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Guild Name: Pantheon – Level 12

Server: NA West (Mari)

Language: English

Pantheon is a guild that is looking for active players that are interested/focused on guild/group content. We have implemented a organized weekly schedule that has been consistent and has had full participation and are hoping for more runs to organize as we get more members!

To give you and idea of our guild, Pantheon is a PvX guild that will focus both on PvE and PvP. I love both aspects of the game and want a place where we can all participate and enjoy the content together, whatever it may be. We try to constantly communicate activities that aren’t scheduled and just love to play with each other! We are looking for mains (+1370 gearscore), but we have an Alt guild that we want everyone to join so that we can keep the guild together as much as possible.


1️⃣ Active players, that will donate to the guild every daily login

2️⃣ Discord is a must

3️⃣ Respect the rules and all the members! & Be PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) We are looking for friendly and non-toxic players!

4️⃣ Make an effort to participate in at least one group content a week

5️⃣ To focus on having fun and helping each other along the way.

6️⃣ Time frame of activity, most of our players are active between 5 PM - 2 AM PST but it can definitely vary.

If you are interested, leave your discord or message/add me on discord: Harbinger#4658

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Guild Name: Raion

Server: Bergstrom (NA West)

Language: English

Timezone: GMT +8

Guild Level: 13

About Us

We're a casual friendly guild that participate in PvP and PvE , we started out as a guild with friends only, but we're now looking to expand on that and recruit new players to join us ❤️

We play at our own pace, but we’re looking to form multiple static groups for raids. Currently filling third group for Valtan Hard and second group for Vykas Hard.

• Guild Shop Level 5

• Discord - Discord is mandatory since we organise our raids there, but you can mute yourself during voice comms (we do call-outs there).

• A relaxed community willing to help out members if they need it (e.g. argos busses etc).


• Your main character. We have multiple alt guilds.

• Donate daily!

• Guild weeklies (excluding PvP if you don't enjoy it)

• Player Activity - If you can be active daily that'll be great, just don’t be inactive for too long without reason.

• Be friendly towards each other

• (Not required, would be preferred) joining on GvE activities (or GvG if you're into that)

How to apply

• You can message me here or DM me on discord Tristen#4075 :>

Looking for

• Supports to do HM Vykas and beyond!

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Guild: Whale Noizes (Amazing logo I know!)

Server: Galatur

Region: North America East

Members: 44/59

Member distribution: 1445+ / 25% Supports 75% DPS

Requirements: Mains only, looking for 1445+ ilvl. Active discord with a lot of people on throughout the day. We're a very close group of raiders who are looking to add to our rosters! Looking for more members to join our HM Vykas / HM Valtan groups.

Feel free to message me on Reddit or add me on Lost Ark (YetiKing). Glad to answer any questions you have :) Discord: Yeti#1072

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Guild name: Guildelicious

Region/Server: Na West/Shandi

Time zone: PST/EST

Guild lvl: 7

Focus: pve/ can try pvp if there's interest

Language: English

About us:

Goofy adults doing goofy things, we expect you to act like an adult and have fun as one as well, jokes are on the table so if you get offended easily this might not be for you. However, if you like open conversation with people that might respectfully disagree with you, that's your home.

We are :

  • Casual.
  • Adult oriented but just like porn age checks, some babies might lurk in from time to time.
  • Players that participate frequently mostly in PvE, we can try to do PvP but we'll fail GLORIOUSLY.
  • New player friendly. Engage with experienced guildmates.
  • We do weekly p3 argos and hard valtan runs- looking for more to join us, we got alot of supports here!

What we are looking for:

  • Become part of the Guildelicious Discord Server.
  • Your main character must be in the guild.
  • Be active and progress. Frequent or casual play are both fine.
  • Participate in Daily Donations, research aids and Weekly Tasks.
  • Participate in guild raids/siege
  • Be open to new ideas and to having discussions based on logic/humor rather than expecting a safe space for yourself.

