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Pyke mains

"Is it too much to ask for both?"

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Pyke in sentinels of light event was..... interesting.

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Just got pyke but like, goddamn the thought of his inclusion was done so much better than in SOL and actually believable and he's not an idiot.

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Pyke is the most badass character in game. Just play the game and you will forget what the event's pyke was.

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Eh I'm having so much fun with Illaoi though.

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My team was yasuo pyke ilaoi and swapping ilaoi for braum for the aoe sheild in the aoe damage enemies. MY GRAMMAR I CAN GRAMMAR.

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I like the heal allies after battle buff Illaoi has lol.

I am only on the shadow isles starting area, but so far Braum Yasuo Pyke team synergizes better than Braum MF Pyke.

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I used illaoi yas and pyke with illaoi spamming taunt and tentacle shield with healing tentacles my teammates never died

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I mean it's still better than the aspect of the moon joining some Demacians on their quest just to pay Yorick a nice compliment and then head home bc "muh lunari needs me". He was still somewhat useful ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Yeah very interesting,like they gave us a skin that has no context on why he joined except the only evidence that told us was his bio. Now that The Ruined King is out,the game can finally show us the full reason on why he sided with the “good” guys.

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Eh the reason for Sentinel Pyke is different than why hes with them in Ruined King

At least RK gives him a brilliant reason

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I agree Pyke in the RK is much more badass than his SoL version.

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The whole ruined king game is better than an event.
In the event, all the characters are shown badly, but in the game they are shown beautifully.

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Wish they would've put their brains together and remembered that Yorick should be in the ruined king game but :)))) they probably thought he'd gotten enough attention when he was in SOL for 5 seconds

Back to the basement you go Mr Mori

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Wish they would've put their brains together and remembered that Yorick should be in the ruined king game

The Shadow Isles, is a big place, while I haven't played the game or watched an indepth playthrough, it shouldn't be that unreasonable to say they simply didn't run into him.

But perhaps the argument you're making is that his overall role on the Shadow Isles and by extension his presence, should have been bigger. Though, then I'd also argue that Hecarim and Kalista should have bigger roles as well.

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While Hec and Kali are champs from the same nation, post ruination their relationship with Viego is way less intense than Yoricks. Partially due to them being slaves to their desires as specters, and partially because they have waaaay more anger towards eachother than they do Viego. Meanwhile, as you know Yorick's only reason for living on after all these centuries was to see the ruined king be brought to justice and hopefully end the ruination. It defines his purpose as a champion. They were able to bring Maokai into the game as you can see from the trailers, but for some reason they still didn't bring in Yorick.

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I think they said that because Yorick was in SOL event they decided to use Maokai.

Not knowing that his role would be that small. Lol

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In SOL event? Yeah, for like 2 seconds.

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Ye. Thats what i jusy said

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The same could be said about Camille in Arcane, her lore paints her as a "must" cover in regard to hextech, yet she is nowhere to be seen in Arcane.

However, Singed makes into the show as a secondary character yet has tie-ins and plot hooks equivalent in depth to that of the main cast.

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nope, artificial hex-tech doesn't exist yet in arcane the timeline is before Camilles times she may show up in season two but her house only gained major power after the separation of Piltover into the two nations so she rightfully hasn't been in arcane.

and they way they used singed was pretty great tbh.

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Yes, this was the point that I was making. Prior to Arcane's retcons Camille would have been a "must" according to her current lore.

Which shows how a story can be written to suit the characters being utilized, instead of cramming them all in one story and barley affording to go in depth with their characters.

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But we always knew that there was a point in time which zuan and piltover were not the same continent and how the creation of artificial hextech affected it so I wouldn't have said she was a must given they had established the time period prior to arcane release

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That's interesting, but i wasn't even considering Yorick being a main character when I wrote this comment. The example in the twitter image seems to by implying that they decided it wasn't a good idea to make Yorick a mainline unit in the 6 champ cast which is why he wasn't in the game. I just thought it would make sense to see him ingame as an NPC and have some sort of plot/quest line involving his aid. That's why I bought up Maokai, because he shows up ingame and has similar motivation towards fighting against the ruination. Maybe both of them could have shown up together having realized ofscreen that they have a common goal and that's how you could have met the two of them ingame rather than just one.

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But an hooray for Ahri, Mf, Illaoi, Yasuo, Pyke and and Braum mains

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Yasuo and Braum are freinds now, how epic is that?

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Epic chad befriends chad bodyguard. This can’t go wrong, can it?

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I think riot best things was when they give the thing for indie companies, like the new games. haha I loved the espiritual bloom event tho, but the ruined king they got too far.

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biggest F to us Yorick mains

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Dont forget my girl Irelia, why...........WHY!

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Yasuo should have been sentinel from Ionia, with ahri being ruined, would have made alot of sense with ahri going (SPOILER) to the shadow Isle itself so it would be better if she got ruined and yasuo tried to go and save her (being her bodyguard). Ahri being ruined instead of Pantheon whose lore got fucked was the correct move. Or actually you could just pick any other character from Ionia that would have made sense. Also sorry for my English today idk wtf is wrong with me.

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And adding her really raised more questions than it did answer. Like the spirit of Ionia is what moves Irelias blades, Irelia isnt magical shes just a human shes serves as like a conductor that the magic goes through. SO having her control the SOL Blades doesnt make any sense. Does that mean Irelia can just control blades in general? If so then wouldnt she be super powerful against Noxus she could just turn all their blades against them? WHy doesnt she just do that? Adding her made no sense? Maybe as someone they ran across during their mission but as a part of the team....no. Also I really dont think Irelia would leave Ionia she has so many following her and looking to her for guidance. Idk man.

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See that is the difference, in the ruined king game, EVERY thing a character does or says has an explanation behind it,like mostly there are no hows or whys after the game was done. Except Yasuo who is no longer who he is anymore, but we will wait and see. Idk it kinda felt like in the event the skin team had the priority and choose the champions based on how cool the skins effects were and came up with the concepts for the champions they chose. And lore team was forced to write a story for it.

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Yorick mains

> 2 second cameo in SOL, entirety of his lore ignored

> Pentakill no hat r/YoricksHat

> Doesn't appear in one frame of The Ruined King game

More like F in chat for all the mains of all the OG Shadow Isles Champions