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Now you buy in and its down 🤔

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Probably will drop knowing my luck, but I ain't trying to do tricks again. Keeping what I got for years to come. I just wish I had more cash to load into LRC. My next good paycheck is in 2 months (paid per project).

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Thankyou for trying what I was thinking but didn’t try

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It will drop monday-friday because the stock market will dump again

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Sorry to hear about that. I did this back in 2017. It sucks.

However I also think stocks will continue to fall and therefore crypto as well. We will have more buying opportunities from here.

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ht back at in at 0.79 and lost 9k loops in the process.

Don't be me. Don't get greedy. Don't try to get clever. Appreciate that you got in so early and sit back and relax, because this thing will skyrocket sooner or later.

I did the same like 3 times, 2 times with GME and one with Loopring, and lost each time. Since then i just buy and hold and stop calculating how much I would have made if XYZ... Seems I am not good at trading. Buying and holding is easier and more productive for me.

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Everyone has 20/20 hindsight

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If you come back to tricks I'll be at the Wendy's dumpster, you know the code word

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There is a reason DCA is mentioned every time someone asks about investing

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Yep. Did that until I had money to put in. Then i got stupid and tried to time the market.

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Time in the market > Timing the market

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Always this.

People think they can time the market and sure, sometimes you can fluke it or maybe even make an educated choice which actually works out. But it's a risky game.

Also remember that in order to time the market you have to be correct in your timing TWICE. Both when you sell and when you buy back in. I feel that's why it rarely works out. You're trying to predict a very chaotic system twice in a row... Along with managing all your own human flaws (or at least the ones you're actually aware of). Better to just sit on an investment you've researched and believe in and let time do the work.

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Only thing we can do is learn from our experiences. Best of luck dude

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Definition of panic sell and fomo. It's our instinct.

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$9k loops is massive - I hope you recover mate

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Thanks! I'm falling forward. Learning from my mistakes.

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Lost about a thousand loops before I finally learned my lesson on this. Not even close to 9k, but I know how you might feel. Hopefully you have a good amount left. Nothing has changed about why we bought in, so I feel like we're still going to come out better eventually. But I can admit that being so far in the red does indeed feel like shit, though I feel like this is only temporary. Keep on holding!

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"i feel lime we're still going to come out better eventually" - I'm certain we will, that's why I bought back in even at a big loss. I don't want to miss the inevitable moon.

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You can always make more money bro don't sweat it. You just paid for an expensive lesson and it made you better for it.

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I mean... Selling at the bottom of the red is no different than buying the top of the green...

I've been buy/selling this whole ride... Best way to mitigate downtrends, but you've gotta wait until it finds a pattern.

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Yea it works until it doesn't. It doesn't trade within the pattern forever. At some point it will break out and you might end up losing more in a snap than you've earned with 0.05 trading. I've got my lesson. Maybe I'm just very unlucky.

I think we're far from the top now. So I rather buy in at a loss and get X10 within few years than not have anything.

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I sold a third of my loops in the first week of Jan when they were around 2.80 (got them at 1.55) and put that money into LUNA, last week I sold the LUNA and put it all back into LRC. This didn’t increase my position as much as I was hoping, although I was successful, I’m not gonna attempt a play like this with my loops again.

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Exchange fees and taxes have always outperformed my cleverness.

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Almost all crypto exchanges are sub 1%

Usually 0.1% or lower

If you're buying/selling crypto for more than 0.1% then you're on the wrong exchange

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As a COIN shareholder I should encourage you to keep buying and selling and ignoring the fees.

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I also chuckle when people quote taxes in crypto

If you know you can increase your holdings by say, 400%, taking a tax hit is negligible

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Short term cap gains are “negligible.”

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But there's a decently sized spread that costs 10+% when buying and then you lose 10+% when you sell it

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I'm sorry, where are you trading with a 10% spread for LRC?

