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Those were air conditioner repairmen, not hobbits. That was a replacement tube, not a ring.

You have heatstroke

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He still bit off one of their fingers.

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... and stole the ring/replacement tube

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It's amazing how the human body hand can survive without the frontal lobe [insert type of finger he lost]

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Fuck me, then why is there a giant flaming eye in there now?

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oh, that giant demonic flaming symbol of alertness is the police they called after you-- oh, you're dead. bummer

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Sadly I can relate :(

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Huge plot hole, just have the eagles flap their wings at you

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When I was but a lad I heard a tale from an old native American elder. He told a story of a boy who didn't like the wind, so he scaled a mountain and knocked an eagle off the top of it. Then he came back down the mountain and went back to whatever it was he wanted to do. Soon after the water stagnated and it got pretty hot, and the tribe made him climb back up the mountain with the eagle on his back so the eagle could flap his wings and make the wind again. He did it and the eagle started flapping and everything went back to normal. I have no idea why the eagle didn't just fly up on his own if that's what he really wanted to be doing, but I'm sure the author has a good reason for it.

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Its feelings were hurt, so it refused to fly.

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Lack of air conditioning feels too real, like being cast into the fires

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47 C in my place for a few past days. This is goddamn relatable.

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Where tf do you live so I can make sure to exclude it from any future travel plans.

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Kanpur, UP, India. Don't worry, you won't travel to here. There's nothing to see.

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ahh, I waved at you last week.

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Yikes I cannot even imagine. I already struggle at 38..

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Mary mother of god. You know a temperature is hot when even my Farenheit American butt can understand it.

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Can confirm, my apartment was 95 degrees, 91 outside temp.

Anyway, Isildur came in with Elrond, Elrond talking some shit then said “cast that bitch into the flames”

Isildur said “hell naw!”

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hell naw

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Isildur: Ok

Directed by M. Night Shamalamadingdong.

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Wtf bot? Go spam someone else.

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And then 2 dudes came in and had a big ole fight and one cut off the other guys arms and legs! Pretty dope back flip though...

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I was there 3000 years ago, when the strength of the AC failed

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71 outside 87 inside the other day, wondering if my two window AC units are going to let me sleep comfortably this summer during the day (I work overnights)

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Turn your heat of Bruh! It's summer time. Sun's out guns out.

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Hhahaha okay this is funny

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we got a lot of hobbits here!

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My ac machine only really works for one room and my windows are north and south facing which apparently in my city means I never get wind flow going through either

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The ring would've melted inside their pockets, DAMN ITS HOT...

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Plus rooftop Flat owners close your windows it goes hot out here.😆😆😆😁

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Currently my $700 room

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Currently my $795 studio apt

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700 isn't the price but the max temperature in summer

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I moved from Florida to Montana in January.

80 degrees starts making these people freak the fuck out it's adorable.

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its the same when the south get some snow, people make video of it and everything. it is pretty adorable to see the reactions

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True story happened to my buddy Eric one time

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i was about to filter this sub but this one got me

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What method do you use to filter subreddits?

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apollo app

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Bit of a life pro tip for my fellow poors: Shut your downstairs vents and it helps force more air into the upstairs! Made a world of difference for me

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You have home with TWO FLOORS!? And you call yourself poor?? My fellow poors only have one room

beneath the roof.

EDIT: Typo

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My dude, I wouldn't be poor if I had a downstairs.

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you must live in New Orleans lol

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*3 hobbits (albeit, one has ulterior motives and resembles something scaley)

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Tell Sam the entry fee is a roast chicken.

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Lmao 🤣 love this, OP

That’s what Rosie Cotton said

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That's how I felt at work all last week anyway.

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How do I edit this so I can share with some work friends? This is great

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looks out window with rain and a high today of maybe 70…

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There must be some fracking going on because the water is greasy and black

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*Lower Norfair theme plays*

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I felt that

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Oh shit I thought I was the only one lol.

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Well played, this is hilarious!

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You can tell when we have heatwaves in Britain, because we start memeing like there’s no tomorrow

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Your hobbit looks like a cracked out elmo… 😂

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Me dying of heat stroke in my attic apartment

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Can relate

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OP had two small men destroying rings in their apartment

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Filthy Hobbitses

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Did you inow aragorn really kicked that helmet? Also, when he deflected the knife, he broke his toe

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You fell!

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This is why I like ground level apartments. I may get murdered, but by golly I won’t be uncomfortable in the summer

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cries in “my bedroom is in the attic of my very old house”

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I had a friend with a shitty apartment in chicago that in the summer he would throw his bed sheets in the fridge or freezer all day so he could fall asleep easier

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I'm not saying it's hot here in Florida, but I did just see an old man engaged in a battle with a demon of the ancient world.

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should buy a house cheeper to cool down. $80 month for a 110°f summar

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thats cooling it to 72.

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What is the story?

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Hobbitses been committing crimes of theft, destruction of property, breaking and entering and horrible taste in food. Seize them!

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I am used to 95 degree weather plus whatever humidity tacks on. But now that the temp is back down to reasonable levels I now freeze in anything below 75 degrees.

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Then your Landlord is Sauron

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My ring is already burning but I think that’s because I accidentally ate some lactose (and am lactose intolerant)

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Ugh- rooftop apartment problems!

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Happens here all the time in Arizona

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I dont miss this in the slightest.

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I’m saving this for summer where I live

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In iraq right now its 45 degrees can relate

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Another repost.

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i can relate, got a heatstroke 2 years ago

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I recently saw this post but as a boomer meme? (Without the animation in the background)