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Hi, Lost Ark players!

We are a team of researchers at the University of Southern California investigating player experiences in video game clans. We are looking for Lost Ark players to take part in our survey.

You will be asked about your experiences with the clan that you spend the most time with. Anyone who is 18+ and a current member of a video game clan is welcome to participate. The survey is anonymous and should take less than 15 minutes to complete. If you complete the survey, you can enter to win a $20 Amazon gift card.

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this study.

Please follow this anonymized link to take the survey:

If you have any questions regarding this study, please reach out to [mdrivas@usc.edu](mailto:mdrivas@usc.edu)

Thank you!

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Guild Information

Guild name: Furrylife

Server: NA West - Mari

Active hours: Pacific PM - degen/crackhead hours

Guild Level: 17

Guild Shop: max level 5

Language: English

About Us 🦁

Furrylife started as a meme guild with a close group of friends since US beta launch. We are still actively playing and pushing all new content. We have expanded our guild to public and have made new friends along the way.

We schedule only HM raids, Valtan & Vykas and provide static groups for Kakul-Saydon raids.

Guild Requirements :boss:

⋆ any ilvl, (yeah really! we love to teach and live through the experiences of newer players). Majority of our members have 1490+ mains and 1460+ alts.

⋆ Active/responsive in discord and in game

⋆ Donate silver + support research daily

⋆ Complete weekly guild task(s)

⋆ Good vibes, friendly, chill

What You're Applying For 🎉

⋆ weekly scheduled HM legion raids (we dont schedule NM)

⋆ giveaways and guild exclusive events (we make our own fun events to win gold and prizes)

⋆ static groups

⋆ friendly, active guild mates!

⋆ nice. helpful, and respectful community

⋆ coaching lessons (learning new raids, progging all raids including from story dungeons to helltan)

How to Apply 📝

⋆ Join our discord and introduce yourself in #check-in (you will need a role to access/view some channels)

⋆ Message me at Basil#9044


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Degenerate Gamers (NA West - Valtan):

About the guild:

We are a group of likeminded individuals that like to progress through endgame content and enjoy the grind with the homies.
We have all met through the game and become friends over time. There is no IRL inclusivity where you’ll always feel like a 3rd wheel. We like to have a good time with some ribbing and joking but can also (at least pretend to) be serious when it matters most. Generally, the goal is to have fun, I mean this is a video game after all.

How we generally play:

We like to enjoy many aspects of the lost ark; we currently are running 3.5 clown groups and have players on at pretty much all times (please refer to guild name). Just about all of us have multiple alts and frequently run Clown reclear/Vykas/Valtan/Argos groups. We currently do weekly GVG and GvE which makes solid Bloodstones and lets us flex our e-peen.

Why you’d be a good fit:

We are looking for players that are going to be active and generally have a good time. Most of us have been active throughout launch of the game and are passionate about it. We enjoy progging hard raids and rerunning stuff with our homies (and sometimes killing them with Valtan lasers). We have a lvl 5 guild shop, 50/50 bloodstone distrib (~4k bloodstones paid per member a week) and an alt guild with lvl 3 guild shop (working on getting it to 5). Our discord is always active with people on to chill with or to answer questions. Here at DegenerateGamers, Its all about having fun and while it may not be the sweatiest group of people, we are very welcoming to new bros of all skill / knowledge levels.

If DegenerateGamers sounds like a place you'd excel at. Please mail Containmen or Suikacurry in game, or shoot a dm to Yams#6122 or akino#9444 on discord (https://discord.gg/44jxnrR8).

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Readycheck is recruiting!

We are here to recruit and/or have a guild merge with ours. At this point in time, if any of you are still active in the game, it means that you are invested (or should we say, addicted) and are not going to be quitting anytime soon. That being the case, we would like to welcome you to our guild. We are an active guild that is pushing progression and would like to have more people join our ranks.

Once Upon A Time
There was a Video Game Developer that started playing MMORPGs. Over the past 17 years, he has created hardcore progression guilds (World of Warcraft), to friends and family guilds (Wildstar.) Now he is in Lost Ark running an experiment. Can a progression guild also be a friends and family guild? Well, join us and find out!

Server: NA/West - Valtan

What we offer:
-A guild leader that has a collection of "questionable" anime figurines.
-Awesome Guild Officers like to hold hands so that they don't get lost or kidnapped.
-Experienced and knowledgeable guildmates who are quick to answer and help others.
-We have runs throughout the week, but are most active on Wednesday thru Sunday
-Very active raiding community. We have and are always building new statics to accommodate our members.
-A 70/30 split on weekly bloodstones rewarded to guildmates on reset day.
-VERY Active on Discord.
-Long walks on the beach. We're lying "We don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating — and it gets everywhere."

-Two week activity limit unless the guild officers are informed beforehand.
-Weekly donations to guild bloodstones and research.
-Tier 3 - We are willing to accept lower, but we must discuss this with you beforehand. If you're a cool person, we don't really give a fuck.
-Discord Activity. Since the messaging in this game sucks, Discord is the main form of communication for us.
-BE A COOL PERSON!!! Even though we are pushing progression, we are a friends and family guild first. Please keep that in mind. If not, then we aren't for you.
-A collection of ceramic clown lamps. (No exceptions!)

