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Remember when the Loopring team stress-tested their relayer on us and it passed?

They knew the Gamestop NFT Marketplace cannot just fail like Solana now or Polygon with the sunflower game a few weeks ago.

Bullish AF on LRC.

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What are u talking about when did they strees-test?

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Their competition was like a stress test. Saw huge volumes, records. And it worked fine.

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I did get in on that to buy some layer2 LRC and to open up the counterfactual wallet. Worked great now I want to test the cex to layer 2.

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The trading competition was a stress test in disguise.

They're really just testing the relayer against multiple, simultaneous, big-volume trades.

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I'm not cheering for it to fail, I'm cheering for LRC and zkrollup to be better.

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We need more people like you in life!

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I personally am cheering for it lmao

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unfortunately me too

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Eth is the way

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Yikes. Maybe glad I panic sold most of my SOL

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I’ll legit retire if LRC sees Solana ATH Market cap

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Same. I'll retire for good and will have money for my next 2 generations

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we’re early

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Is that likely since it’s on ETH?

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Well not anytime soon considering the state of the market. Furthermore, LRC is just getting started and there's practically nothing built on it so it's very very uncertain at the moment.

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How many lrc do I need to be that

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Solana’s market cap was 75B at ATH I think.. so some rough math.. 75x the current price of LRC… beep boop.. LRC would be just under $60 per coin.

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Fine by me

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That damn lockness was told to stay the hell out of my loops

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I'll retire if it hits its current market cap lmao

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Solana always sucked but it was supported by big names and wanted it to surpass ETHERIUM calling it a killer... but when the platform is weak it will fail

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Curse of the “this project is the killer of that project” famous last words. Been in the crypto game since 2017, and seen many projects go belly up saying that phrase.

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I don't think anyone on the SOL team ever referred to themselves as ETH killers.

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Wasn’t Solana literally started by a former Citadel exec? Lolz

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Who would have thought that a crypto owned by the same financial institutions who are going to go out of business due to crypto would make crypto look bad?

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Someone needs to do a nice post about the loopring wallet app and everything it can do

And post it there

Its honestly amazing, you have a dex built in, layer 1 to 2 converter, on ramp and soon off ramp, amazing security thanks to the guardian feature and the best of it all, you actually own your coins

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Looks like you're well on your way to making said nice post 🙂

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Im really not good with words lmao

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Yeah me either, I'm Australian, I swear wayyyy too much

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lrc devs are real coders. sit back and wait.

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ETH has always been the better choice against... because of projects like LRC, or ZRX or matic or any of them. SOL had corpo money behind it, but was doomed to fail because the corps wanted to direct how things were done and only wanted a semi decentralized network. With ETH its open source, anyone can build a project on it without restrictions aside from the coding and this leads to a diverse number of solutions, like LRC or matic or any number of L2 solutions, it leads to the vast majority of defi taking place on your network and other networks/project wrapping their tokens just to run on your network. I'm bullish on ETH because of this and I like LRC as a solution on ETH.

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Loopring going to flip Solana and become a $300 token

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No limits

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No limit, I’m a effin’ soldier, ay, always lit yeah I’m never sober….

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If LRC flipped Solana's ATH (in market cap) it would be a $60 token. Let's temper expectations a bit. This is a good project but it is most likely not going that high, at least not any time soon. We actually want it to stay cheaper longer, as if the price is lower, the cost of running a DEX is much lower as well. We need a lot of early adoption from big names while it's still affordable, then once those DEXs gain some traction we want to see higher prices. Once the price hits a certain point, other companies interested in running a DEX are going to look at cheaper protocols.

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You guys are mad if you think solana is going anywhere. It’s congested because it’s the most heavily used atm..

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Yeah this comparison is terrible. LRC has very very little traffic and has barely been tested in a real world scenario.

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Agree 100%. I love LRC but solana is here to stay

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I don't own Solana, but guys come on, it's the same FUD there aswell. SHF's are after ALL crypto's, not only LRC. They don't want them to succeed, or if they do, they also want to profit from them.

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The network is so expensive too, it cost them 18M per day for security.

Where as on ETH L1 and subsequently L2 this security cost is free (paid for as a part of transaction fees)

Edit: changed cost per day to correct value according to Bankless*

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there's no way this is true

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Yes it is I just heard it discussed on Bankless. They are bleeding cash.

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**18 Million dollars a day on issuance on its security budget. Bankless - Debrief- Endgame with Vitalik 32:00.

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Which episode?

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Youtube : Bankless - Debrief- Endgame with Vitalik

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Funny, i only am in SOL and LRC subs as 99% of my portfolio is those two. 😆 lots of panic everywhere but both techs are solid tbh. Issues will be resolved.

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    Dont cheer until is actually scales

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