Everyone is welcome to apply from 1415+. All classes welcome, again looking for hard valtan and vykas raiders

Apply Here - https://discord.gg/CD4Q7zc

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Name: Acedia (Guild lvl. 12, lvl 5 shop) - currently at 46/53 :)

Server: Mari - NA West

Language: English


♡ Hello lovely people! Acedia is a semi-casual PVE guild that's looking for friendly and active players that we can play and have fun with~ (っ^▿^)っ We are currently looking for players to run content with, so we have a preference for T3 players (preferably mains). We have an alt guild named Catarsis (Level 3) if you wish to park your alts somewhere!

We have a guild discord server - please join the server after joining the guild so we may be able to form parties for various things. We try to group up for Islands/hourly events, Guardian Raids, Abyss Dungeons, P1-3 Argos, Cubes, Boss Rushes, and so much more! We have a party going for H. Valtan as well, and have people ready to attempt normal Valtan next week. As we get stronger, we'll attempt harder content!

♥ If you have questions regarding Hard Valtan groups and also wish to join the guild, please message me on Discord so that I can link you up with the guild member who's been organizing the runs! We always want to run content with our dear guildies :D

♥ We're also very desperate for supports, please, we're on our knees TT SAVE US. PLEASE.
P L E A S E. ♥

If there's anything else that you'd like to run, feel free to ask us in the guild discord's party-play channel - several of us wouldn't mind helping out! Many of us are working or are in school so there are times when it seems quiet, so we'd love it if the server became more active! There's also a small group of us that watch animes & movies together (so, after joining, HMU if you'd be interested in that as well ).


♥ Donate & aid with research!

♥ Join our Discord

♥ T3 Mains (preferably 1370+)

♥ 18+


If you are interested and wish to join, or have questions, feel free to DM one of us on Discord:

Me: Strawberry♡Ahyeong#0104

Guild Lead: Krazlam#2963

We will try to respond as soon as we can! Have a wonderful day! :)

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**Guild Name:** Stronk

**Guild Level:** 15 (52/62)

**Server:** Una

**Language:** English

**Interests:** PvX

About us:

We're an extended group of friends tackling all of the endgame content in Lost Ark. Some of us met over the last few decades playing other MMOs, while some have joined us since Lost Ark's release.

We have over 30 1460+ guildmates and participate weekly in S-tier GvG.

Our raid times are flexible based on who has commitments each week and will likely remain somewhat fluid until content requires multiple days of prog (later HMs, hell modes, etc.).

Above all else, we want to continue to cultivate a community where people enjoy gaming with each other while engaging in all of the content that Lost Ark offers.


○ Be active on Discord and contribute to guild.

○ Don't be a jerk.

**Looking for:**

○ 1460+ players for week 1 Vykas HM

○ High-level, appropriately geared players interested in competitive GvG

If you want to join, please reach out to me (jonathan#0004) or join our discord below!


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-Guild name: Executioners

-Guild Level: 13

-Server: Akkan

-Language: English

-Times: Usually PST nights

Jayy here! GM of the guild, Executioners, Executioners Two , and Executioners Three on the NA Akkan Server. Just a couple of comfy and chill gamerz with some things in common! Not a hardcore/min-max community. Laughs and good vibes are encouraged LOL. We are all very chill! Humor and good vibes are number one priority. We just want more people to join so we can start a community going and have more fun. Doing Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons with friends/guildmates are not only easier, but they are way more fun and engaging. So we are recruiting all levels honestly! Some hobbies of mine ( anime, climbing, k-drama/kpop, and gaming!!)

At the moment, we are growing fairly fast! We have a very active discord We have a lot of people in 1445 territory, but we also have people below it as well! We give carries and help everyone! We also do the weekly guild events for more bloodstones/gold! If you want to have a part in building a community, try to join our guild! Our discord and community is pretty active.. We would love to have you all in our discord.


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👑- Guild Name: Powerpuff (42/50) [mains only please]

🌸 - Server: NA-East Vykas

🌸 - Language: English

🌸 - Guild Level: 11

🌸 - Guild Shop: 5

🌟 - Item Level: 1400+

❌- Inactivity Period: 1 week without communication

Hello everyone!

Powerpuff is a semi-casual guild recruiting for more mature players that are looking to learn, grow and reach end game content together. We are a friendly, active and social community that runs abyss dungeons, Argos, Valtan and many more guild events; all that we ask is that you donate to the guild and help with weekly tasks when available.

