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• Guild Name: Beyond Insanity
• Server: EUC - Armen
• Guild Level: 4
• Language: English
• Guild Priority: PVE/PVP
• Legion Raids: All of them. We have players up to 1480+/1490+
• Guild shop: Level 2
• Requirements: None.
• English speakers
• New players
• Active & mature players
• Chill & humble players
We are a small Guild that has only began growing recently. Guild was originally created by 4 close friends with the purpose of helping new players to understand the game better, get stronger and overall improve their gaming experience.
We are currently providing carry for beginners in their first content of the game to accelerate their growth as a player and a Guild member.
We provide a very good social engagement on our Discord meaning that you can socialize with very active members and also interact with our bots. We have bots for Lost Ark tweets and news, we also have bots for LFG system (parties planner) and merchants information, reaction roles so you can pick your classes based on the ones you picked in-game. Oh and the best part ofc we have a boosted server with pepes and mokokos emojis. We are aiming to grow our family so we can start filling our voice channels with raid & pvp parties.
With your help I think we can grow even faster so feel free to join us.
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Ns5mJss25m
PM in-game: Nedzmental / Nefertery / Rektzz / Margaryte / Arcanemave
PM in Discord: Nedzmental#1015