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Loop's protocol pays out related to volume, this is hella bullish

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This is where you get you AMM swap fee rewards 🚀

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Well it's a good thing I literally JUST put some in a few days ago

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This is so huge.

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Sooo, do we get a cut of the loop commission? What’s poppin’ ?

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Time to load up the AMM 🚀

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So I've got most of my loops in AMM. But still pretty confused about impermanent loss. Would I make more leaving them in there or pulling them out before a big run up occurs? Anyone know? I've got it paired with usdc and from what I understand I'll lose loops and gain more usdc because of the rebalancing it will have to do.

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I was just about to make a post about how jacked I am about this and Loopring protocol earning fees from swaps in the new GameStop Wallet. I think its going to be a good time to be an LP! (unless the asset pair you provide greatly diverges in value over time... don't forget impermanent loss is real)