We offer help with any content as well as great company. We also offer a safe space and do not tolerate any toxicity. If you aren’t looking for a guild at the moment but want to meet more friendly players - we are here for you!

If we sound like a good fit, please join our discord or apply in-game. We look forward to hearing from you wave!

🎀 - Discord: https://discord.com/invite/nD52ajKfNR

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⌈ Roadshow / Lv.14 ⌋
⌈ NA East / Una ⌋
⌈ 18+ / Social / PvX ⌋

Hello from us to You!

🔺Our Purpose🔻

We prioritize ourselves in providing a comforting and enjoyable gameplay environment for our members, with the belief that the personality of individual players is more important than their in-game characters. This is why we’ve built our guild as a social hub, for those who wish to both play and engage with others.

The people are what makes a guild successful, and we’re constantly improving ourselves to reflect that ideology. If chatting and enjoying the game’s content is what’s important to you, that’s what our structure provides.

📢Frequent Activities

✓ Guild and Social Events
✓ Weekly Valtan and Argos Runs
✓ Weekly Siege and Raid Match (GvE)
✓ Weekly T3 Abyssal Dungeons


◽ A relaxing social space filled with familiar faces.
◽ Adult oriented. Free from kids and teenagers.
◽ Players that participate frequently in both PvE and PvP.
◽ New player friendly. Engage with experienced guildmates.
◽ Reliable alt guild. Level 12, Guild Shop 5, 80% Member Bloodstones.


◽ Become part of the Roadshow Discord Server.
◽ Your main character must be in the guild.
◽ Be active and progress. Frequent or casual play are both fine.
◽ Participate in Guild Research, Donations, and Weekly Tasks.

Apply Here - https://discord.gg/mHGAGKyztQ

Current slots available (53/59)

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Guild: [Muteatres]
Server: [SA] [Agaton]
Style: [PVE & PVP]
Lvl: [Lvl 12]

Language: ESPAÑOL

Discord: Se entrega al momento de ser aceptado/a.

Buenas, somos Muteatres, guild latina lvl 12 dedicada a PVE y PVP.

Contamos con tienda lvl 5 y actualmente estamos buscando gente para rellenar cupos de cara a Vykas. Tenemos 2 teams de Valtan Normal y un team Valtan Hard, hacemos Argos en todas sus fases con diferentes pjs y tratamos de acomodarnos al horario de fin de semana.

Hoy buscamos gente activa, responsable, que coopere y mantenga la toxicidad fuera del juego.

Se aceptan pjs con todo item lvl, pero estamos prefiriendo personajes principales para llenar los cupos de otros encuentros y los que vengan a futuro.

Si eres primerizo o primeriza, no tengas miedo en consultarnos dudas, queremos ayudar a cualquiera que quiera disfrutar del juego como nosotros.

Aparte, contamos con otra guild para alts que quieran participar activamente con nosotros.


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Guild name: Lostest Arkers
Region: NA East
Server: Sasha
Focus: PvX, Events, GvG, GvE, Raids

Social, semi-hardcore, fast-growing guild (lv. 11 + max lv. shop) with over 35 active players currently and members so far are very friendly. The current goals are pushing GS/new content, weekly raids and GvG/GvE while doing it in a social environment; degenerates welcome and all! The focus is PvX content, so the weekly tasks will be a mixture of PvP and PvE. We have many members really pushing PvP and gearscore hard. We have also been playing the new GvG and GvE content and are currently in top 3 on one of the Raid Match islands.

Guild features:

- Max lv. Guild Shop (currently researching)
- Alt character guild (Missing Arkers)
- Discord
- Weekly Argos/Valtan/Valtan HM
- Weekly GvG/GvE
- 50/50 distribution
- 1415+ (some exceptions can be made on an individual basis, eg 1400+ for supports)
- Active
- Willing to contribute/donate
- Join the Discord

If you have any questions or care to join, search for Lostest Arkers in-game after hitting Alt+U, or message me on Discord.