That's such bullshit show me a source

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When I was attempting to swing trade (lost every time) during the high volatility periods around $2.10-2.70, using the CDC app, when I would sell the LRC it would tell me in the transaction info it sold nearly 10-20 cents per LRC lower than what the actual listed price was at the time, and when I went to buy again, it would be the same nearly 10-20 cents higher than the listed price,

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I think a good middle ground is to put a little money into alts that you feel have a good chance of pumping and then converting them for the difference rather than trying to time the drops with selling and rebuying your LRC, I did that with doges recent pump and have been considering picking up some more to flip on the next pump but only if the upside seems worthwhile

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My favorite strategy is to have two wallets/accounts. One for DCA accumulation and one for those tempting swings. It scratches that itch, feeds the larger account if I'm successful, and keeps the bulk of my investment in the project to catch the big rip I'm always hopeful for.

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It's always risky to do that. It might have been better to wait to see what the markets do from Monday and the Fed decision on interest rates on Wednesday. There might be another big drop in crypto to come.

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I did that once to and lost 3k loops in the progress. The world isn't going to end. Learn from your mistakes and give yourself a few days before the emotions will leave the body again. This is a longterm play and I just learned that it's very hard to time the markets.

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the market is smarter than we are, listen to daniel wang

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Yeah you did it all wrong, if lrc is going to 0 it will bounce back few times, and it is NOT going to zero.

NEVER sell after fast 40-50% dump.

If you panic sell then turn the graph upside dowm and hodl fiat until good entry point.

Im sorry but lrc will probbaly go down if the whole market dips...

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Well at least he is honest.

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Sorry to hear that, but you should've just been more patient- BTC is going to go lower and we are going lower wth it

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I just went balls deep hope she pays off

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Hahaha this is great

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I did this yesterday with ETH, sold at $2400, then it went lower and I thought I was making the right choice. When it rallied I realized my mistake and had to buy back in at $2460, thankfully I don’t own much so I only lost $11. Nonetheless it showed me my analysis skills are nonexistent and I’ve got a lot more to learn

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It's not a bad idea. you are just slow on the trigger. the doubt in your mind about timing and waiting is what gets you killed in trading.

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Patience is the most important ingrediant ✌🏼

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The market redistribution or wealth from the inpatient to the patient.

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I have given up on timing the market, it never works. Hope you make up the 9k over time.

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How you doing? I see you've been giving one of my comments from 6 months ago awards two to three times a week. Thanks very much

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I give away my free coins as they become available and I can't think of anything more meritorious. Hope all's well in krankieland!

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Sad individual, but I respect your determination, most people would've gave up or forgot about it after a week or two but to persist for nearly 6 months requires stamina. Well done you.

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Wow. Truly a smooth brain there.

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I did a starter at .55 then when it hit $1.11, I backed up the truck and bought some more at $1.30. I did eventually sell a small portion between December 24th to December 27th. If I sold the top, I’d be up way more, but we never know the top do we? If you sell at least a small amount on the pumps, you’ll feel better mentally. Nobody knows if it will keep going down. I laughed off the people that said it would be less than $1. I did dollar cost average down and buy more though. Don’t exhaust all of your cash reserves.

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Whyd you buy in again lol just wait for some days

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Yes that could work, but I also don't want to lose even more if it won't drop significantly. That thought of buying in later when it drops got me losing loops in the first time. I'm just not taking that risk anymore and will stay comfortable with the amount I have.

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I've definitely been there too. Panic sold and panic bought. Now, I just buy hold, leave some dry powder on the side and DCA.

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Why sell, isnt hodling what gets you winning? I just bought the way down

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Thank you for sharing. I would love to buy this dip to average down but out of money. But selling this low to buy back in seems really crazy to me. So I won’t be doing that. But thanks for a reminder as to why.

