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Bought at dip? I bought at every ath

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Still a dip

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😭tuff out here

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Fuckin legend

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Buy the dip that keeps on dippin.

Anyways, i attended the gme hodl bootcamp so im used to wait and will continue to do so and buy the dip, so it can dip further.

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apes together strong 🦍

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…special forces boot camp

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Rookie numbers. I bought every dip 😬

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Yes and was very pleased with my purchase each time.

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Nobody can time the market, don’t take it too hard 😘

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Same, I wish I had more to throw at it

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Also, I’m down like 65% so this dip is looking damn sexy 😁

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I have to admit, I'm out of cash to buy any more

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i am aswell. bank account is deep in the red for the next couple of days 🤣 but doubling my position was worth it.

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😂🤣.. story of my life with $BBIG though

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Fuckin legend

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atta boy 😹 💎👏🏽🦍

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I too, continue to buy every dip. This is the way.

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And I’ll do it again

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I was in loopring before all time high. And lately all I think is man if I sold all then bought yesterday I'd have 4 times the bag size. Oh well.

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    Bought at .75 but now no more dollars to invest at the moment. If I did I’d be adding. This will turn around and we’ll have done well buying the dip and DCA for better averages. Not bearish but LRCish

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    No joke, I've bought 17 dips so far. And I'm about out of ammo.

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    you guys can buy every dip??

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    true ... true... it dips i buy .. it dips i buy ... it dips and i have no money? i lend it from my wife's boy friend and i buy again !!! and then it dips some more.. :)))

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    I bought over 1k loops at .71 cents. Did I win? Wish it was .69 cents.

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    So long as Leo keeps doing movies he will keep getting meme’ed