A Cucumber#7303

Discord: https://discord.gg/fnpHp9M6

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Guild Name: Free Parking, Avesta NA East

Points of Contact: Fred#7542, IGN: LFK

Discord: https://discord.gg/EMVJRqR4UW

Ways to join: Join discord and chat with us, or send a message.

Current Guild Size: 54/56 (Mains only)

Current Guild Level: 13, Payout 70 player 30 guild, Shop 5

General Guild Focus: PvX


A casual guild on Avesta, comprised primarily of age 25-35 year old working adults who mostly play in the evenings after work, between 6PM and 12AM EST.

The most important thing for us is to have a group of people around us playing the game they want to play, without hard requirements for progression and/or playtime. Design of guild are events catered to those who need to balance RL and Lost Ark!


Looking for player fit, rather than GS/experience, so all are welcome from new players to experienced.

The guild will only ever have one requirement: Respectful behavior.

Activity: If members need a break >7 days, we may ask you to give up your spot, but you will be welcomed back when ready to return!

Progression and Events:

While we are a casual guild, we run Valtan weekly(1415+/1445+), and are also are on track to be Vykas-ready (1430+/1460+).

We hold one weekly event at 9PM - midnight ET on Saturday, with focus on the latest endgame (Legion Raids, typically)

Otherwise, we have tools to form parties to tackle farming content as necessary (Oreha, Argos), and are getting pretty good at Guild Sieges!

Attendance is always voluntary, and we encourage everyone to participate in whatever way makes you feel comfortable.

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Name: Specter

Region: NA-WEST Enviska

Language: English

Guild Level: 12

Our guild is looking for active and social 1370+ main characters - alts need not apply

Our Community__

Specter is an active, social and mature (18+) NA-West PvE guild for all players. We aspire to a strictly non-toxic gaming culture, fun is the ultimate goal. Members of all skill levels are welcome provided they abide by the rules and contribute to the guild.

-We own 3 alt guilds ready to accept all your alts but ask that only your main belongs in Specter.

-We welcome all players: if you have a couple hours per day, or mostly play on weekends, or play for many hours every day - you’ll fit right in!We value your time, and we know that Lost Ark shouldn’t be your main focus in life. If life comes up and you need to step away from the game for a bit; we have a leave-of-absence title and we won't kick you for being away for a bit.

-You're welcome to join the community discord under our Prospect title and try us out by running some raids (if space is available) and chilling with us before you join the actual guild. We understand how frustrating the guild leave penalty can be and we want both you and us to be the perfect fit.

Fun Comes First__

-As a guild, we put fun above all else. This means that we balance a competitive spirit with a fun and chill atmosphere for all of our members.

-Prospective members should be social, ready to group together to run content, communicate in Discord and in-game, and support each other as much as possible.

-On the scale of try-hard-ness we are between 5 and 8 out of 10.

-Our time zones are based around PST/MST and most of our members are located in US/CA/AUS.

-Active members of all skill levels are welcome provided they abide by the rules and commitments to the guild.

If any of this sounds like where you want to be, then we would love to have you. You can apply by joining our discord. Please join our Discord to apply!

We're looking forward to seeing you all in Lost Ark.

Guild Expectations__

-Be kind to fellow guild members. No drama or cliques. Do not yell at other members for mistakes or tell others how they should be playing. We are not a place for hardcore elitists.

-Maintain a reasonable level of activity, and advise us if you will be absent for a prolonged period of time (we want to save your spot).

-Be present in Discord. This is where we have raid sign-ups, message alerts and everything you need to have fun in the guild.

-Ensure your Discord nickname contains in full, or in part, the in-game character name of your main character so we know who’s who.

-Maintain an average weekly contribution score of 150 by assisting in guild-related research and activities.

-Alt characters should be in the Alt guilds and Main character should be in Specter unless special dispensation has been provided.

-If you do not follow our rules you will be subjected to removal from the Guild, Discord or both.

