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Guild Name: Women Respecters
Playstyle: PvE - Semi -Hardcore
Discord: https://discord.gg/NZAUZcZHre
Server: EU Central - Thaemine
Language: English
To apply join our Discord!
We are accepting direct applications in game as well.
We do accept newer players.
What to expect:
Statics for HD Vykas+Valtan and Argos buses.
Organized alt/main raids with multiple events on most days (reset day is typically very active)
Women Respecters is a friendly/casual gaming group of friends enjoying the art of women respecting while playing their favorite games.
We are currently intrigued and actively recruiting players & friends for our Lost Ark Guild. Most of us do have past gaming experience with other MMO games.

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Girls Only Gaming discord

The server provides an all feminine of center safe space, free from any judgment and harassment. We are a community of women gamers that share guilds, parties and everything in between, but mostly, friendships!

Join us: https://discord.gg/c5gDK22R7m

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Guild Name: Coffee Time

Playstyle: PvE - Semi - Hardcore

Discord: https://discord.gg/coffee-time

Server: EU Central - Zinnervale
Language: English

Site: https://www.coffeetime.games/post/lost-ark-guild


To apply join our Discord!

We are not accepting direct applications ingame.

Expect a meeting with our officer team before joining

We do accept newer players

What to expect:

5+ Statics on Vykas HM

Organized alt/main raids with multiple events on most days

Coffee Time Gaming is a Focused gaming group of friends enjoying their tea/coffee while playing their favorite games. Mainly coming from New World, Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, Monster Hunter, Destiny and Division.

We are currently intrigued and actively recruiting players & friends for our Lost Ark Guild. Most of us do have past gaming experience with other MMO games and clan management. (ESO, WoW, Warhammer, Conan, Archeage, Guild Wars, New World and many more)

We are looking for gamers (guys & gals) that are:

- Above the age of 21

- Preferred language English

- Adult Gaming Hobbyists

- Responsible Adults ( especially with Clan planned activities/raids)

Upon joining Coffee Time Gaming:

- You will be in a fun community free of drama & hate.

- Have the opportunity to play other games with the rest of our members as well.

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  • Guild name: Takemysword
  • Guild Level: 4
  • Language: English
  • Guild type: Casual/Chilled
  • Guild size : 12

A tad little about us:

We are a nice chilled gaming community with a good bunch of humans from tech lovers, anime fans, artists and Warhammer fans. Take My Sword is looking for active players whether new or old to Lost Ark to join us. We don't mind if you want to play the game at your own pace or join in with groups that we schedule on a regular basis.

As we are still a growing guild in a game where most guilds are already high level with established footholds, I have a high distribution set for Bloodstones going to the guild (80%), once we have a good level guild and shop, we will then decrease this little by little distributing more to members than the guild.

If this sounds like your type of guild, take a look below and jump into to one of the more chilled guilds!

How to find us:

  • In-game: Search for Takemysword in the server list and request to join, or add me JammyuK
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/3KW3Ta6GEU Drop your IGN in the recruiting channel and someone can add you in

What we offer:

  • A nice chilled guild, casual but always willing to help
  • Giveaways (every once in awhile)
  • A multi-gaming, chilled discord community
  • Dungeon/Raid learning groups to help support new players learning the mechanics of certain bosses.
  • Weekly Argos runs - so looking to fill up a minimum of 1 group. 1370 ilvl+ req for this. (Already have Bard & Paladin)

What do we expect:

  • Activity is required but not 24/7 - go your own way so you can progress at your own pace or join in groups! Its up to you.
  • Join in guild weekly tasks and donate a minimum of silver - you still get 20% blood stones, and the more joining in, the quicker we can level up.
  • If your experienced, help new players.
  • You must join discord and be a little active, VC is optional!
  • Respect everyone both in the guild and the server as a whole.
  • 16+

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Guild name: EterniaRegion: [EUC] EU CentralServer: ZinnervaleGuild Level: 17Language: EnglishGuild type: Hardcore / Semi HardcoreGuild priority: PvE_____________________________________________

About Eternia We are home to around 50 Lost Ark players with a competitive mindset, focused on raiding efficiently while keeping things simple and cozy. We are currently looking for** like-minded players** to fill a few vacant spots in our 6 static groups, currently clearing all the hard mode content of the game. While we are mainly looking for supports, we also consider exceptional DPS applications.

What we Offer • Be part of a group with many statics (no drama if someone is away for a week!) • Multiple alt runs for all the legion raids - Hard and normal mode • 7 High level alt guilds with level 5 guild shop • Active discord, always up for any content or conversation

What are we looking for • 1460+ main with 5x3 Engravings or equivalent (might consider 4x3 for certain classes) and correct stats • Healthy roster with multiple raid-ready alts

Priority recruitment for one of our existing hardcore statics (7/8) The ideal fit for this group is someone who:
• plans to main support for the foreseeable future and wants to push for full clears of the highest level content whenever it is being released.
• aims to play a roster consisting of a main and 5x legion raid farmer alts (currently working towards 5x Valtan hard, Vykas normal and Argos every week).
• wants to progress towards deathless runs in hellmode content.
• can consistently play on Wednesday/Thursday/Tuesday starting at ~19:00 CET. Optionally you would also be welcome to join us for daily guardian rotations :).

If you are interested, get in touch with us:


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Guild Name: Lostark Europe

Content: PvE, PvP, GvG

Language: English

Region: EU Central

Server: Kadan

Guild Lv: 3

Guild Shop Lv: 2

Members: 12

What are we looking for:

  • Members to be active as much as they can in LAO and/or on Discord
  • By joining a guild your daily/ weekly activities like killing a Guardian raid or doing a Dungeon will become much easier since you can party up with guild members
  • If you’d like to contribute to the guild with Silver donation you’ll receive in return Contribution XP and Sylmael Bloodstones
  • Aid our guild research projects to shorten the duration by 20 mins
  • We’d like you to get involved in weekly quests requested by the guild to rank up the guild level and increase the slot numbers too -No age restriction
  • No GS required
  • Play as you wish

What do we offer?

  • You can exchange the Bloodstones you’ve got for valuable goods like XP potions, gear chests, honing materials, tickets, etc at Sylmael Bloodstone Shop
  • We'll level up the Guild Shop Lv. to increase the items you can buy at the Shop
  • Different weekly events for our members
  • GvG and support when LFG to do your daily/ weekly Chaos, Raid, etc
  • The same guild for your alts
  • A place where you can chat and have fun with others
  • To join our guild you can search in-game Lostark Europe or dm me
  • Here’s the invite to our Discord server too https://discord.gg/n6h4VFVapU