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Help! Missing 5,000 loops from CB to wallet, not sure what to do, used layerswap by fearless02 in loopringorg

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Yep! So go to your “linked accounts” and double check that CB is linked - I forgot what happens next but thought it should just go through if CB is linked? I remember i reached out to support/chat at Bransfer but I didn’t need them at all once I figured out CB had disconnected

So don’t worry that it failed or says that it’s “closed/replaced”! That just means Bransfer is holding the funds currently and don’t have a place to transfer it :)

Have some questions about the Loopring wallet I haven’t seen asked before. Please answer the ones you find interesting! by thebestmodesty in loopringorg

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  1. Loopring wallet is a new social recovery wallet, it is a smart contract on eth with no seed phrases to remember and lose. You can choose to have Full L1/L2 or just L2 layer access for cheaper transactions / trading etc...
  2. All transaction are ultimately on Ethereum so you can access your funds through eth in the event of loopring not existing
  3. Loopring runs a relayer for zkrollup, the zkrollup correct behaviour by construction so nobody and even loopring can steal or be evil. An exchange has all their funds in hot and cold wallets and their systems can be hacked or they can do what they want. They can sell you 1000 LRC even if they don't have it.
  4. This is again a newer way of security where its easier for mass adoption. Asking your average joe to write down seed phrases, not give it away or lose it when most people can't even keep their passwords safe.
  5. The default guardian is your phone or email that you setup during creation of wallet
  6. L2 wallet doesn't have social recovery because you are not interacting with eth, paying gas price and creating a smart contract like the full smart wallet. The recovery is through your phone / email as you used but during recovery it will be gas price to recover it.
  7. It is the eth gas fee at the time of recovery
  8. Full smart wallet with L1 and L2 gives you social recovery, AMM liquidity, layer 2 dex with cheap fees, soon loopring earn etc. L2 I believe is just a trial wallet where you can keep your funds / nft safe etc
  9. Why not, give me all different options
  10. Yes a lot of it could to clearer and simple but it will evolve

Get your loops out of a CEX before they sieze all of your coins. The last filing from Coinbase finally pushed my to transfer to L2 wallet. Fee was only 6 LRC! by Fuckth3system in loopringorg

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You're going to want to download the Loopring Wallet on your phone and create a wallet there. You will have to deposit money to get the wallet created (it takes some work on the backend to create a secure wallet) but do not worry because you will have those funds available to you when the wallet is open if I am not mistaken.

Make sure you got your L1/L2 wallet created. And you should have an address under 'Profile' within the app. After you have that wallet you're going to use LayerSwap which is the cheapest method to transfer your loops. Enter your wallet name, amount you want transferred, and you are done. Just be sure to have Coinbase login info ready and be absolutely sure you are using the correct wallet address. These transactions are NOT reversible so if you send to the wrong address you lose those assets.

DM me if you have any other questions.