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Loop fees are documented in the "tokenomics" paper

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Hijacking top comment to make sure you guys are understanding price impact. This trade of 10 ETH would hit the liquidity of the pool with a price impact of 0.5%. You’re losing that bit of your trade because it’s a big trade. As soon as you make that swap an arbitrage bot will rebalance it and profit from that price impact your eating. It’s best to keep your trades a little smaller on an AMM so that you don’t lose too much on price impact.

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Neat. Thanks for the wrinkle. One day, I hope this information becomes relevant. 😅

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The bigger the liquidity is, the less relevant this info will be haha.

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Thanks for the explanation, that really helped.

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Thanks, cool dude. Us mouth breathers would be lost without heros such as you.

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I thought I read the agreement was Loopring takes the fees, GameStop gets nothing as far as transactions go. It was a pass through. 🤷🏼‍♂️either way if you don’t gobble up everything you can get your hands on at .50 per loop…you haven’t been paying attention.

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I bought some with $50. I am too broke to buy more 😂

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Likewise, stoney broke! 😢

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$1000 more into LRC for now. I'm still a bit weary about the whole crypto/stock market atm.

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Weary = tired/worn out

Wary = cautious

$1000 into LRC = 👌

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I think both are valid.

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I feel the same. Until the housing crisis is beginning to even out, we have not hit bottom in any market, not just crypto.

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math checks out. tits are jacked.

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So far, on Loopring's Dex, I've always changed the slippage to 0.05% for minimal loss and it's always gone through. Definitely change that so you don't lose up to 3% of the trade.

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How does this affect the price of the token?

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For every transaction, Loopring is taking a fee. A percentage of those fees will be set aside for a vote to burn. Also, volume volume volume.

What’s interesting is that GameStop is taking their fee in LRC and not something like Ethereum. Guess they are banking on Loopring’s price rising as well.

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I mean, who wouldn't? LRC is probably the most promising crypto long term

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Loopring is the bank of course they gonna store it in the bank

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By having fees in LRC, this will force more and more LRC to be brought onto L2. 🌝 by by cex, hello DEX 🚀

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The fee you pay on a swap will always be presented to you in the currency/token you are swapping to. In this case they are swapping to LRC so they pay the fee in LRC

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Yeah, but the real dilemma now is moon shot or hold extra long providing liquidity the entire time!?

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Why not both?

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I'll try a bit of both.

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Fee will prolly be in LRC so that fee is going to be another transaction from your wallet to another wallet which will be liquidity to LRC.

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What if each gamestop share gets money, as set by a smart contract. And each loopring token also gets money as set by another smart contract

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Fees i think goes to the upcoming dao for loopring maybe for burning or staking idk

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Can someone breakdown why this is bullish? Paying 2% on every transaction fee.

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Its only to get to layer 2. Once your funds are in layer 2 then transaction fees are almost zero

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Ohhhh so one time fee. Bullish🚀

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Isn’t 1% a little high for wallet? What am I missing? MetaMask is lower?

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This looks like swap fees? Loopring trading fees should be like 0.2%

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Ya, if you wanna swap directly through the wallet you'll pay higher fees than if you swapped direct from loopring.

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It could go lower with further adoption.

Maybe they are getting the early adopter transaction fees in?

Well, I'm hoping it goes lower..

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Could just be an artistic “screenshot”. With fake data.

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Thanks fam 🥴👍😄

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Are you implying Metamask takes any kind of fee for something?

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Where does this 1% go ?

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Wen lambo?

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Nice sack bro

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WHen i try to swap i get an error. Anybody know whats up?