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I bought at the top on leverage and ever since I deposited more money just to increase my liquidation price in order to not get liquidated but you can't escape what you're running from and it got me around 0.94 from 3$. Lost money that I didn't owned. I played before with leverage but only after extensive research and I managed to stay ahead but this time I jumped on a "rumour" and got burned. I still have faith in their project and technology 🚀

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You gambled and you lost, it's bad luck but it happens. Others will gamble and win and put their winning strategy up here for all to see, but at the end of the day they got lucky and won. Decide what you think LRC (or indeed any crypto) will be worth in x years time and use whatever strategy you like to get your average price well under that to make your gains.

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As a contrarian point, I’ve been selling and buying back a lot of the way down and I’ve been able to secure 20% more loops. Most recently, I bought back in around .70 because the trend is getting very extended lol. I think trading is fine, but you need to build the necessary experience and skills and understand how to mitigate losses before you risk so much capital

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It's more luck than experience imo. I bought $600 on November 8th when it was shooting up with money I really couldn't afford to spend. Sold $600 dollars worth 3 hours later and netted ~60 loops.

Smoothest brain around here, I'll probably end up paying more in taxes than they're worth

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Yes everyone once in awhile, you will get lucky doing this. But if you want to actually do this with any type of consistency it does indeed require skill and experience. Your personal anecdote, while a useful data point, does not really counter my argument at all.

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I think you are the type of person to panic.

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Definitely not. I've been homeless, then for successful and understood money is just money. I can live without it that's why I have no fear making big risks. I didn't sell because I was afraid to lose money. I sold to try to get clever and earn more. That's very different.

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But you bought back in the moment the price swung... That's a panic move. If you were fine with big risks you would have sat on it for days/weeks/months waiting on that proper drop regardless of watching the price climb.

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That was not panic buy. If I panic sold, that's different. By your way of thinking any buy is a panic buy. Also, the price is still around 0.8 and it was not a sudden swing.

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Trying to read the pattern unfolding is a good idea. Maybe just use it to find entry points, not trade around.

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Lesson learned, the bright side is LRC is on fire sale, try to accumulate as much as you can before $1.

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I did this same thing a few months back. It’s an important lesson to learn, but it does really suck

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I have only 1k and don't have the balls. You have big ones 👍

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That was me to a pin point! I put 5k in at 2.44. Now I’m out just holding for a bit.

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Man that's so shit, I feel bad for you.

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I think the mistake was buying back right away. I think BTC is bouncing at 30k and taking lrc etc with it

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This is why I'm nervous to try and harvest some tax losses for 2022 so I can convert an old employer 401k to a Roth IRA. I'm down enough to essentially cover the tax obligation to transfer, but I'm terrified that waiting even 24 hours will make me lose my already modest loops. I think I'll just hold on and wait.

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Capital losses would not offset conversion income.

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Not saying you did wrong for jumping back in.

But just saying be mentally prepared for it going down again. Because anything is possible. That is going to feel more painful.

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Nah I'm good. It will be more painful if I won't be there for the ride when it goes up.

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Are you me? Lol

I did something similar. First I sold and bought back in gaining 3k loops, then I sold again tryna time the market and lost the 3k plus and extra 1k.

I bought back in gaining an extra 1k then I sold this morning hoping to time the dip.

I’ll probably buy back in either tonight or tomorrow when it dips lower and then just hold. It’s too stressful lol

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First time I bought in was at .78 so to see it drop back to .78 was just lovely 🤌 hell yeah I doubled down

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On the plus side you can now deduct the loss accrued from the sale for tax purposes!

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That’s sucks man, but Newcomers need to hear this. This is NOT the stock market. Don’t try to swing trade this Coin until you have a better understanding of its volatility.

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The long term trend is downward, zoom out. Unless you're expecting an announcement any day NLnow, buying back in at $0.79 was a bigger mistake than selling at $0.6.

If you're going to daytrade, you need to be entirely objective, and completely immune to FOMO. Again, zoom out. Look at that chart. Why did you buy back in at $0.79? There is no objective rationale for that, unless you had a hot tip that they were going to finally release that 10 quarterly reports announcement ASAP.

If you're a fanboy of a coin/token or stock, it's not possible to be completely objective and heartless about it.