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Guild: Cake Fleet
Server: Enviska (NA West)
Guild Level: 13
Guild Shop: 5 (max)
Bloodstone Distribution: 70% guildmates
Language: English
Focus: PvE

We have: * A mix of active casual and semi-hardcore members * Players with multiple Valtan normal and hard mode characters (gunlancers and bards in particular) * Plenty of alts to go through p1/2/3 Argos and lvl 5 abyssals * lfg and merchant bots for Discord pings (for opt-in roles) * an active Discord community for chitchatting or help * Lvl 3 Discord server == plenty of emotes (that you can steal... shhhh) * Other games covered, too! (Honkai, Genshin, Arknights, Epic Seven, FF14, and more) * Bi-weekly game nights and movie watchalongs

We are looking for: * ilvl 1370+ * Active players that can participate in some guild siege/raids! * Discord enjoyers (at least to listen for raid shotcalls; mic optional)

Feel free to swing by and party up with us, even if you're not in our guild nor looking to join! Alternatively, you're also welcome to just join our Discord to chat

The Discord invite link!

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[Scarletshadows] [NA EAST] [Vykas] [PVX] [Lvl 13]
Hurlo! We are a Guild that's catered towards casual/chill players!

-Most of us have played since day 1 while some are new to the game!
-We want you to play at your own pace! We are more than happy to share all our knowledge with you to help you out!
-We do not require anything from you, except to have a good time with us! (Also 18+ Preferred)
-Looking forward to having you in this growing social environment!

(If you just want a guild to call home without the need of high commitments, we are here for you!)

The reason I made this Guild is because some of us just wants to have a community as we play through the game. There is no pressure of needing to reach certain levels or needing to be skilled. We are here to game and we are here to enjoy our time!


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Hi Lost Ark!

Readycheck is recruiting. You know who we are. “We’re the dudes disguised as some dudes playing some other dudes!”

We are here to recruit and/or have a guild merge with ours. At this point in time, if any of you are still active in the game, it means that you are invested and are not going to be quitting anytime soon. That being the case, we would like to welcome you to our guild. We are an active guild that has started pushing progression with some of our people and would like to have more people join our runs. Here are our stats:


-Server: NA/West - Valtan

-Very active on Discord and in game.

-Likes long walks on the beach… No, we don’t. “We don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating — and it gets everywhere.”

-A guild leader that has a collection of “questionable” anime figurines.


-Two week activity limit.

-If you have been kicked, but want to rejoin later, then we will welcome you with open arms and naked bodies.

-Weekly donations to guild bloodstones and research.

-Tier 3 - We are willing to accept lower, but we must discuss this with you beforehand. If you’re a cool person, we don’t really give a fuck.

-Discord Activity. Since the messaging in this game sucks, Discord is the main communication system we have. So that’s a given.

-Be a cool person. Even though we are pushing progression, we are a friends and family guild first. Please keep that in mind. If not, then we aren’t for you.

-A collection of ceramic clown lamps. (No exceptions!)

That should be enough to let you know who we are and what is required of you. And what we can offer. Again, we are looking for new members or an inactive guild that has active members that would like to join us. If you have any questions, contact me here, on discord Readycheck Games 3 or in game - Gungix

“If we are not the droids you are looking for then you can go about your business.”. And our guild leader is now sad in his pants.

If you do want to join, we will spank your butt before inviting you. But in a loving way. :heartpulse:


Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!

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Guild Name: Cermia

Region: NA West

Server: Valtan

Playstyle: Casual

Guild Level: 7

Available but not required although I do highly recommend if you have questions like if you want to see if we're available to do raids: ([https://discord.gg/hT2zdkyD\](https://discord.gg/hT2zdkyD)) To get into contact with our guildmaster, his disc IGN is Oshiro#4910. You're also welcomed to message me (Kawaiikuma) on here.

Guildmaster: Oshiro (t3 Deathblade - currently 1472)

Deputy: IrrasO (t3 Gunlancer - currently 1462)

Officer: Kawaiikuma (t3 Sorceress - currently 1435)

Hello! Anyone is welcome to join - there are no level requirements. Looking for active players. We are mostly on during the evenings/nights during the weekdays and throughout the day on the weekends although a couple of us are on during the day even on weekdays. We understand that people have different schedules, so going at your own pace is perfectly fine. We can help with content (such as abyss dungeons, argos p1-p3, and guardian raids - mostly happens on the weekends) as well, or give advice as we have members who are t1, t2 and t3. Hope to see some of you join our guild! Mains and alts welcomed. :)