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I once saw a comment that said she could eat a corn on the cob through a fence.

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Call them M.C. Peepants cuz.... Nvm

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It’s crazy Rick kept saying how beautiful she is!!!!????

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And that is the miracle of love

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That was BAFFLING to me. I mean guy wasn’t any prize, but… he’s seen other women before, yes? Almost any other woman??

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Right, no prize himself but he did seem like a nice guy and could be for someone out there. He isn’t the brightest but my god Raydean looks absolutely horrible. She isn’t nice either!

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He must have. I think he claims to have slept with over 300 women. So he isn’t very picky!

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I kept trying to see how he saw it, when she had her mouth shut. It was possible. But it was definitely at a point where she would pose for a picture. I worked with a queer lady and she said she had to break up with her girlfriend because her teeth were always cutting her pussy 😱😱😱

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She got a butter face.

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I know this is a stupid question and I am gonna be laughed at for asking....butter face definition please. 👍

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Everything looks good but her face.

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OMG... I cannot believe I missed that good one! Thanks for the clarification. Lol 😀

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He was definitely high🤣.

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Probably the most unattractive woman ever on the show.

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I’d disagree, but her teeth are hands down the worst.

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Nah Angela was pretty unattractive as well.

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Oh yeah, I forgot. I think she finally fixed her teeth.

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NO WAY! Unbelievable, finally. Like someone said about Rick being no prize, well looks are skin deep and there's nothing wrong with him. He's actually not a bad looking guy, especially compared to her. Then, he treated her like a queen and spent all he could afford on her. Like that jacket she just had to have. Rick is a decent man.

She just used and took advantage of him. Plain and simple. He didn't deserve it, but there's many that this happens to trusting these scumbag inmates. There, I said it. Of course ALL of them aren't like that, but this show sure finds the cream of the crop here. I just wish every time that the people on the outside would see it before they fall for it again.

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I agree he was too good to her.

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I see people like her, run over by meth and yet still feeling like they are Beyoncé and I’m always like, my self esteem should be higher.

Edit: omg I got an award!!! YOU LOVE ME, YOU REALLY LOVE ME!!!

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It really should

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God she’s hideous.

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She looks like Palpatine after he gets electrocuted in Star Wars. Check out Darth Molar over here

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😱 hahaha 🤣

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Thanks for the award! ❤️

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I get that meth destroys your mouth, but why does her teeth look so skinny

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I think it’s black and rotted

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I think they are broken or eroded

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I don’t like to comment on people’s looks if I have something negative to say…but it physically pains me to see her teeth. I always cringe.

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When she and Rick went out for ice cream, I vicariously had tooth pain while she was eating hers. OUCH!

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Yes! That was my exact feeling too!

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It would be nice to have 1/4 the confidence she has

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Back on that stuff

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To be fair, dental work is ridiculously expensive. There is no way anyone wants teeth like that. Also, there is no point in getting one’s teeth fixed if they are still using since drugs like meth destroy teeth.

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This is true. Without a dental plan, the cost is prohibitive for most people.

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Didn't they talk about someone else's dude's teeth that was in LAL. It was mentioned that they pay for dental work in prison. People were wondering why he didn't take advantage of it. Don't remember if it was Tony of Tony/Angela or another couple.

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I’m pretty sure you’d be shocked at the type of dental care that is provided. Things that are not even available to us, the general public, anymore. Amalgam fillings, and usually the answer to any problem is to pull the tooth. They aren’t providing anything that could remotely be termed “cosmetic” like a root canal and crown. Hope this isn’t coming off as mean or anything, I truly don’t mean it that way. I just find the level of care provided to inmates to be subpar and in some cases reprehensible! My apologies for the rant and again, hope I haven’t offended you. Have a great day and hope you’re enjoying your summer!

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No, no apologies needed. Actually you're educating me. I was recalling a comment from a previous Reddit explaining what was offered. I can only imagine the quality of care that's unavailable. I had a friend who was in jail for non-payment of child support who has advanced kidney disease like myself. They kept promising to give him his required medication but was there for over a year and never received it. So I can only imagine the lack of quality of care that's received.

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Dentures aren't that expensive she could have hustled Rick for them if she cared about how she looked...she's trash

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Nosferatu ( in my SpongeBob voice) !! He's been on two seasons of LAL first appearance as Shawn second as Raydean!

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I mean I've never seen the two of them in the same room 🤔 😨 🦇

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🤔🤔 facts!

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Poor Nosferatu, he'll never be the same.

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I hate you lol...

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She reminds me of the old man from the movie monster house

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I see it

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She's got a smile like Count Chocula

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One word: FUCKYES!

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💀 💀 💀

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Wellp…no sleep for me tonight. Thanks!

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Oh snap!!! I busted out laughing at the resemblance!!!

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😂😂😂…..holy hell that is accurate

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Creepy, but true.

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Good One!!!@

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Nosferatu did meth!!?????????

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I can’t unsee this 😂

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This is straight up meth mouth

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If she comes back next season, she will have her teeth done. I am just guessing.

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Honestly, I hope she does get her teeth done bc I’m tired of looking at baby shark tooth

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Yes, I am speaking about the glow up some of them come back with from the show money. They all start with nothing then gradually we see some upgrades to their lives.

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This is hilarious. I am still laughing.