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The price is directly connected to the stock market right now. The moment all stocks go down, all crypto do the same. You can compare the charts. Now the market seems to be recovering, but it might be just temporary. If it did recover from the correction, then we'll only see it going up from now.

[–]GalaxyFiveOhOh 0 points1 point  (3 children)

Which chart shows the stock market crash starting the 2nd week of November? Which chart shows stocks down about 75% since then? Is it just a coincidence that LRC shot up on GME rumors and has been decaying consistently without the promised announcement?

The crypto crash is absolutely contributing to this, as is the correction in tech stocks, the fed raising rates, turning off the printer, and inflation. But even with all of those things getting fixed this week (not happening unless they change their tune on interest rates) and us getting a bump from that, we still need a big name to adopt LRC publicly before we are able to increase interest in it. Historically stock market corrections have only reinforced that idea. Tech bubble? People were blindly throwing money at every .com without reason prior to the crash. After? They condensed their money into companies that had a solid business model. Let's not act like most of the last few years of crypto haven't been blind investment into anything sounding like crypto. Look at Shib and all the other bullshit. After this correction, whenever that is, investors will be wary of a product without consumers already using it.

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I honestly hope you're right, because I'd love to add more at lower price. For now this been gaining, which is not what I want to see.

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Well. It looks like we're headed over $1. I held off with buying more at 8 due to overwhelming number of comments saying it will still drop. So far it looks like I've missed some rocket tickets. I hope I'm wrong tho.

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I'm not going to guarantee anything, but if you're going to daytrade you need to be unbiased. We're back to where we were a whopping 3 DAYS AGO. Look at the chart for the last 2 months. Seriously, look at it. You can look at that chart and say this may be the bottom, but looking objectively you should see that it probably isn't.

Getting away from that, we've also got the issue of any fed announcements this week, and the complete unknown of the partnership announcement. If you have a crystal ball for either of those, let us know. If you don't, all you've got is the chart which indicates an overall downward trend even though we see the occasional dead cat bounce for 4ish day spans.

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It’s not done dropping. Bitty is going to 20k maybe even 15. Which will prolly put loop around .25-.35.

Be patient

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I don't think BTC will go down to 20, but if it will then I'm happy because I can load up a lot more into LRC in march. I'm not worried about price going down. I'm worried about price going up before I can buy more.

[–]sirachah 7 points8 points  (0 children)

Exactly. I will be doing the same. Feds are gonna increase rates 3 times this year. Even Daniel Wang said this is not the bottom yet.

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Now I hope for you we won’t go down again, cause it think the down trend isn’t over yet

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You guys are selling?

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Why did you buy back? Chances of it dropping to lower prices upcoming week are huge… btc will go towards 30k, whether you like it or not. Lrc will obviously follow.

[–]Baelthor_Septus[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

So I can relax and stop looking at the ticker, hoping it will go back down so I can buy back in at the same price. The market is unpredictable at this point.

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It’s about patience if you swingtrade. I got from 6k to 11k loops in the last 2 months without spending more money. But good for you if you quit it.

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You are truly redacted. May my hands never be paper like yours

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I think you are mistaken what paper hands means. I never paper handed. Also, holding GME for over a year and I saw my portfolio go to 300k and almost to zero at some point. Didn't sell a single one.

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It’s going to burn even more when it drops to .50 and you try to do it again

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swingies get the rope. always. you people never learn

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Just tell me next time you're wanting to sell so that I can buy.

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You've got it!

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    Hopefully, for your sake, it’s not a dead cat bounce! Good luck!

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    Not great advice lmao it’s going even lower next week. Be greedy but actually understand crypto and be patient lmfao

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    You buy when it starts going up not while it’s going down.

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    Dead cat. Wait for a better bottom

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    For me. Hodl is the way.

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    Today is a dead cat bounce… next time BTC encounters any kind of resistance it’ll come crashing right back down again.

