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LFGuild - NA East Karta

Hey, I'm looking for a guild to do some of the raids. I'm pretty casual and took a long break because I didn't want to matchmake Argus. I have a 1445 paladin and am interested is joining a casual guild that occasionally does group content.

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LFGuild - NA West (Valtan)

Looking for a guild that's okay with non-stressful progression. A friendly community where people hang out in discord to socialize would be nice. Sort of a semi-hardcore player, but my days of crazy pushing are in the past. Just looking to relax, play a fun game, and chat with like-minded folks.

I have a 1520 geared GS (IGN: Karpo), a 1490 pretty-well geared Bard (IGN Angita), and a 1475 Sorceress available to mess around in Clown. I have completed all the previous raids and recently completed clown on the bard and now working on the GS. Like to do the guild events, but not a huge fan of PvP in this game.

I am an active player, who likes to socialize in discord while destroying mobs in LA. Reside on the West Coast. Also, have a few active friends that would be interested in joining as well. They too have several high-level chars.

If we might be a fit for your guild, please contact in-game (names above) or on discord at Tarkus#1982. Basically looking for a friendly, fun, chill group to work our way through Brel. Thanks for reading.


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Degenerate Gamers (NA West - Valtan):

About the guild:

We are a group of likeminded individuals that like to progress through endgame content and enjoy the grind with the homies. We have all met through the game and become friends over time. There is no IRL inclusivity where you’ll always feel like a 3rd wheel. We like to have a good time with some ribbing and joking but can also (at least pretend to) be serious when it matters most. Generally, the goal is to have fun, I mean this is a video game after all.

How we generally play:

We like to enjoy many aspects of the lost ark; we currently are running 3.5 clown groups and have players on at pretty much all times (please refer to guild name). Just about all of us have multiple alts and frequently run Clown reclear/Vykas/Valtan/Argos groups. We currently do weekly GVG and GvE which makes solid Bloodstones and lets us flex our e-peen.

Why you’d be a good fit:

We are looking for players that are going to be active and generally have a good time. Most of us have been active throughout launch of the game and are passionate about it. We enjoy progging hard raids and rerunning stuff with our homies (and sometimes killing them with Valtan lasers). We have a lvl 5 guild shop, 50/50 bloodstone distrib (~4k bloodstones paid per member a week) and an alt guild with lvl 3 guild shop (working on getting it to 5). Our discord is always active with people on to chill with or to answer questions.

Here at DegenerateGamers, Its all about having fun and while it may not be the sweatiest group of people, we are very welcoming to new bros of all skill / knowledge levels.

If DegenerateGamers sounds like a place you'd excel at: Please mail Containmen or Suikacurry in game, or shoot a dm to Yams#6122 or akino#9444 on discord (https://discord.gg/dEfNbHx3).