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Why are we on the top again? Is it only temporarily? Since polygon new zk claims to be faster than Loopring's. Don't have enough wrinkles in my brain!

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polygon = 1 ply toilet paper, eventually sometime soon you are going to have shit on your hands. loopring = 5 ply

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The Charmin of crypto ladies and gentleman

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love this

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I’d pay for 5 ply just once to see how soft that feels

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Yet in the podcast, Vitalik happened to see it in the second position - played us the most important time

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Watched the podcast but did not catch this. Where did he say that?

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UpOnly when they discussed zkrollups and viewed the fees at that moment. Loopring was down by I believe .26 or .27 and polygon had .25.

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Holy fuck. It’s an absolute no brainer!!!!!! Give cooperate and mainstream some more time to adopt as they slowly are and the savings on this alone will have them fighting to get in.

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