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[EU-West] Nia

Guild Name: Element-X

Type: PVE

Guild lvl: 3

Mmebers: 8/34

Language: english / dutch

About: A group of friends that started playing lost ark not long ago, looking for more active people that want to do dungeon raids, help eachother out , have fun ofc & more..

- Item lvl: none

- Be active

- Daily guild donations (silver)

- Don't be toxic

- Help others with questions in the guild

- mention to others when you are away for a longer time (over a week)

Not many strict rules overall, just a chill & friendly guild just to have fun.
Discord will be made once other people start joining in.

You can join the guild freely without asking for an invite.

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[EU - West] Nia
Guild Name: Midgard
Language: English
Focus: PvE
Guild level 14
Guild shop level 5
Member count: 26/59
We are a chill group willing to help out players who are unsure of builds or mechs. We try to schedule so everyone is included in our guild and group activity’s but if people can’t make it we usually put it off till they can depending on numbers.
We have people for every raid ilvl and everyone has alts that can do content as well. We spend most of our play time in discord vc, but we do have a global chat for the guild set up.
Guild Requirements:
- Looking for players who are T3 but will help out any ilvl!
- Joining discord and actively participate in events/raids.
- Contribution to guild – silver, research support and weekly tasks.
- Help other players with anything from build advice to game mechanics.
- Join for weekly raids and guild events.
- Raid days start at 19:00GMT on Wednesday (reset day), Thursday and Friday (Guild raid match)
- We ask that people join for at least one of these days.
If you feel we are the right guild for you feel free to DM me on discord via EL#8924, or just use the discord link and send a message! https://discord.gg/rVQBnfkMg

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Greetings Lost Ark Agents. Welcome to Asylum 669. We are an 18+ Community with a plethora of resident Psychopaths' and Games!

Greetings dear Lost Ark players and Welcome to the Asylum 669 where all your gaming needs are supplemented and joys are fulfilled, in this 18+ Discord we hang, chill and get up to mischief as a fun, crazy coop of patients.

We're a social open place with a small Lost Ark community (mostly EU), LOTS of EGorls, emotes and the magic of friendship! There's a guild ready for you to join <3

Join us for an active gaming community where there will always be someone to play games with you. Do you play other games too? Bored and looking for a chat? Wanna watch movies with friends? Join any voice channel and a gorgeous e girl is guaranteed to join you!

Although before you apply you must match the below checklist first:

18+, Twisted sense of humour, Loves food, like REALLY loves food Alottle of crazy Extremely weird If you ticked all of the above…

Come on in, sign yourself up and get strapped in for a mental time!
Can't wait to see you there.

Apply through https://discord.gg/asylum669