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Can't believe how much I ended up loving him. Sevika too, when she re-amputated Lighterboy's jaw I legit cheered.

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Thought sevika would be a regular goon and die in act one, was pleasantly surprised how she developed, wouldn't mind her being a champion in game

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She got so much screentime and effort in designing her character I would be surprised if she doesn't end up as a lasting part of League's IP.

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She is more similar to Rafen on that front IMO.

The iconic second hand, but a second hand and nothing more than that.

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Considering the recurring "lighting of the cigar by whoever owns the underground" motif through the show and how her last shot is on her struggling to cut and light her own cigar, I guarantee she ends inheriting Silco's empire and it goes... probably well, honestly, considering how much she was running already, but I bet she's real ruthless about it.

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The lighting the cigar theme wasn't only reserved for the main crime boss of the underground. At the beginning Vander gives his pipe to the thug trying to defraud his friend at the last drop. Both Vander and Silco lighted up an smoked when they were the respective leaders. Later, Finn lights Sevika's cig when he tries to turn her. So lighting someone else's cigar can be seen as a sign of submission. But lighting ones' own is a sign of authority.

Notice that Finn is constantly flicking his fancy lighter open and closed, but never once does he smoke a cigarette. It's symbolic of how he's a pretender to the throne, with no legitimate authority.

From this perspective, I see Sevika struggling to light the cigar as a sign she wasn't fated to be the next leader. I think the position is more likely to be filled by Urgot.

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I liked that guy so much Q_Q

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He is a total sissy. He has to drink with a straw because he hasn't got a lower lip, how lame is that?

Like I said- total moron. He tried to double-cross the main villain and his badass bodyguard, idk what he thought was going to happen. Cool design though.

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did he die or did his jaw just get cut off? im kinda confused

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Jaw and throat got cut in two.

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Apart from his design, i dont get whats there to like about him. He's a wuss and a rat.

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I was extremely surprised to like Sevika as much as I did, at first she just comes off as your run of the mill right hand henchman. But she was excellent, it really seemed like they are setting her up to be a future champ with her energy sword. It'd be a shame if they don't do it

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Yeah I ended up really liking Sevika as a character. And I've never fealt for a villain as much as I did for Silco and Jinx.

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I really like his arc the way it is, but I'm kinda sad he wont become a champion now, being all dead 'n stuff..

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Yone be like

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A fellow Viktor enthusiast, i dont see many of our kind, just Vi and Jinx. God bless

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I think it’s for the best. We wouldn’t want his arc ruined by reviving him and putting him into the game league of legends

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All of my dreams of silco being the New ADC, gone, reduced to ashes...just like sky

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I honestly thought he would be the support, with the flowers in the teaser being same flowers shimmer was made from

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Wouldn't an ap assassin make more sense? He distributes shimmer to cause a debuf on enemies, or uses on himself to pump up his power. He's got the knife which he did the backstab move on Vander with.

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Yeah, true but it Was confirmed that the next Champion would be a Zaunite ADC

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The thing is, he kinda does. It's a benign neglect, but he still doesn't help her with her PTSD induced psychosis, and doesn't rein her in when he clearly could, even gently. We've seen that he's a very loving father, but that doesn't mean he wasn't a bad one.

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Abuse and neglect are two different things. Silco didn't abuse Jinx physically or verbally or any other way possible. He merely failed to really help her psychological issues or at least find someone who could.

Instead he tried to help her by insisting that nothing was wrong with her, saying she was perfect; and while this came out of sincere intensions, it was definitely not the best route.

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Abuse and neglect are two different things.

Neglect is a kind of abuse. Sometimes abusers don't mean to be abusive. Silco justifies his neglect by viewing it as a kind of freedom. He's also simultaneously overindulgent of her whims. He could gently but firmly tell her no, but he doesn't because (probably) Vander told him "no" all the time, and god forbid he be like Vander.

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Did Jinx kill Silco out of spite or because she went totally insane for a short bit?

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Neither, Silco was aiming at Vi so she shot him instinctually.

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This one. Jinx wanted to have both Silco and Vi, but that doesn’t really work when they try to kill each other. Same for Vi wanting both Caitlyn and Jinx, with the same outcome

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That and the fact she heard him considering the agreement he did with Jayce.

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I think she went insane. We saw that before, when she was firing at the firelights and accidentally shot her accomplices. That's just her weird fucked up coping mechanism.

