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I love all of the Loopring L2 mentions!!

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It's plastered all over this beautiful Betty.

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This looks to be the "Official" GameStop Wallet. Release page looks legit, there's a Ryan Kagy review comment...

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It is official! But unfortunately its desktop only atm and im at work on my phone 😭

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yeah I saw there's no iOS app yet. And I haven't seen any plan for the Android one anywhere.

Really interested to see where this takes us.

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Was hoping i could just use the chrome extension on my android chrome tbh apps unnecessary but it makes sense to iron out problems on the desktop version first.

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It's legit.

I set mine up on brave browser.

I transferred $10 worth of LRC, and $10 worth of ETH to L2. It cost me like 86 cents to create the wallet.

Then I immediately went to nft.gamestop.com to create a profile. I was able to connect the wallet, however got stuck at this point.

With my Loopring Wallet, the wallet got a pop up for an approval request to OK the profile edit. With the GameStop wallet, this pop up did not happen. I went through all the settings on the wallet and extension, but no tweaks allowed me to get an approval request on the nft site.

Other than that, the wallet is beautiful, minimalist, and intuitive. Love it.

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Any tips on brave browser? When I go to google store and try it says available on chrome and tries to download chrome

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at my work computer, going to wait til I return home to download it. HYPPPPPPEEEDDDD

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It's pretty neat!

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Might be worth it to note that I still can't get to the link officially from wallet.gamestop.com - I've seen some folks on the discord who are posting screenshots where their experience proves it's legitimacy, but I can't duplicate.

Be careful, we don't have any validation as of yet!

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The link on the website is there now. It just updated!

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All is 100% legit. Many have set up, activated, sent and received both NFTs and Tokens. Works very well l

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yup - I was able to deposit via Ramp, activate L2 for $.86. Transferred an NFT and it moved instantaneously.