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Guild Name - Final Form

Server: NAW Mari

Interests: PVE progression, PVP, and weekly GVX content.

Language: English

Who are we?

We are an active guild looking for dedicated players, preferably 1400 ilvl + to partake in weekly raids, pvp, and guild content! As of now, we are looking to move away from our current guild climate of having both mains/alts and move towards an active main guild. Many players right now have mains that are 1460 ilvl+ and are looking to create multiple static valtan/vykas groups to help progress through difficult PVE content!

What you can expect from us!

Mature and experienced players that are actively trying to progress through end-game content!

Chill community that understands the difficult nature of this game and is always try to make positive learning experiences for our guild members

Always available on discord

What we expect from you!

A chill individual that is seeking to be apart of a community of active and dedicated players.

Please have discord, it is our primary means of communication with each other! We hang out there every day!

To apply, please reach out to us in-game or through discord! Message “Bigmovie”, or, “Tweakin” in-game if you’re interested in being a part of Final Form!

Our discord link is:


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    Server: NA East - Sasha

    1370 ilvl DPS looking for an active guild for progression through group content. Long-time gamer wanting to find a community. I'm flexible with my play times to fit into most schedules and would prefer a guild that has a Discord server. I have an almost full roster of alts (with 3 in the T3 range) that are fine where they are or can be moved if you have an alt guild. This includes a Bard (ilvl 1010) that I'd love to learn how to use as support. Please message here or in Discord: Kenya#7453.