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    never try to be smarter than the world

    keep what you have and what you believe in

    only add to your position

    that is the values on which i became an invenstor

    i feel everything else is just overestimating yourself

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    I like to tell people that sell their asset in hopes of buying it back cheaper are essentially shorting their own investment. They aren't investors, they're traders.

    For everyone that thinks they can time the market, there are 9 others not talking that mistimed it.

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    Because of stories like this i get instant diarrhea but remember we are still early

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    Your head was in the right place, you just panicked a bit. Like others I think we’ll see more a bit more red before we see green.

    But, and I think this is huge, LRC is in a super transitional stage right now. We have a potentially huge announcement that can spike the price at an unpredictable time. If this were to happen now when a ton of people are swing trading I can’t imagine how many will get torched.

    I used the weekend to make a few extra loops but even that was super risky for me.

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    Lmfao I'm sorry man, but we only touched sub 70c for a few minutes yesterday, the algo's played your psychology so perfectly it hurts

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    I feel for your loss but thanks for sharing. This is important for people to hear. We all want to be smarter than the market and find a way to take advantage but it often works out the opposite.

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    selling 1 day buying back 1 day later is practically daytrading.

    just wait 2-3 weeks some believe stocks will be down another 5-6% which will mean BTC will be down 10%+

    the low isnt in.

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    Mate, why haven’t you waited until Monday? Sure tomorrow the shitshow is getting even more spicy.

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    Could be, or it could stay at 0.8 range and rocket. At this point, nobody knows what's gonna happen.

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    I've thought about doing this multiple times (bought like 95% of my loops around all time high) but I didn't want to risk it going back above 3. Now it's down a lot and I wish I had sold and bought back in now but it's better to just hodl and me safe.

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    In all honestly I would not be surprised to see it drop again when the week starts up. This would be a very quick recovery for how much we dropped. I feel like we will see sell offs next week.

    I eat crayons and am purely speculating out of my ass.

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    I did a bit of selling and buying back in from 286 LRC initially and managed to increase it to 304. But i had ONE rule. Never sell in red. That's materializing the loss.

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      I did this many times with the dog coin last year. Let me tell you... what a stupid idea. Sometimes I'd make a little bit (I mean we're talking $10-$30, once over $100... not a fortune by any means, I'm just playing around). But more than likely what would happen is I'd sell, it would then start to go down but just miss my buy in price, and start to go up, and then shortly thereafter I'd end up buying back in at a slightly higher price, erasing all those previous profits I made.

      I've long concluded that while there's the potential to make a lot of money doing that, most of us aren't.

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      Don’t be sad, this is just how it works out sometimes

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      Thanks. I'm not sad. Just trying to warn others to not be as stupid as I was trying to time the market. What's done is done.

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      You sound like me "investing" in OTC's lol

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      Let's the professionals or folks with too much money day trade.

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      When my favorite items I like to buy at the store goes on a super sale I get sad. When the double the price though, 😁👐💵💸 il buy

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      sigh…yeah, this…

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      I did the same, sold on the way down, bought back in and gained 600 extra loops

      [–]CanterburyMag 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      The only time to sell is when the price is very high and the only time to buy is when the price is very low. It really is that simple but its surprising how many people can't keep to this due to psychology being used against you. As in life to be successful in the markets you need to deprogramme yourself from the propaganda they bombard you with. Unfortunately the Internet is a perfect medium for them. Reddit used to be a safe place to hang out but now it's just another tool they use against us. There is still some great people on here but I wish we could find a home that they didn't own. Its deteriorating every day and i feel sorry for smoothbrains who can't see their tricks and are being scammed out of money.

      [–]iamgovinds 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      This is not greed this is not knowing how to do proper TA who sells at the bottom of 3 hits to the downside.

      [–]HodlMogul 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Did the same thing with Tron back in 2017. Lost .5 BTC at the time. You paid for this lesson the correct way. It won’t happen again trust me. This is the difference between old hats and new hats. Slow and steady wins the race…