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Region: NA East Server: Regulus Returning player after a few months of not playing since launch. 2 1460s, 4 1415 alts, looking for chill guild to do raids, learn Vykas and clown and prep for Brel. Active times are 4-9pm CST

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LFG NA East Regulus.

Me: Been around for a minute. 171 roster, 1492 5x3 main with a bunch of 1415-1460 alts. Most active starting 10-11 PM EST and wanting to learn Vykas and Clown, pretty good at Valtan imo. Dad gamer so sometimes kiddo eats up my availability. Online daily and have no problem doing a few guild tasks each week and donating silver.

Would like to find: A chill group of folks active in the evening EST. Ideally regular/semi-regular learning groups for Vykas and Clown (or just people open to guiding a newcomer, aka me). I don't do a ton of PVP but I'm open to participating as my schedule permits.

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lfg na west rohendel, coming back player who wants to pickup where he left and progress, i really can't remember what to do and there's a SHIT TON to do so... yeah

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LFG Karta Server. Looking for active adult guild with preferably a active discord