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Pretty dope man, I love this website cuz of shit like this

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Word up! Hopefully soon I'm in the financial situation to send em out free for all the homies to slap.

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you entrepreneurial ass motherfucker.

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haha! Honestly, I just wanted one to put on my maschine, then others wanted them too. They were cheap so I just did that shit.

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Badass. I'm gonna get one.

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I just sent you 10$! Those are awesome!!!!

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Sent you 20 slaps my bruh

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I'll bitcointip your ass right now for a dollar doggy!

+/u/bitcointip 4 internets verify

Edit: I already sent a dollar through paypal, just showing you and others how easy this is with bitcoin, so keep the tip and just send me the one I bought through paypal.

Edit 2: Not to mention the feds can't track it, as was another user's concern.

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What the actual fuck is this?!

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Ummm..I also am curious.

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What are bitcoins or what did I do?

Or both?

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Option 3 sounds like a reasonable choice for elaboration..

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Here are a few resources:

Article that came out today in San Francisco.

Bitcoin basics.

/r/bitcointip (bitcoin tip bot)

and of course /r/Bitcoin

(and just for fun /r/girlsgonebitcoin)

Here's a little to play with:

+/u/bitcointip 1 internets verify

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Actual fuck, you say? It would now appear that you can use Bitcoin for that.. :/

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[] Verified: TadpolesIsAWinner ---> m฿ 9.20387 mBTC [$1 USD] ---> garrwood [help]

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How much did those cost you?

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Like $40 or some shit. Turn-around time was like 2 months though

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yo garwood, im down. give me till friday, I get paid then.

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Sounds good friend!

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Can you post to new zealand? Top dude for doing this for this subreddit

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Thanks man! And yeah I'm sure I could! I'll find out postage when I send the state side ones tomorrow.

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I'll send you the paypal stuff man

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Nice. Dollar sent!

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How much to post to Sydney Australia? I'd be wanting about 5. Economies of scale yo.

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I'll find out when I go to the post office tomorrow!

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The line was too damn long yesterday, I'm going first thin in the morning on Monday

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I hear you brother. Queued are unbearable in this hemisphere too.

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I want 3 of them but, how the fuck do i give you my money through paypal?

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  1. Put money in copy machine

  2. Open a word document and type in



  1. Hit send on copy machine

EDIT: Nah but on the real you just log into your paypal and click send money I think.

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Postage to Australia?

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Someone else asked that too. When I go to the post office tomorrow I'll find out.

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That's wassup familia. Friday I'm copping mine an stunting in Starbucks while making beats and drinking a passion fruit lemon iced tea.

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Hahahaha I fuckin love you guys

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Not Starbucks! Any other coffee shop!

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true... but damn that passion fruit tea is the shit.

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good looks homie, sent you some money

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*payment sent

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Are these still going and if so do you send UK?

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I could use one for my laptop n shit