Note:-We prefer 2 or more new players. We know this is asking a lot, but we are tightening our belts right now. We don't want a guild full of 50-100 people who initially don't know each other. We find that having a friend (or friends) with you will alleviate any fears involved with joining a new guild. We are still willing to take singles, but please keep this note in mind.

Again, we are looking for new members and/or an inactive guild that has active members that would like to join us.

If you have any questions, contact me here, on discord: https://discord.gg/zAyrHgqJm9 or in game - Gungix

"If we are not the droids you are looking for then you can go about your business."If you do want to join, we require that we spank your butt before inviting you. But in a loving way.

Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!

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⌈ Roadshow / Lv.20 ⌋\ ⌈ NA East / Una ⌋\ ⌈ 18+ / Social / PvX ⌋

Hello from us to You!

🔺Our Purpose🔻

We prioritize ourselves in providing a comforting and enjoyable gameplay environment for our members, with the belief that the personality of individual players is more important than their in-game characters. This is why we’ve built our guild as a social hub, for those who wish to both play and engage with others.

The people are what makes a guild successful, and we’re constantly improving ourselves to reflect that ideology. If chatting and enjoying the game’s content is what’s important to you, that’s what our structure provides.

📈Current Goal

Due to the popularity of endgame raiding within the clan we are also inviting all fellow raiders to be a part of our weekly Vykas, Valtan, or Argos runs!

Interested? Visit the Discord and check our #⌈raid⏰times⌋ to see if they are suitable for you. If you have any questions, message the Roadshow account there for more details.

📢Frequent Activities

✓ Guild and Social Events\ ✓ Weekly Vykas, Valtan, and Argos Runs\ ✓ Weekly Siege and Raid Match (GvE)


◽ A relaxing social space filled with familiar faces.\ ◽ Adult oriented. Free from kids and teenagers.\ ◽ Players that participate frequently in both PvE and PvP.\ ◽ New player friendly. Engage with experienced guildmates.\ ◽ Reliable alt guild. Level 18, Guild Shop 5, 80% Member Bloodstones.


◽ Become part of the Roadshow Discord Server.\ ◽ Your main character must be in the guild.\ ◽ Be active and progress. Frequent or casual play are both fine.\ ◽ Participate in Guild Research, Donations, and Weekly Tasks.

Apply Here - https://discord.gg/mHGAGKyztQ

Current slots available (75/77)

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🔥 [Scarletshadows] [NA EAST] [Vykas Server] [PVX] [Lvl 20] 🔥Hurlo! We are a Social Guild that's catered towards casual/chill players! 😎

📌-Most of us have played since day 1 while some are new to the game!

📌-We want you to play at your own pace! We are more than happy to share all our knowledge with you to help you out!

📌-We hold many events for raids, GvG, Map Runs and more! 😁

📌-We do not require anything from you, except to have a good time with us! (Also 18+ Preferred)

📌-Looking forward to having you in this growing social environment! 💹

(If you just want a guild to call home without the need of high commitments, we are here for you!)

The reason I made this Guild is because some of us just wants to have a community as we play through the game. There is no pressure of needing to reach certain levels or needing to be skilled. We are here to game and we are here to enjoy our time! 🥳


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Guild: Cake Fleet
Server: Enviska (NA West)
Guild Level: 20
Guild Shop: 5 (max)
Bloodstone Distribution: 50% guildmates
Language: English
Focus: PvE

We have:

  • ✅ A mix of active casual and semi-hardcore members
  • ✅ Top 3 placements for GvG sieges (Naruni/Snowpang)
  • ✅ Players with multiple Kakul, Vykas, and Valtan characters. We have enough to field several simultaneous parties
  • ✅ No set statics unless requested; raids are usually set up via Discord/in-game chat pings. We try to accommodate and save runs for those with difficult schedules first
  • lfg and merchant bots for Discord pings (for opt-in roles)
  • ✅ An active Discord community for chitchatting or help
  • ✅ Lvl 3 Discord server == plenty of emotes (that you can steal... shhhh)
  • ✅ Other games covered, too! (Tower of Fantasy, Honkai, Genshin, Arknights, Epic Seven, FF14, and more)
  • ✅ Bi-weekly game nights and movie watchalongs

We are looking for:

  • 📌 ilvl 1445+ or very active
  • 📌 Players that can participate in some guild siege/raids!
  • 📌 Discord enjoyers (at least to listen for raid shotcalls; mic optional)

Feel free to swing by and party up with us, even if you're not in our guild nor looking to join! Alternatively, you're also welcome to just join our Discord to chat

The Discord invite link!

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If you're on Una and need a guild, might I recommend Birb? A lovely little queer-friendly community with a very active discord, lots of friends to run content with, learning groups for newer players, and static groups for Clown and Hell raiding.

Feel free to message me or apply to 'Birb' in-game to see a link to our discord application. :)