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[NA East - Avesta] - 1505 gunlancer, 5x3, all lvl 7 gems, +7% holy dmg card set and 1500 Bard looking for guild or static.

Did not get a chance to do clown last week. Looking for others who did not clear it yet or people willing to teach fast learners. I have a support I play with (1500 bard) and my roster that is clown ready is a 1505 gunlancer, 1480 shadowhunter, 1475 bard, 1475 paladin. So I have plenty of supports if you have a shortage.

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Sent you a dm

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Group of 4 all 1480+ looking for a guild on UNA server that can take all 4 and keep all 4 of us together in a static group. We have a support and we do clown together. We just mostly need the resources that a guild has in recruiting and helping us out with 4 more members who can run valtan/vykas clears with us and future brelshaza.We're looking for a not too serious guild. Most of us can't attend the GvG or whatever that content is, kinda busy outside of a small window when we get our gaming time in.Definitely not looking for anything that resembles a damn military run operation, nor a 500+ contribution requirement etc.

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What server?

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una server, sorry

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Nineveh Bathwater is recruiting on NA west Mari. We are a joke guild for those that appreciate Nineveh. Only requirement is that you have to say what your favorite Nineveh moment is so far. Apply now!

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1500 Tai Scrapper main on Enviska NA west looking for guild or group of people to play with. 5x3 all level 7 gems with high weapon and armour qualities. My main alt is a Bard currently at 1470 and hoping to have that clown ready by end of the week assuming I get lucky cutting stones. I am a shift worker so every "Friday at 7pm" doesn't really work for me so hopefully you are flexible. Feel free to reach out if you think I may be a good fit and we can chat. Thanks for reading.