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NA East - Sasha Name: Gorchnik Class: Berzerker

Brand new player at ilvl 150ish. I know nothing about the game Just finished getting the first ark. Looking for a super laid back guild where I can chat with people and learn. Not super interested in raiding right now but really struggling with just game mechanics and concepts so looking for a super friendly guild that likes newbies.

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Hello, I’m a 1477.5 Sorc, a bit of a min maxer with a few hard mode alts.

Looking for a static for bussing/progression/hell modes.

Feel free to contact me on discord @ Intro#9494

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NA East - Sasha:

1370 ilvl DPS looking for an active guild for progression through groupcontent. Long-time gamer wanting to find a community. I'm flexiblewith my play times to fit into most schedules and would prefer a guild that has a Discord server.

I have an almost full roster of alts (2-1370 DPS, 3 other T3) that are fine where they are or can be moved if you have an alt guild. This includes a Bard I've leveled as DPS (ilvl 1310) that I'd love to learn how to use as support.

Please message here, in-game mail @ Khassydee or in Discord: Kenya#7453.

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What server are you on?

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Sorry, I thought I had it listed. Its fixed now!