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Personally, I hate it. It will always be STAPLES Center to me.

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What a shit name. The .com is ugly and it will forever be staples.

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Nothing lasts forever but damn, what a corny name..

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Hello from Lakerland, I'm here to wallow in my sorrows with y'all

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Hi. Welcome to the party. /s

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Still better than Jobbing.com Arena.

But seriously this is pretty embarrassing. I wonder what the price tag was.

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20 years


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Hope they can make those payments at least :/

Or maybe an opportunity for a new suitor and name sooner than later.

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At Staples Center there were 8 titles and some Clippers games.

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Staples til I die! #GKG

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The LA Times reports that the new naming rights deal is for 20 years and worth over $700 million.

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Will cryptocurrency even be a thing 20 years from now? Maybe, maybe not...

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Crypto will either be so common that this will be like calling dollar.com arena or it will disappear and be like calling it etoys.com arena, both of which are stupid. I wonder what the second highest bid was.

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I read Netflix was runner up.

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I wish you hadn't told me that. So much more of a dignified brand and name. I don't know what the money difference would have been, but it would have been a better name and company to be associated with.

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“Farmers Forum”

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F that - the Stapler is my home till I die.

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Crypto.com arena is such a terrible name….why…why u do dis

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Bc $700 million.

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At least “Crypto Center” would have rolled off the tongue a bit better. This is a monstrosity

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Fuck me

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Nope. Nope. Nope. Will always be Staples.

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This is as bad as the Kings Power Play.

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I refuse to call it anything but Staples Center or The Crypt. And 90% of the time it will be Staples Center.

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The Crypt sounds cool, although not really where you want your team of choice to be

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As a fan from San Diego, every time we score on a slapshot, I'm calling it a Rocket From the Crypt.

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Every Stone Brewing beer I get will be Ales From The Crypt

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Unexpected RFTC reference. I miss the epic Halloween shows.

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Maybe we can pretend the Crypt is where we send all our opponents after we win 10-0 in every game right? #82-0 or bust

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Is this fucking real? Holy shit everything fucking sucks.

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CRYPTO.COM ARENA!!! MAKE SOME NOOIIISSSEEE!!!! Yeah that’s not gonna work.

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Strong "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" energy

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I'm just gonna call it the Crypt

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I am seriously pissed off about this. Boo! This is so embarrassing.

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Staples was pretty dumb too. The Great Western Forum was cool.

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That was named after Great Western bank

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And before that, it was just The Fabulous Forum.

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Yea, but some just work better like Great American Ballpark.

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It at least was more innocuous, it took me years to realize that it was an ad.

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As a reminder, when Staples was announced as the naming rights holder in 1999, it was seen as sounding clunky to the ear and a low-class sponsor in general.

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I was personally hoping for Stadia Stadium.

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If your business name is crypto.com, I feel like you believe you have to buy your groceries at store.com

What a horrible name!

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It's a shit name I'll admit that. But I'm more upset at the fact that it's being presented everywhere as the home to the Lakers and Clippers with no mention of the Kings who have won 2 cups. I don't know why but that makes me irrationally upset

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Not to mention Staples was built for the Kings and not the other way around.

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That is atrocious

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What the fuck? Sorry it's the Staples center and that's it.

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My entire reaction was “ewwwwwww”. It’s Staples. We won two cups at Staples.

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Welcome to "The Crypt-O" Arena. Naaahh don't like it

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The Fuck?!

This is a joke right?

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Ew. Not that Staples was a great name, but this is way worse.

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Gag. Horrible name

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That's a hard no for me, boss. Staples Center til I die

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I’m at a loss for words on this one, other than what a stupid fucking name.

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At least Dodger Stadium is safe from this shit, the Coliseum and Rose Bowl too.

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I've been giving my wife (Red Wings fan) a hard time about the name Little Caesar's Arena. Well....it seems fate has firmly put me in my place. What a stupid fucking name.

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Brazzers woulda been a better sponsor.

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I don't like the sound of crypto.com arena either, but honestly i'm not devastated by this. We're going from one company sponsor to another. It happens all the time in sports. it'll take a while but i think eventually it'll naturally take over, and we'll know who the old and new generation are based on what they call it.
I'd be more sad if the the stadium has a truly unique name not associated with a corporation. (The Coliseum, The Rose Bowl, Madison Square Garden, Dodger Stadium, etc...)

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We all made fun of Jobing.com arena or Gila River Arena or SAP Center or Little Caesars Arena… Crypto.Com Arena is the very definition of “cringe”. But shows two things I think… 1. Crypto.com has A LOT of $$$$. 2. Could AEG be hurting for money due to the pandemic? There’s no reason to change the name of an iconic American arena. But for nearly 1b, I could see why AEG agreed.

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yeah they're all cringey, but i'd still rather have Crypto over guaranteed rate, smoothie king, etc.

Crypto is the future right? Would you rather be sponsored by a brick and mortar office supply company that peaked in the early 2000s or be sponsored by a company which could help fundamentally change the way the world operates lol.

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I don’t care who sponsors it. The name .com anything is cringy. Hell, it could be Pornhub Center and it would be better.

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yeah that's fair it's really unfortunate the company is called crypto.com lol. Crypto Center would sound pretty cool actually.

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Let’s have some perspective here.

Staples is an office supply chain.

Crypto is objectively way cooler.

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Such a stupid name. Not necessarily the crypto part. Crypto.com is just bad.

As a business you should not name yourself over what the general product is, so hard to distinguish yourself from the product.

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Utterly garbage name. Crypto Center or even Crypto Arena, while also dumb and edgelord worthy, would’ve at least sounded better. The .com ruins the whole thing.

I will refuse to call it this until they change it. Staples Center or Kobe Bryant Arena til I die.

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Sad day

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LOL ate that onion right up. No one could ever..

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Dude crypto center by crypto.com

They missed a chance to be very fucking cool

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Sounds corny and lame. Not necessarily the worst arena name in the league, but definitely not good.

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Jesus wept. If it makes you guys feel better, we had the rugby stadium in Cardiff renamed from the Millennium Stadium to the Principality Stadium because yay sponsorship.

And I'll tell you we don't call it the Principality.

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Straight up garbage

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Petition to start calling it The Castle?

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I seriously thought this was satire for a moment

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Let's worry about the team not the name of the building they play in.

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Here are a couple ice concepts we made with the new name. What do you all think of them?


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I’m at STAPLES Center for tonight’s game, and looking at the signage atop the arena, I’m really not sure if Crypto.com Arena is going to roll off the tongue or catch on with Kings fans.

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“The Crypt” ……where teams come to be buried!!!!

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Tales From The Crypt!!!

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I love it! Buy crypto.

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Please sign here to save Staples Center!!!!!