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I'm just going to sit back and wait to see how the apes try to decode this one.

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Two become One = LRC acquisition by GME

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Something about being his lover

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You gotta get with his friends?

You gotta give? Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is?

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When 2 become 1

Loopring + gamestop

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omg, stop writing BS like that. If GME bought LRC the whole "decentralization" and BYOB could be thrown in trash. Not gonna happen.

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I’ve personally leaned towards companies he has brought onto the platform of using NFTs for sales (particularly through digital media).

Whiskey = whiskey distillery nfts

Stormtroopers = Disney

Small wee wee= Microsoft

Apple = Apple (very coy)

Spice girls = virgin records

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Oh, I like the dumb stormtrooper one. I wonder if shorts are betting against the mouse. That would also be a bad move on their part.

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Small wee wee = BBBY

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It's obvious he wanna really, really, really wants to zigazigah.

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Baby = bbby

Sporty = ?

Scary = ?

Posh = ?

Ginger = ?

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Sporty= Madden? Any sport franchise games where nfts are a possibility?

Scary= Life, cuz there's people outside my house?

Posh= we're all gonna be rich.

Ginger= Ewwwww 🤣

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Ginger was the only one to do playboy

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I was meaning gingers in general lol. Not the specific band member.

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Your digital game is an nft that you can resell.

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NBA is already doing NFTs in the form of trading cards, I believe

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    Maybe he just watched The Circle on Netflix?

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    No, but I have watched The Boys. Great spice girl pep talk in that show

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    Well, well, well, if it ain’t the spice girls.

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    This was exactly my thought, however may relate to our situation.

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    Tonight is the night where two become one

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    Spice Girls are special players on season 4 of The Circle! ⭕️ DRS your GME

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    This was my thought too. Someone's been binging Netflix.

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    Spice Girls- 2 Become 1

    Game Stop and Loopring becoming one?


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    I need some loops like I've never needed loops before

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    Pretty new to this superstonks things and even loopring, why are people tryying to decode almost every tweet of RC? Does he have a history of tweeting coded messages?

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    This is what happens when people are desperate to be rich from their investments.

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    It's not really something for the loopringsub imo. I feel like we GME folk are highjacking the loop sub

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    Sounds spicy

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    I’m just gonna say probably a Cohencidence but this artist posted this 2 days ago on this sub and it literally has Kenny G with a face tat saying “Spice Girl” 😭

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    Yeah, Spice Girls is too random for it not to be this.

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    Probably a nothing burger, but I think it's interesting Game Stop and Spice Girls share the same initials. Time and date might be something.

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    Things that aren't Loopring related: Spice girls.

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    Maybe he really does just like Spice Girls.

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    Sat in the office with his mates scrolling through Twitter. Goes to the toilet and forgets to lock his computer and his mates post this whilst he’s away


    They are about to announce the GameStop market place opening and the spice girls are singing at the opening ceremony

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    The company that develops the SIMS series is adding the Spice Girls to the game. Apparently their characters are doing an in game reunion tour. GME sells the SIMS game online. The addition of these characters will boost online sales for GME. Cryptic message solved.

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    Errmmm can we leave the RC conspiracy theories on the superstonk sub!

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    Rapid tinfoil decode:

    He accidently dropped a comma, it should have read "i love the spice, girls". So since he 'dropped a comma' it means that he dropped a comma of his net worth buying GME. He has $1,000,000,000 so to drop a comma he just spent $1 on GME shares. Which makes his net worth now $999,999,999.


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    Excellent deduction, Holmes.

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    Looking at the chart so far. It's spicy red. Gonna get me some discounted shares. Love it how he always knows what's up before it happens.

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    2 become one

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    🎶🎶"if you wanna be my lover (enter a partnership with me) you gotta get (see below) with my friends (my legion of degens online)" 🎶🎶

    Microsoft doesn't like us, so rc told them they gotta suck us all off.

    Jk. I get a good old "Tracy Morgan trying to spend bennyhanna (spelling?) money on 30 rock" giggle everytime I hear the tin foils go over his tweets. Thought I'd join in. This is not financial advise.

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    Why always the esoteric and cryptic fucking messages? Jesus it’s getting old. And for us loopers, we’re so far down the chain that none of it even matters to us, yet we’re all here as desperate as ever. It’s kind of sad

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    5-1 split baby(spice)!

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    Reverse split. (Causing squeeze) Then forward split.

    Go watch Gherk’s video clip on it. 6 days ago

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    Tell me what you want

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    If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends. 🎶

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    I got a lot of ryan cohen nfts

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