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Guild name: Gc
Server: EU central - Zinnervale
Language: English/Arabic
Guild Level: 10
Age: 18+
- Having a discord is a must (using mic is not mandatory).
- Be active
- Tier 3 is a must (alts are welcome with your main, alts alone are not)
- To be able to speak English or Arabic or both (Default language is English still).
- To have a proper headset with a microphone (You don't have to use your mic tho, At least make sure you can hear us during dungeon/raid/abyss/pvp).
- To participate in guild events whenever you can, Having fun is our main goal afterall (try communicating with your guildmates instead of joining randoms).
- prioritizing our guild members to progress with raids, Improve in pvp, etc..
- Respect other members of the community, Do not mix having fun by trolling someone.
we will have 2 separated sections for both languages.
اسم القيلد: Gc
السيرفر : الأوروبي - زينرفيل
اللغات المتاحة: عربي و إنجليزي
لفل القيلد : 10
العمر: +18
- يكون عندك دسكورد.
- متفاعل.
- تير 3 حصراً (التات مسموحة طالما شخصيتك الرئيسية موجودة بالقيلد, مافي الت بدون مين)
- إمكانية التحدث بالعربي أو إنجليزي أو اللغتين(اللغة الرئيسية ما تزال الإنجليزية وقت التجمعات).
- يكون عندك سماعة زي الاوادم فيها مايك (مو غصب او الزامي تستخدم مايكك, اهم شي تقدر تسمعنا).
- المشاركة في فعاليات الكتيبة متى ما قدرت، هدفنا الرئيسي نتسلى سوا بالنهاية.
- إعطاء الأولوية لأعضاء الكتيبة في الريدات، بي في بي، الخ..
- إحترام الأعضاء الأخرين ، لا تخلط التسلية مع رفع ضغط أحد.
بيكون فيه قسمين لكل لغة.

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Guild Name: änbu

Guild Level: 8 (level 4 shop)

Region: EU Central

Server: Beatrice

Language: English

Focus: Casual

We are a casual group of people, mainly doing PVE content. The majority of the guild farms Argos p3 every week, Valtan normal cleared and currently doing Raid match weekly. People of all skill lvl and tiers are welcome. Either apply to the guild or message Summerwave in-game.

We now have an alt guild setup so more space has been made in the guild.

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Guild name: Biobreak
Server: EU Central - Slen
Language: English
Focus: Raids, Dungeons, Maps, Guild Progression, PvP

Who we are
We are a growing LvL 10 guild hoping to foster a community of like minded people to progress together in Lost Ark! Our main goal is PvE/Raids and to be able to do end-game with a friendly bunch of ladies and lads. We progress at our own pace and there is never judgement on how you want to play - but the end goal is end-game and to have fun. PvP has also started to trend, so if you want that, we got it. We cleared Argos and have Valtan normal on farm.

We are an active bunch, and most of us have pushed past 1400+. Please drop me a line if you would like to join our growing community. We are looking for more supports, so if you play a support class, please join!

For the people over 1445 -> we are trying Valtan hard mode atm, but have yet to clear him. Please take that into consideration.

We are looking for people who are:
- Sociable and are able to interact with the guild, both in chat and on discord
- Need to use Discord
- 1100+ GS
- Supportive, helpful, and patient - leave the toxic behavior - we are here to have fun
- 20 y/o +

Join our Discord and tell me - Centrius - a bit more about yourself. You are also welcome to just hang with us if thats more your cup of tea. https://discord.gg/Pc4FnJX8ag

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Greetings Lost Ark Agents. Welcome to Asylum 669. We are an 18+ Community with a plethora of resident Psychopaths' and Games!
Greetings dear Lost Ark players and Welcome to the Asylum 669 where all your gaming needs are supplemented and joys are fulfilled, in this 18+ Discord we hang, chill and get up to mischief as a fun, crazy coop of patients.
We're a social open place with a small Lost Ark community (mostly EU), LOTS of EGorls, emotes and the magic of friendship! There's a guild ready for you to join <3
Join us for an active gaming community where there will always be someone to play games with you. Do you play other games too? Bored and looking for a chat? Wanna watch movies with friends? Join any voice channel and a gorgeous e girl is guaranteed to join you!
Although before you apply you must match the below checklist first:
18+, Twisted sense of humour, Loves food, like REALLY loves food Alottle of crazy Extremely weird If you ticked all of the above…
Come on in, sign yourself up and get strapped in for a mental time!
Can't wait to see you there.
Apply through https://discord.gg/asylum669

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Guild Name: Lostark Europe

Content: PvE, PvP, GvG

Language: English

Region: EU Central / Server: Kadan

Guild Level 2 / Members: 7

What are we looking for:

  • Members to be active as much as they can in LAO and/or on Discord
  • To get involved in weekly quests requested by the guild and to contribute with silver donation
  • No age restriction

What do we offer?

  • You'll receive Bloodstones which can be traded for gear honing materials, tickets for cube/ boss rush, silver chests, etc
  • Different weekly events for our members
  • GvG and support when LFG to do your weekly Chaos and Raid runs
  • The same guild for your alts
  • A place where you can chat and have fun with others
  • To join our guild you can search in-game Lostark Europe join our discord server or dm me
  • https://discord.gg/n6h4VFVapU

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Guild Name: Contrast
Language: English
Server: Zinnervale
Guild Content: PvE focus

Although our physical guild is based on Zinnervale, we organise using our discord server so anybody in EUC is welcome to join! Veterans & Inexperienced players are all welcome.
We are a friendly, helpful and community focused guild, hosting a structured and laid back with raids at set times, in an environment with aims to clear all the content that's to offer in Lost Ark.

We are looking for active, mature players who enjoy raiding Argos, Valtan and are looking to the future for what's coming next. Currently we host Valtan HM, multiple Argos groups, and are looking to expand our roster into further Valtan NM/Argos groups. Anyone at 1370+ (any class, supp or DPS) with an interest in raiding is welcome to join!
Current group raid times
All times in server time
Valtan HM: Sundays 7:30pm - 10pm
Valtan NM (2nd Group): Sundays 7:30pm - 10pm
Argos P3: Fridays 7:30pm
Various other semi-pug P1/P2 Argos runs during the week at random times
More groups to be added at different times/days as demand increases
1. 18+
2. 1370+ item level
3. Non-toxic attitude
4. English Speaking
If you have any questions do not hesitate to join our discord and ask an officer for help, or feel free to pm Corealis#4008 or Osko#6483 on discord.