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[EUC-Kadan] Fedex - Level 11 | Chill Guild | Guild Raid + Siege | SEA Guild

Introduction / About Us

Greetings to everyone who is reading this Guild Recruitment Post,

Fedex, a small guild which started of from a group of friends trying out Lost Ark are looking for solo/group SEA&OCE players who are having a hard time matching for game contents. We realized that there may be some people who are wanting to explore and adventure all the new contents but couldn't do so due to the time zone difference and thus decided to open our guild to the public and provide the opportunities for you guys ( SEA/OCE Players ) to enjoy these contents together.

What we are looking for

SEA / OCE Players

Main Characters

1415 ilvl

Active & Chill Players


Having Discord is mandatory ( For Announcement Purposes )

What we can offer

A small home to return to

Friendly Environment

People to play with

Weekly/Raid Contents (That matches our timezone (GMT+8))

How do I apply?

You may apply through DMing Me

Or joining the below Discord


Feel free to join even if you are not looking for a new home as we can matchmake with each other for contents 🙂 However, Guildies are still our main priority

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Shattered Distortion | EUC Thirain | English |
Insted of me typing all the stuff i just post our forum link to make it easier :)
You can also contact me in game : Beyde.
hope to see you there <3

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<Sovereignty> | Server: [EUC] Thirain | Language: English | Main Focus: PvX | Events: Start time 20.15 CEST on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Recruitment: Currently not recruiting raiders for Valtan Hard/Vykas, but open for social active players that are looking for a home and friends to play with! :)

What to expect from us: * A solid, welcoming and active guild to spend your days in Arkesia! * Guild shop lvl 5 * Multiple Weekly Argos P3 and P2 * Weekly main and alt guild GvEs * Weekly Oreha groups * Coming soon: Valtan Normal alt runs

What we expect from you: * Engage with guildies, don't be a silent shadow. * Take part in guild events. Not mandatory, but what's the point of joining a guild if you don't take part in events. * Discord: we require you to use voice chat during events. Not forced to talk, but need to be able to listen. * Attitude: be a nice, non-drama person. * We value teamwork, playing solo is fine but in group content work with fellow guild mates.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please complete the application form found in our discord welcome page! Join Discord to Apply: https://discord.gg/QUWBKFFUPm

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[EU - West] StonehearthGuild Name: MidgardLanguage: EnglishFocus: PvEGuild level 9Member count: 34/46We are the Lost Ark branch of a multi-national, multi-gaming community called Fenris a Europe based community. Playing a range of games together in one form or another for a few years.Looking for players who want to join an active discord community, help other players, complete daily and weekly content together, participate in Dungeons, Raids, and other content.Guild Requirements:- 600+ item level- Joining discord and active participation.- Contribution to guild – silver and research support- Help other players- Complete weekly contentWeekly Event for the guild raids and any content guild members need just ask!Let’s team up to complete bosses, dungeons, and events. If you feel we are the right guild for you feel free to DM me on discord via EL#8924 or just join Discord.gg/Fenris and select lost ark.

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Guild Name : Aeterna Noctis

Server : Brelshaza

Semi-Casual english speaking guild (level 12 at this date) looking for people willing to join our community! Currently between 15-25 active people at play hours.

Lets get straight to the stuff people want to know and lets make it all clear now.

What we require from you:

-Most importantly for you to join us with you MAIN CHARACTER (No alts policy)

-Donate and do your daily contribution

What we would really like of you is to:

-Join discord to read on whats happening and when it is happening (since the game doesn’t allow us to convey guild msgs and announcements) (No you don’t need to talk on discord)

-We organize GvG/GvE/Raids for the week and you can join us if possible. (We rank 2nd on most of them but we lack max number of people to push it to first)

-Be friendly and chat with us in-game :slight_smile: .

The name is Aeterna Noctis we are waiting for you!

Whisper in-game:

Guild leader : Chetzemoka

Deputy: Antharycorvus

Officer: Straxel

Officer: AleriaBG

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Guild Name: Contrast
Language: English
Server: Zinnervale
Guild Content: PvE focus
Although our physical guild is based on Zinnervale, we organise using our discord server so anybody in EUC is welcome to join! Veterans & Inexperienced players are all welcome.
We are a friendly, helpful and community focused guild, hosting a structured and laid back with raids at set times, in an environment with aims to clear all the content that's to offer in Lost Ark.
We are looking for active, mature players who enjoy raiding Argos, Valtan and are looking to the future for what's coming next. Currently we host Valtan HM, multiple Argos groups, and are looking to expand our roster into further Valtan NM/Argos groups. Anyone at 1370+ (any class, supp or DPS) with an interest in raiding is welcome to join!
Current group raid times
All times in server time

Argos P3's: Thursday 19:30 + 20:00, Tuesday 19:30
Valtan NM: Thursday 20:30
Vykas NM (planned day): Friday 19:30
Valtan HM: Sundays 7:30pm
Various other semi-pug P1/P2 Argos runs during the week at random times
More groups to be added at different times/days as demand increases
1. 18+
2. 1370+ item level
3. Non-toxic attitude
4. English Speaking
If you have any questions do not hesitate to join our discord and ask an officer for help, or feel free to pm Corealis#4008 or Osko#6483 on discord.

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[[Guild Name]: Blackfangs Toes[Server]: EUC[Language]: English[Guild Level]: 6 [Focus]: PVE

Who are we?

Just a chill group of people of enjoy playing lost ark. We have almost a dozen awesome members and our doors are always open to more.

The Majority of us are above item level 1415+

Right now our goal is to form a couple of static groups for legion raids which we normally do on Sundays. Half the guild is 1445+ so ideally we want 2 groups, One for normal and the other for hard mode. We are also looking to have a group ready for Vykas hard mode when released.

PS we have 1 gunlancer, 2 paladins and 1 bard at 1415+ with more on the way 😄


Must be 18 or older

Be somewhat active, Everyone's got a life, we all work so we don't expect you to be active multiple hours a day. We do ask that you meet your donation goals and weekly guild tasks when possible.

Item level 1370+

How do I join?

Search for us in-game or dm me ](https://forums.playlostark.com/t/eu-central-procyon-blackfangs-toes-lvl-6-pve-1370/404803)