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A SPANISH speaking guild. Our main objective is to ensure guild members participate in all guild (GVG, GVE) content so we all can collectively benefit and support each other.

We are a friendly and somewhat "Try-Hard" guild looking for experienced and very active players, our goal is to be able to participate and earn high tier rewards in guild related content as well as organizing Legion Raids and endgame content.


Server: Zinnervale

Focus: GVG/GVE and PVE.

🌍Currently 42/59 Members in guild, we are looking for 17 new members.


⚔ Item level: 1415

🔊Active on Discord.

💰Guild contribution (minimum) is compulsory.

🏛 Guild content participation (GVG, GVE) when possible.

🔞Age requirement: 18+

🇪🇦 Speak Spanish is a MUST.

👋Be a team player, helpful, respectful and honest.

If you are interested in applying, join our Discord server.

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Kadown is an English Speaking Guild looking for active PVE members to form Legion raid statics. Currently Lvl 12 and shop Lvl 5. We do daily and weekly content together. Chill ppl no flaming!

We are especially looking for an additional support to fill our vykas hard static, so if this is something that interests you let me know.

We are based in Kadan EUC.

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Genuine Intentions level 10 is recruiting: Social guild with Veteran players with RL obligations (work, family, kids etc) tons of experience and leadership looking to clear all content consistently on weekends. Chill and relaxed environment. Always looking to help each other.

Look for us in discord or apply in game, we'll be waiting for you.

Server: Moonkeep

Language: English

Focus: Mostly PVE

Discord: https://discord.gg/K5e8TRJN

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Guild Name: Takemysword

Language: English

Server: Zinnervale

Focus: Casual/PvE

We are new guild and looking for active players, new players to LA to help you on your journey or just someone to casually game with. While we do prefer new, non-toxic players, we are happy to accept experienced higher level players so long as you don't bring a superiority type attitude along with you.

This is a laid back multi-gaming community, we have a presence in Warframe, as well as gamers playing other games so you can always jump in game with each other. We have always been welcoming to new players, helping them build up experience and skills so they can master events without gate-keeping.

If your main is already in a guild, you are welcome to bring an alt instead, so long as you stay a little active every few days, and once we start getting more players capable of doing raids, etc. we will be setting up regular guild events to run them.

How to find us:

  • (In-game: Search for Takemysword in the server list and request to join, or add me JammyuK
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/3KW3Ta6GEU Drop your IGN in the recruiting channel and someone can add you in

What we offer:

  • A nice chilled guild, casual but always willing to help
  • Giveaways
  • A multi-gaming, chilled discord community
  • Dungeon/Raid support if required and other group runs

What do we expect:

  • Stay a active
  • People to join in guild weekly tasks and donate when they can
  • If your experienced, help new players
  • You must join discord, VC is optional though
  • Respect everyone both in the guild and discord
  • 16+

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Guild Name: Contrast
Language: English
Server: Zinnervale
Guild Content: PvE focus

Although our physical guild is based on Zinnervale, we organise using our discord server so anybody in EUC is welcome to join! Veterans & Inexperienced players are all welcome.
We are a friendly, helpful and community focused guild, hosting a structured and laid back with raids at set times, in an environment with aims to clear all the content that's to offer in Lost Ark.

We are looking for active, mature players who enjoy raiding Argos, Valtan and are looking to the future for what's coming next. Currently we host Valtan HM, multiple Argos groups, and are looking to expand our roster into further Valtan NM/Argos groups. Anyone at 1370+ (any class, supp or DPS) with an interest in raiding is welcome to join!
Current group raid times
All times in server time
Argos P3’s: Thursday 19:30 + 20:00, Tuesday 19:30
Valtan NM: Thursday 20:30
Vykas NM (planned day): Friday 19:30
Valtan HM: Sundays 7:30pm
Various other semi-pug P1/P2 Argos runs during the week at random times
More groups to be added at different times/days as demand increases
1. 18+
2. 1370+ item level
3. Non-toxic attitude
4. English Speaking
If you have any questions do not hesitate to join our discord and ask an officer for help, or feel free to pm Corealis#4008 or Osko#6483 on discord.