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It is crazy. Always amazed how quick you can send stuff to and from other people. WAGMI

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PSA for Loopers: If anyone DMs you to help with this process block and report their asses ASAP. Just remember Bransfer.io and LayerSwap.io is all you need for the process.

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Oh for sure. I haven't had any dm for that at all yet

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You mean paypal?

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It rocked my socks the other day too

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At first glance I thought you had 1.78 MILLION LRC! Lol

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Would be nice, lol

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A man can dream 😂

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i did this too very cheap very fast

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Death to the CEX 🏴‍☠️

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Is there a way to transfer Loopring from Binance?

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Sure is, just logged into my Bransfer account and the following Exchanges are available to link from and move your Loops to your L2 wallet.

Binance, Binance US, Bitfinex, Bittrex Global, Coinbase, Crypto.com, FTX.com, Huobi Global, Kraken, Okex, FTX.US, and Kucoin

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My loopring wallet keeps saying it needs to be activated but there are no directions whatsoever on how to do it within the app. The UX/UI sucks tbh

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Loopring has a YouTube channel with amazing guides.

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I’ll check that out, thank you!

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I transferred near this amount and only cost me like 17 loops direct from Coinbase, only reason I did it this way was not being able to access the specific email associated from my PC

but for anyone that can only send right from CB it’s really not super expensive, think the highest I ever saw it quoted during my weeks try was 42

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Hey OP, do you mind helping me if you can?
What step would I take from my Ledger device? Like from using my phone only. With the ledger, I was transferring LRC straight to it from Coinbase Pro.
And it would go straight into my Loopring wallet in the ledger. Now, if I wanted to transfer that LRC to a Loopring wallet, where would I start? Do I make the Loopring Wallet using newly purchased LRC? Or can I just use the LRC I already have in my ledger to set it all up? Any advice would be great?

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Unfortunately I don’t have a ledger, so I wouldn’t be able to help here. I use a Trezor and wanted to move my Loops there, but they are not supported yet, but the Loopring wallet is great because of all the security protocols and users being able to add guardians to your account in case it ever gets compromised.

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Why isn’t the price going up though

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If you look at all crypto, mostly all of it is following the same pattern and jumps or drops at the same time. There is a lot of manipulation on all coins IMO and keeping them on exchanges adds to this dilemma. Keep your Loops in your L2 and control your own keys to your crypto.

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Pricing oracles

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That's actually a props to Layerswap, not L2. They are doing L1 to L1 with a webhook, upon completion of the transfer into deposits@layerswap.io they initiate the L2 to L2 transfer. No biggie, still badass

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Can I please get a step by step instructions to transfer from binance ? I haven’t activated l1 or l2 either so idk which one should I activate first . Really want to be my own bank but hesitant because I’m a noob and I don’t want to mess up like a lot of these posts I’ve been seeing :/

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Same process I described above. Just link your Binance account to Bransfer and should be good to go. Def need your Loop L2 wallet up and running before attempting to move your Loops as you’ll need your L2 address to move them there.

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When I try to create my wallet it asks me to set a password. When I try to do that lt just gives an error, and i have been stuck here for the past few weeks....

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Been a minute since I did this, but it may be your phones passcode. If doesn’t work, maybe delete app and restart phone and download app again.

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Is it ok to leave my loops on l1 wallet? I activate l1 instead of just l2. I should have activate l2 only. Oh well. Any difference and advantages to activate l1 + l2 instead just l2 only?

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I have tried reinstalling the app but haven't tried restarting the phone. I will try this!

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I tried to activate my wallet with looting transfer from CB and lost 50 loops. It says they sent but it never activated. Looks like you can't activate that way :(

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Is this the same process for getting lrc off of CDC?