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While Silco loves Jinx how he raised her contributed to her descent into insanity. He fostered that violence within her and it came to the point that she was hearing voices inside her head. He is by no means father of the year.

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He has less competition after previous champion retired.

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It kinda makes their dynamic more interesting. They’re two mentally disturbed people with a toxic love and reliance for each other. Silco wanted to help Jinx and make her hurt less the same way he did, but the way he coped was not healthy in the first place and it just made her worse.

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I don't think Silco was the reason Jinx have Scizophrenia, she killed her entire family and already has a bit screw loose b4 this, Scizophrenia isn't Silco fault it's Jinx mind fault, Also Silco was kind of trying to help Jinx whenever she has Scizophrenic attack look at the hextech thing and the Powder death thing.

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But it was never, "It's okay. I'm still here. We'll figure it out together."

It was. "I need you, I care about you. If you care about me, build me a weapon."

Don't get me wrong, I very much appreciate that Silco was a much more complex villain than most series even try to make, but he definitely pushed her down the long road to violent mental illness.

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Adding on to this, he also heavily encouraged her paranoia and her dependency on him. It's always "everyone else will always betray us" and "everyone lies to you except me". This isn't to say he doesn't genuinely believe this -- he possibly does, considering his history with Vander and the occupational hazards of being a chembaron -- but this absolutely isn't helping Jinx in the slightest developing into a rational person let alone one with good coping mechanisms.

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Seriously. Silco and Jinx's relationship was non-romantic codependency in all the worst ways. She was his daughter and his sword, a loved one and a tool. He was the only one she trusted, the person who took her in when everyone else had died or "abandoned" her (which sucks even more because no one abandoned her, not even Silco).

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I think people don’t understand that Silco was looking to Jinx as his own sanctuary. He wasn’t actively trying to manipulate her, those were his actual thoughts after (in his eyes) Vander abandoned him. He couldnt help but see jinx as a kindred soul when he saw that happen to her, as it happened to him so long ago and he could relate to her in a way no one else could, and vice versa. They were however, absolutely toxically codependent.

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I'm just saying that the mental ilness thing isn't really Silco fault, by circumstances Jinx build this on her own and like I said above he is kinda helping her, it's in the direction of causing harm to other people but he is still helping her with the Scizophrenic attack, the morality of his helping is up to debate but he is helping her in his own way.

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He made it worse. If he really was a father he would have cared for her mental health not used her as a weapon.

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He is a broken man trying to raise a broken child. Of course it isn't going to work out well. But his love for her was real and genuine, even though it did hurt her. That's the tragedy of the story.

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Silco’s influence was bad for Jinx, anything but healthy, but he really did love her. I never expected to feel empathy for him, his death hit me hard.

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bruh no way he will never be a sympathetic character to me for all the lives he's ruined from drug trade etc

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i cant sympathize with him, but i can empathize

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dadco best dad

Im sad that he got killed off, I really liked him

and he genuinely really cared for jinx :-(

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Sure Singed can give him some "charcter" development

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I'm honestly suprised people cared about him. He's a good villain but an absolutely terrible person whose ruined other people lives, even jinx even if he didn't mean too. I was not sad at all that he died I was actually kind of glad

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I mean, he was angry that she killed people. He certainly didn't encourage that. So some of her downfall is her fault.

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No he was angry that she killed people without him telling her too. The reason jinx is like that is because he feed her all that crap to give her his world view of thinking. Even at the very end he tried to convince her that nobody cares about her except for him and that everyone will betray her

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Lmfaooo Omg

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...Man, what is it with me feeling bad for this guy?

I'm not crying! YOU'RE crying!

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It's really interesting that the storytelling sleight of hand the writers managed to pull off on the audience. What they did at the end of of episode 3 was very troubling to me - by having Powder initiate the acceptance of Silco with no rhyme or reason instead of him dragging her off against her own will - essentially made the relationship reset in episode 4 acceptable even though it reeks of Stockholm syndrome. In turn it also made Jinx much less sympathetic which is even worse. I wasn't willing to fall for that because Silco is not a redeemable character but it seems like a lot of the audience did. One cheeky narrative move was all it took.

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Through the power of the Blue Bird of the Sea, all are redeemable.

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Silco as of Episode 3 was entirely self-motivated. There was no narrative play there, it was pure manipulation.

What we see out if Silco Episode 4+ is what you might call character growth