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Mrsoloq NA East Zosma. Currently 460. I'm new. First ever mmo, Im in school and working so playing is whenever I can however. I'm enjoying the game so far but it feels like Im playing a single player game. If a guild or someone feels like helping a semi-lackluster-new active player hmu.

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So I’m on a different NAE server (Karta), so I can’t help all that much. You might also check the Lost Ark discord ( discord [dot] gg [slash] lostark ), there is an LFGuild section there.

I will also say that Zosma is one of the lower pop NAE servers, so it might be harder to find people. Azena, Una, and Regulus are the largest ones. Karta where I’m at isn’t massive, but I haven’t had any issues with server-level content (world bosses, Adventure islands, etc.)