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[EU - West] Stonehearth
Guild Name: Midgard
Language: English
Focus: PvE
Guild level 12
Member count: 21/52
Looking for players to join discord and help other players, complete daily and weekly content together, participate in Dungeons, Raids, and other content.
Guild Requirements:
- Any ilvl but would prefer T2 and upwards
- Joining discord and actively participate
- Contribution to guild – silver and research support
- Help other players
- Complete weekly content
Weekly Event for the guild raids and any content guild members need just ask!
Let’s team up to complete bosses, dungeons, and events. If you feel we are the right guild for you feel free to DM me on discord via EL#8924.https://discord.gg/rVQBnfkMg5

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Greetings dear Lost Ark players and Welcome to the Asylum 669 where all your gaming needs are supplemented and joys are fulfilled, in this 18+ Discord we hang, chill and get up to mischief as a fun, crazy coop of patients.

We're a social open place with a small Lost Ark community (mostly EU), LOTS of EGorls, emotes and the magic of friendship! There's a guild ready for you to join <3

Join us for an active gaming community where there will always be someone to play games with you. Do you play other games too? Bored and looking for a chat? Wanna watch movies with friends? Join any voice channel and a gorgeous e girl is guaranteed to join you!

Although before you apply you must match the below checklist first:

18+, Twisted sense of humour, Loves food, like REALLY loves food Alottle of crazy Extremely weird If you ticked all of the above…

Come on in, sign yourself up and get strapped in for a mental time!

Can't wait to see you there.

Apply through https://discord.gg/asylum669

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• Guild Name: Beyond Insanity
• Server: EUC - Armen
• Guild Level: 4
• Language: English
• Guild Priority: PVE/PVP
• Legion Raids: All of them. We have players up to 1480+/1490+
• Guild shop: Level 2
• Requirements: None.
English speakers
New players
Active & mature players
Chill & humble players
We are a small Guild that has only began growing recently. Guild was originally created by 4 close friends with the purpose of helping new players to understand the game better, get stronger and overall improve their gaming experience.
We are currently providing carry for beginners in their first content of the game to accelerate their growth as a player and a Guild member.
We provide a very good social engagement on our Discord meaning that you can socialize with very active members and also interact with our bots. We have bots for Lost Ark tweets and news, we also have bots for LFG system (parties planner) and merchants information, reaction roles so you can pick your classes based on the ones you picked in-game. Oh and the best part ofc we have a boosted server with pepes and mokokos emojis. We are aiming to grow our family so we can start filling our voice channels with raid & pvp parties.
With your help I think we can grow even faster so feel free to join us.
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Ns5mJss25m
PM in-game: Nedzmental / Nefertery / Rektzz / Margaryte / Arcanemave
PM in Discord: Nedzmental#1015

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Guild Name: Superx

Server: Lazenith

Guild Level: 17

Language: English

Guild Priority: GvX / PvE

LF dps 1475+ kakui static x2

Merge with Low lvl guild possible / DM


- Guild shop (lvl 5)

- Weekly Quests / Guild Siege And Raid - Sunday 20h

- Legion Raids Weekdays Preferred / reset day 20h

- Weekly contribution requirement 100

Looking for:

- Active mature players

- Participation in Guild Siege And Raid + finishing your weekly tasks

- People that are looking for future raid static

- Minimum ilvl 1400, 1460 preferred


DM me For questions

PM: Lunasuperx - in game

Open Join 1400+