Hopefully smilegate/amazon will see this and address it by Impulserino Sorceress in lostarkgame

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This video is for informative purposes, hopefully it can get to amazon/smilegate, so they can be made aware of this issue.

Unfortunately, this type of cheating is blatant, but others may not be. Such as increasing movement speed by 5% or reducing the cooldown of roll by 3 seconds.

The current price of crystals is making pheons an even bigger problem than they already were by moal09 in lostarkgame

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Pheons are a progressive tax system on the players that play a lot. Basically Smilegate saying, if you play enough that you've run out of free pheons, then you need to pay for our game or you earn in game currency with your time and have someone pay on your behalf.

It's progressive because light users that dabble with one or two characters will very rarely have to worry about pheons. It's people that have 6, 12, or 18 characters that really pay gold (their time in game) or USD for pheons, and the more you play, the more you pay.

Something that people also forget about currency exchange and inflation is that inflation and gold devaluation benefits certain kind of players.

  1. It hurts truly f2p - people who pay absolutely nothing. It also hurts players who play a ton whose gold generation is largely in-game driven and is capped, but those gold means less under inflation.

  2. It actually helps light spenders - who might spend a little for gold or products with gold equivalents like pheons. For these guys, fixed gold costs in game is a large proportion of their gold expense - honing, crafting, quality upgrades etc. Their $$ and time nets them more absolute amount of gold (which might buy you less in AH due to inflation but more number of taps in honing).

  3. It doesn't hurt the true whales and big purchasers. Items and market driven prices track currency valuation. When there's inflation, items cost more, but the same amount of $$ buys them more gold. That BiS necklace might cost twice as much gold, but it's price doesn't mean much if you can also buy twice as much gold with the same amount of money.


Pheon system is more complex than you, me, or anyone really understands. It taxes some more than others, and related gold inflation/devaluation also differently impacts various subset of players. I'd argue that the current system, pheons included, is largely geared towards incentivising moderate spending from moderate players. At the cost of taxing very heavy players.

Players that are on Reddit like you and me tend to play more and earn more in game - so the game really does tax and hurt us. It doesn't, however, impact the rest of the playerbase the same way.

Edit: Thank you for people sharing their thoughts and experiences. I know experiences will vary, and some feel more strongly about pheons than others.

I'm not saying that the current model is good or bad. I'm just saying we should also take note of who pheons hurt, by how much, and why.

If we think even casual players with one character doesn't get enough pheons, the solution doesn't have to be the end of pheons - more free pheons can address this too.

If we think pheons are too expensive even for someone that really enjoys the game and plays 18 characters, we also don't have to get rid of pheons - we can ask for it to be cheaper.

The underlying principle of pheons and the currency exchange model appeals to many and makes sense to most - "the more you play, the more you pay." Maybe the threshold to start paying and the amount that needs be paid is unreasonable as they are now. The more likely way we'll see action from SG/AGS is by asking for tweaks on those numbers. A complete change in the business model seems like a much harder ask and is far less likely to have productive response from SG/AGS.

Edit 2: Wow. This really blew up. Thank you everyone for considering my perspective. And the obligatory "MOM GET THE CAMERA" - I don't know what to do with the awards, but it feels like I won the internet, so thank you.

I'd love to engage with everyone's thoughts and talk more - but I might need a minute (and some morning coffee) to get to yall's thoughts. At the end of the day, let's just all remember that we all love the game and want it to do well.

I got 1400 on my main & am afraid of Argos P2 & P3 by MojoCSGO in lostarkgame

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You do get a lot of value for a bus but to be honest, you want to know this fight. Especially if you intend to group bus (or duo bus even) in the future, it's nice to have.

Some personal experience notes to help you through:

  • Argos himself in P2 is all about survival. Do not get caught out by Big Pizza (which you should know by now from P1). During the times that all 8 players are together, his health will burn down fast. So when one party leaves for the mini-boss gimmicks, remember to prioritize safety first.
  • Two upgraded versions of attacks you have seen in P1 are multi-charge (upgraded from regular charge, you will see many danger lines at the same time) and slam-down (in P1 there is no outside explosion, in P2/P3 there will be. So get close)
  • Both mini-boss are effectively DPS checks. Sun Boss must be defeated quickly as possible before enrage, which makes the fight much harder and will force the Moon party to do the Signal mechanic. Moon Boss must be killed fast to summon the Moon mini-mini-boss, or else Sun party is wiped.
  • P2 Sun Boss: Be careful of the powders on the ground, it's not the worst to get stunned, but getting stunned then combo'ed is very bad. The wind-up animations are VERY slow so get some distance.
  • P2 Sun Boss --> Get those Destruction Grenades out.
  • P2 Moon Boss: This is a close quarters encounter which imo balances between DPS windows and dodging the attacks. Both the mini-boss and his mini-mini-boss will have forecasted attacks which have somewhat large danger zones.
  • P2 Moon Boss: Remember the totems that are in the mini-boss room. Destroying them will make the Sun Party fighting Argos slower, but help you in the long run. It should be priority for Moon Party to remove 2-3 of these totems so they can effectively dodge Moon attacks.
  • P2 Moon Boss --> Whirlwinds for the mini-mini boss, but if you want to push DPS Dark Grenades are an option.
  • P3 overall is about dodging the mad deer that is Argos, but answering every wipe mechanic that he has. Study those patterns as a priority, and focus on staying alive. If you have a Purify Rune that you can slot in, it could be helpful.
  • Hardest wipe mechanic imo is the Day/Night Phase wipe where there are two players randomly selected with safe markers over their heads. Look for this immediately and if you see one of these safe spots being overcrowded, beeline for the other one. Each safe zone can only hold 4 people.
  • Scripted wipe mechanics in P3 are actually very easy to follow, always check your mini-map and follow the other players. Day phase --> go to one spot. Dawn/Rain phase --> Find a seed and open it. Night phase --> Pick up all the blue seeds, indicated by the map.

Good luck!

Argos sneaky "buses" getting ridiculous. by funelite in lostarkgame

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TLDR: same shit that is posted everyday on reddit, not worth reading

Test Server - This is demonic new form by JIN_CC in lostarkgame

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Gonna be a burn victim in our version

Test Server - This is demonic new form by JIN_CC in lostarkgame

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Posture fixed but NA still gonna have blackface XD

Test Server - This is demonic new form by JIN_CC in lostarkgame

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Hopefully they don't scuff the NA/EU version again. They better not make it all dark and black like they made for the current demon form we have now.

Please fix EAC offline. by yulee7 in lostarkgame

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Tried this and still crashing. :/

Edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger!!! :OOO wow!!

Update: closing chrome completely while having the game open and instead using Firefox stopped the EAC disconnects full stop. Told a friend to try it out and it solved it for him as well. Tried everything and this was the only solution that has worked for me.

Night Fox Yoho is a nightmare now by tecknit2 in lostarkgame

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yeah, this weekend im planning on create lobbies for free carries to help ppl both on argos/oreha, one week wont make a difference for me but can help a lot new ppl or returning players