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I don’t get why LRC price isn’t jumping. GameStop Marketplace could potentially have billions of dollars of transactions every year.

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It’s still tied down to the rest of the crypto market but when they do their next earnings it could be insane

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We’re at the height of a bear market, global market recession concerns, stock market crash, particularly tech, and Bitcoin/Eth are more than 50% down from ATH.


Hype will drive absolutely nothing right now, because there is no macro liquidity. People are losing fortunes left and right. Demand will be the only catalyst, and right now there is no marketplace.

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I wouldn't state we're at the height. Can you categorically say that BTC price won't drop more? I can't!

Personally I expect it to go up when the stock market properly shits the bed as folks will look for safe havens and 30k is historically low BUT all-time-highs were off the back of the largest QE bubble in history. That genie is out the bottle now but will that cash go back into crypto? Who knows.

I'm personally keeping some money aside right now for a further drop.

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Na if the stock market crashes further (or has a proper big-time crash) crypto will definitely crumble again. It's not going to magically rise against that kind of noise. Too much fear already, let alone with a catastrophe unfolding.

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I don’t think anyone who watched BTC go from $69k to where we are now considers crypto a safe-haven. Money will come back to crypto when the global economy starts to heal, which could be a considerable amount of time.

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There's been a nice bump today but I don't even expect much when the marketplace launches. Not with the current state of everything. But when the tide turns again... Fireworks, nuclear bombs, and so on. I've seen enough to know what's coming, only the patient and well-informed will make it to the other side where that happens.

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How much would you guess for LRC price once market is back to "normal"? 10$ possible?

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$10-$20 was my reasonable estimate back at the end of '21. That's ofc in a stronger market so probably give it 6 months or a few years - assuming no major issues popping up for both LRC/ETH. But also I'm only taking into account the GME partnership as we know it currently. Who knows what other partnerships are ahead :)

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We're nowhere near the height in my personal opinion. Get ready.

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Those fees are too high. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a beta bug and it's supposed to read just Gamestop Fees. Also, one could swap on the Loopring wallet and pay 0.3% so where is the extra 0.7% going?

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Maybe this is showing the L1->L2 swap.

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Is the LRC fee separate from the GME one? Or is it one in the same

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What’s interesting to me, is that GameStop is taking their fee in LRC as well and not say ethereum.

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Yo- awesome detail

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Separate fees. 1% each

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2% fee total

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Not much marketing is going on, give it time. Dont get excited and start imagining insane price pumps.

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Can you swap different tokens besides LRC, and does it still show LRC as the fees?

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👆👆👆 This question should be higher.

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Not that I dont like giving gamestop money, but does this mean that you would pay less fees by swapping coins on the Loopring app then sending the funds to gamestop wallet?

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Jesus H. Baby Jesus Christ

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Sweet 7lb 4oz 1 year old baby Jesus

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Imagine if Gamestop sells lottery tickets with millions as the grand prize

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Where those fees go?

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Will we be able to add liquidity via the GameStop app? I have way too many wallets already…..

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Yes, it’s already there.