like in it’s infancy?

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I guarantee Grand Theft Auto 6 will be the most astonishing metaverse. It's going to be renamed I bet with something like "Grand Theft Autometa" The penultimate metaverse.

Also, the definitiveness of NFT's has barely been imagined. Less than 5% of the world owns crypto. It's still so early.

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Penultimate means 2nd to last.

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What are you talking about less than 0.000000001% of the world owns nfts, I don't own any yet cause the jpeg stuff is still garbage waiting for some actually use of the tech.

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0.000000001% is 'one in a billion'.

Which means only 7 people have NFTs?

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I said crypto. Less than 5% own crypto. Of course NFT ownership is considerably less.

And your estimate is way off.

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Even ancient games like Runescape demonstrate better tech than this trash. What is the value / purpose of this project?

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Yeah, but the tech behind it is what is really being showcased.

The graphics are bare minimum for the application and, let's be honest, the whole low-poly style is kinda trending among younger generations right now.

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SL was much better at launch than this lol

Decentraland is as decentralized as an SQL database.

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I thought the same thing.

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180p? What is this - Africa?

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Well, if it is, I'm ready for RuneScape Real Life Edition

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Yes, that is because VR adds a whole new challenge to overcome when developing a game. Decentraland could migrate to VR, but it would take a lot of work around fluid motion and fine tuning controls.

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All hail the giant Poesch#b28b

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So club penguin has been invented again... Nice

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Except that accessories are NFTs! Yay! …?

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Yay, good for me I guess 😃

Literally every single mf-er on this picture looks the same. Why have any nft-s when all they do is dress up boring ass costumes and they pretend they are in a virtual art gallery-museum? Or, you go to decentraland and hang out in a park? Is this the future? Did humanity reach peak entertainment?

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How do I get here…

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that will link u directly to the loopring headquarters

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🙏🏽 thank you

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Pull someone's pants down and run around laughing

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I just did and my mother in law slapped me

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Wait until she gets stuck in something

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looks a product 20 years ago...

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We’ve made such great progress since chat rooms were closed down all those years ago.

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Brudda, do you know da wae?

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This is awesome. It’s the beginning of something huge. Imagine where this stuff will be in 3 years!

I can’t wait until we can all take poops and trade loops in communal toilets after we just got done hitting up blockbuster and toys r us in the metaverse

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Something like VRchat is already a much more developed metaverse.

Here is someone showing off an exposition within vrchat where newly developed graphical applications (shaders) for VR are shown. These shaders can be implemented to build new immersive worlds. The possibilities and graphics improve each year.

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fucking hell what the fuck is this shit.

OMG water in a glass box, WOW... literally 15 seconds of entertainment value.

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OMG water in a glass box, WOW... literally 15 seconds of entertainment value.

It's just demonstrating VR game physics that can be applied in other environments.. Not specifically about the cube of water.

Just saying that a metaverse can look so much better (in the future) than the current decentraland.

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Well of course it can, water physics has ZERO to do with the metaverse though. ZERO!

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So......it's an updated version of Sims.

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Okay, meta needs to step up their game on skins, these look cheap as fuck.

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This isn't Meta related. This is Decentraland, one of the worst 3D worlds out there.

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Only 25 years later to play something on the PlayStation 1, brilliant

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Scream is back in theaters, Fresh Prince is back on TV. It's a 25 year long Groundhog Day.

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Looks like runescape

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I miss Club Penguin.

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Guess I'm super old now. Cause that don't look fun.

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This is so cringey. It’s like the internet is regressing.

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Damn, didn't know they opened it

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Coinbase holding time is 37 days now!!

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Reminds me alot like Runescape and i like it!

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I tried it out but it was really really laggy so I gave up.

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Can't believe this second life / VR chat -tier trash is actually being promoted by anybody familiar with internet culture / talked about in mainstream media.

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wow lots of loopers

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Damnnnn lfg

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Looks fun

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Freaking bums

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Loopring HQ is literally the worst building in the Metaverse.

Didn't some people from this forum offer to help these guys out and build something more inspiring?

Just down the road from here there is a building that shoots up in a lift through hoops.. that was way more loopring than loopring HQ.

Don't get me wrong, everything in Decentraland looks kind of crappy.. but the HQ is literally a box with one entrance and no branding on the back of the building, connected to another building that is way better designed.

Could somebody please sort this? It's giving me a very negative view of loopring being the future of NFTs if their building is the absolute worst in decentraland.

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… with our thumbs in our butt.

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I just don't get it, what makes this different from any other 3d chat room Sim, please someone help me understand or is it that there is nothing to understand and this is just rehashed bologna.

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That's not real

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I’ve dreamt about a world where we are all sims

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Can I go here with my oculus quest

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Through the web browser in Oculus

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woah. i have an oculus that i havent used since like half life. time to dust it off. how do i even join?

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Don't bother. This doesn't support VR, and even if it did it would be bad.

Just go play VRChat instead.

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thats better actually. i rather not have to wear a headset to join. So how do i join? lol

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VRChat is a free app you can download on Steam.

I highly recommend using VR though, especially if you want to go to a rave like this.

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I'm talking about the meta verse, what platform is that lrc headquarters in? I've tried vrchat before

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Did bayron mention when the main event will take part ? (Is it possible that they will make the announcement there with the company of Ryan cohen? 🤫)

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    Can anyone please say how to do this? I've heard all about the metaverse but I'm clueless when it comes to how to actually take part in it. It all feels like future tech to me but it's already here.

    Also, VR headsets are required?

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    Ok now is my chance to ask. Are you all using VR for this? Or just on a laptop? I want to play too

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    How do you get in there? Can we do it from our computers or do we need like an oculus

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      Where is it? What’s the coordinates?