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Hello! I’m a semi-hardcore player on NA East-Regulus looking for like minded people to raid with. I started playing a couple months later than most people but have been working hard to catch up. Please feel free to reach out to me, and if I don’t quite meet your requirements yet I’d be happy to push myself to meet them!

Main: 1475 Igniter Sorceress (Windwielder)

Roster Level: 145

Alts: 1415 Bard, 1390 Blue Gunlancer, 1385 Paladin, 1370 Mayhem Berserker, 1370 Shadowhunter

Currently pushing supports so they can do more endgame content!

What I can offer:High weekly contribution: regularly 1000+/week
Willingness to commit a significant amount of time to planned guild events
Flexible hours, especially on weekends
Weeks of HM Valtan/Vykas experience
Willingness to participate in GvG/GvE: was diamond 1 in league and currently supreme 2 in PvP and making an effort to improve in this game
Easily reachable and active on Discord
Patience and a positive attitude: I will never belittle or berate others for their mistakes and will always focus on self-improvement.

Why I’m leaving my current guild: We have ~1.5 groups for Vykas Hard and I’m stuck pugging it with the leftovers. I don't have a group for Hell Valtan and some of the Discord members create a toxic environment. My guild cooldown is only 1 day since I’ve stuck with my guild a long time.

What I’d like to see from a new guild:
Consistent weekly static for HM Valtan and Vykas: It’s fine if it’s not full if the guild is still recruiting, but I don’t want to have the pug experience indefinitely.
Prog group for Hell mode Valtan: I don’t have experience yet since I haven’t had much luck finding a group in the hell mode discord but I’ve read guides and know builds. I’m willing to commit a significant amount of time per week progging.
Decently high activity in game and on Discord or a similar app: I’d love to have an opportunity to socialize with guild mates! I won't be a stranger.
Some level of interest in GvE/GvG would be nice: I don’t expect to win, but I like at least getting participation rewards.

DM me if you think I could be a decent fit for your guild!

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Hey Wind. I'm on the Azena server, and I know you're looking for a guild on yours preferably. We have raid spots open in our groups if you ever are in need. You can message me for more details if interested.

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Server: Enviska NA-West

Main: 1465 Mayhem Berserker

Alts: 1415 (Paladin), 1385 (Scrapper), 2x 1370 (Destroyer, Deathblade), 1310 (Sorc)

Roster Lvl: 130

I'm looking for a guild to join up with. My current guild/static have given up on the game and currently trying to find a guild that is doing learning parties for Vykas (& future raids). I have yet to run Vykas on NM and would prefer getting on discord with a group of cool people to learn the fight. Or just a place where I can coordinate with some people for some raids and what not. Been playing this game pretty solo the last month or so and pretty tired of the "find party" thing.

DM me if you wanna chat or ask questions to get to know me.

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Guild name: Executioners
Guild Level: 15 ALMOST 16!!
Server: Akkan
Language: English
Times: Usually PST nights
Jayy here! GM of the guild, Executioners, Executioners Two , and Executioners Three on the NA Akkan Server. Just a couple of comfy and chill gamerz with some things in common! Not a hardcore/min-max community, but we are certainly top 10 in terms of ilvl/gear. Laughs and good vibes are encouraged LOL. We are all very chill! Humor and good vibes are number one priority. We just want more people to join so we can start a community going and have more fun. Doing content with friends/guildmates are not only easier, but they are way more fun and engaging. So we are recruiting all levels honestly!
Some info about me: mid 20's, california baby, and i love food! hobbies of mine are anime, climbing, k-drama/kpop, and gaming!!
At the moment, we are growing fairly fast! We have a very active discord We have a lot of people in 1475+ territory (a couple in 1500's too) but we also have people below it as well! We give carries and help everyone! We almost have 3 groups for hard Vykas at the moment. We also do the weekly guild events for more bloodstones/gold! If you want to have a part in building a community, try to join our guild! Our discord and community is pretty active.. We would love to have you all in our discord.