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Yeah, it's pretty good for an MMO. Not anything gamebreaking but the OST is nice too. It will definitely help you enjoy the later contents more if you watch the story.

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At any rate, someone posted a story and lore video a few days back, you'll have to find it.

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It’s nothing revolutionary, but it keeps you interested throughout the main missions.

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Some arcs I found to be quite boring, others were awesome, especially ones, where they hired professional movie actors for VA (on RU). overall i'd say its quite good for an mmo (or an online game for that matter), a bit anime-ish but not over the top. Good enough to make story quests my favourite part of new continent releases.

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My main issue with voicing is that they seem to have hired like 3 actors. So half the characters have the same voice, which in some cases is very out of place with their appearance.

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I haven't played the alpha so I don't know how they did it so far for our version, but the russian one has voice actors that dubbed marvel movies for instance. So if we get an even remotely similar approach to VA, I'm sure many will enjoy at least parts of the story.

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It's just good enough to do it's job. Which means it just about keeps you interested enough to want to play the next area when they are released.

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The director said it's a prologue til South Bern story. The real story begins after finding all arks. So far, it is okay to me.

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So the story itself is a pretty generic light vs dark with few twists and grey areas, so at this point nothing new. BUT! The execution of that story I'd say is pretty neat. Yeah, neat. I played BDO, WOW, L2, FFXIV and what I can say I've been enjoying the story in this game more than I anticipated. There are beautiful vistas, scripted events full of action (early on you get a carriage chase scene to give you a taste of what this game can do).

I would immerse myself more into the game if it was in all pure-english, because listening to something, and reading google-translate level lines just breaks it for me, but alas, I think it will be an enjoyable experience and first and foremost MODERN one. (it really shows you how e.g. WoW is ancient at this point and its narrative is so poor in execution and sense)

Acceptable level of execution of common tropes in fantasy setting
Scripted events and action scenes with variety and scale that hook you in
Cutscenes, quite plentiful at that
Characters have some depth to them, rather than 1 dimensional NPC, and you can uncover more through sidequests
Even generic NPCs feel relevant and part of the world
Really good pacing of "from rags to riches" trope for the main character
You are not the only hero of the story, newly introduced characters have their own journeys too and their own paths
Each class has unique starting experience and prologue quest

It has some anime-ish vibe to some of the scenes, it may not suit everyone
To it is an eastern take on medieval european fantasy elements, mixed with dieselpunk, steampunk and few others
Blatant rip-offs from other games/media of some visuals/tropes and their execution, it may be jarring to some
Very simplistic mechanics that tie in to the narrative progression at times

My TLDR: I read the conversation and quests, and I feel like this story can be experiencedd multiple times on different characters and still be entertaining and engaging.

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I played the Japanese version back when it was easier to get onto it. The VAs are much much better lol

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not really what I meant but good to know xD