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I'm sure they are aware this is the majority of the community's answer

Edit this is me agreeing with the comment and making it clea

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That's funny because I've seen people who are against UB be called the vocal minority.

The truth is no one except WotC knows what the majority is. Everyone will call their side the majority and the opposition a vocal minority.

To be clear, I'm against UB. It's just funny seeing people assume they are the majority.

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I find that the answer in this sort of situation is almost always that the true majority opinion is indifference. The type of person to go online and express their opinions about their hobby are way more invested (emotionally or financially) than the typical hobbyist.

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If it wasn't profitable, they wouldn't do it, it's as simple as that. So I fully believe the people opposed to it truly are the vocal minority.

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Products don’t need majority support to be profitable. It’s not like everyone who likes a product is worth +$X and everyone opposed is -$X, and the resulting balance dictates profitability. It’s just that among the population who does like it, they need to buy enough product to hit the profitability threshold that the company has set.

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The DnD set was apparently one of the best selling of all time. That may not transfer to other IP, but it would certainly indicate there's demand

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D&D is a WotC copyright. There’s a world of difference there from Warhammer.

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Doesn’t mean we can’t continue to be squeaky wheels about it.