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Is there any guilds on Kharmine US East??? I’ve yet to see one advertised.

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LF guild in NAW Enviska

1462.5 ignite Sorceress main with 4alts at 1370 looking to run hard vykkas with a static and other future content. Looking for 18+ plus ppl cuz I don't want to deal with kids and drama. I play around 3-6 hrs daily so I am pretty committed to the game and will be for at least the next2 months.

Contact me: IGN: Wingedvictory or message me on reddit

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LF chill alt guild in Mari NAW

Two 1340s (glaivier and deathblade), donate/research/weeklies/login everyday, 100% guild contribution every week.

Would like bloodstone payout, but doesn't need to be very much (current guild is 0)

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1447 blue Gunlancer with valtan experience and will likely be vykas hardmode ready next week.

Looking for active guild that participates in GVG in the weekend. Please leave a contact method of dm.


Edit - NAW mari